Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: D&G Duo

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: D&G Duo

Like a gentleman, Joe Jonas carries some shopping bags for girlfriend Ashley Greene as they head back to their car on Tuesday afternoon (September 28).

Earlier in the day, the couple were seen picking up a few things at Walgreens to celebrate Frankie Jonas‘ 10th birthday. He had a basketball birthday party!

Joe tweeted, “Called frankie 10 times this morning to realize he was in school. Hope his phone wasn’t taken away!!”

After celebrating, Joe and Ashley took the time out to grab a bite to eat at a local diner after the party.

UPDATE: New pics added of Ashley and Joe going out for coffee on Wednesday morning (September 29).

25+ pics inside…

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Photos: AKM Images, GSI Media
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  • Liah

    I absolutely adore them because Joe looks so happy. It doesn’t look forced at all and they look adorable. :)

  • susiie

    they are sooooo cute.!! i love themm!!!
    iidcc what anyone sayss.. every girl that joe has been with i loved except taylor swift.!!

  • cheryl

    Erf, this seems so weird in some twisted way. But Ashley looks happy and smiling so ok.

  • Jonaslove

    I am starting to REALLY like them, and loving the fact that Joe seems to be grinning and smiling, and I think it’s really cute how he drives her car. I really hope this lasts


    while he was babysitting demi he looked SO not into it but with ashley he luks relaxed and luks like he’s having good ole fun. I still think JEMI was for promoting CR 2 but they both got tired of it so they decided to stop it before the movie.

  • listen to mayday parade

    Want to know why he is so happy with her? CAUSE HE IS FINALLY GETTING A PIECE!

    I love them together because it seems like a real relationship, with actual sex and emotions.

  • listen to mayday parade

    Although I didnt realize she had this much cash to spend at D&G

  • natalie

    I had enough of thses two! and by the way, and I know people will kill me fot this, but Ashley’s body is hideous… WAY too muscular!

  • Jenni

    She okay but I think listen to mayday parade is right. For Joe it’s about proving he’s grown up now. He thinks it will sell more of his solo project.

  • lilysoocute

    her legs are great!!

  • melissa

    My opinion: for some reason I just dont like them together, but they do make an adorable couple but for some reason I just don’t like them together. I am happy for both of them because they are happy.

  • nu

    they are so cute together and both look so happy, they enjoy being with each other

    it’s hard for me to admit it but Joe looks happier with her than he ever did with Demi

  • MA

    wow… just hope demi is fine

  • MA
  • loloveisintheair

    demi fans should just leave it. They’r not together anymore and both of them can date other people. So all of you should just breathe and relax.

    I love Ashley, she’s a sweet girl and REALLY beautiful. And she and Joe look happy together.

  • Jonaslove

    Why do people insist on calculating their relationship? And is EVERYTHING pr? They look happy, can’t you see them smiling at each other and spending all their times together? People can be very frustrating, if you don’t like them, then why say something bad? Is by saying something bad you’ve proving a point or felt satisfied? You can simply say I don’t like them, it’s your choice to express your opinion but there’s no need to call Ashley or Joe or their relationship fake

  • Christine

    They look good together, and he looks happy. Well, happier than he looked with Demi at least. They were so awkward together, he never seemed interested.

    But I guess part of the reason I’m partial to Joe and Ashley is because it’s so funny watching the little Jemi fans have mini mental breakdowns every time they’re seen together. They act like Joe and Demi were together for years rather than the measly 2 months they managed to make it through. Makes me wonder what it would be like if a legit couple, like Zac and Vanessa, were to call it quits. Chaos I imagine.

  • Janie

    ROFL – You are on target! Hahha best shortest version of the Joe/Demi mess. I’m glad its over & I like the Joe and Ashley fun I’m seeing.

  • jblover130193

    Aghhhh! he’s even more horny that I imagined! All it took for him to be ‘happy’ was for someone to get into his pants?!

    Maybe that’s why he wasn’t happy with Demi. To her, there’s more in life than just sex.

  • ally

    I would really like to know what his parents actually say to his permanent girlfriend-rotations. to me it would be weird if my kid brings along a new girl every 2 months or something.

    I love joe, I always have and always will, but the more of his relationships fail the more I think he is such a womanizer. and that it can’t always be “the girls fault” that it didn’t work out.
    and to me it seems like once he quits with one girl, there’s another one in reserve, like just in case it doesn’t work out.. that’s how it looks like. right after a relationship he starts dating a new girl. isn’t that… pathetic?

    and what he has done to demi was just..brutal. after too months he finds out that he actually doesn’t like her as a GIRLfriend but just as a friend? they’ve been best friends since forever, how can he start a relationship with her when he doesn’t feel that way she does? bringing ashley with them on tour was literally the highlight. how reckless..

    as I said, I still love him, but I would wish myself a better boyfriend than he seems to be. every girl, including demi, deserves someone who treats them better. point

  • A Girl

    For whatever reason ( even though, my opinion doesn’t make a difference), I find this relationship very odd, but I can see Joe wasted no time moving on to the next one. (surprise, surprise)

    I feel bad for Demi because she has to go through this. I went through the exact same thing… It’s different with Demi because she and Joe were the BEST of friends. That is why most Jemi fans cannot let go of them. If Demi was just another girl ( Like, Taylor Swift), then there’d be no need to even think about it, anymore. It’s over and done. BUT as I’ve said already, this situation is different.

    I hope Demi and Joe mend their relationship. If not, oh well.

  • Sia

    Demi fans are haters who need to grow the hell up ! We ALL KNOW ASHLEY IS VERY SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL ! And for those saying she’s a famewore HELLO SHE’S IN TWILIGHT WHICH BY THE WAY is bigger then Demi. So please Ashley has millions of fans so don’t act like your special.

  • dreamer

    i like ashley’s hair, the colour’s back to normal now (:
    getting used to her and joe but i won’t be devastated when they break up.

  • nathalia

    they are sooooooooooo cute together, I really hope this lasts ’cause they look adorable. And if you noticed, they looks very happy, so i’m happy for them.

  • Jane

    Love these two!

    Joe obviouslly look more grown up while dating her! Kudos For you JOE <3

    Ashley Greene look beautiful as usuall!

  • Nora

    I’m not a hater, I love Joe, really, but I’m getting tired to see him everywhere with Ashley. Could they keep their private live…private?

  • monica

    they so need to breakup they are like not cute together. he needs to see that demi is the one for him
    And check out my channel on youtube KISS9729

  • monica

    i totally agree with u

  • ewaf

    Seriously I am like in love with Ashley Greene, Joe is not that good looking, but he’s alright, I guess.

  • Sarah

    i think they make a cute couple if joe is happy thats all that matters

  • chang

    Demi and Jemi fans just cant accept that those two only date for publicity. While Demi seems to enjoy it, Joe is suffering from it. You dont see the glow in Joe’s eyes when he was dating that clingy fat girl Demi.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    please correct me if Im wrong… but the drink featured in one of the pics… isnt that a sex drink?

  • Luis F. Gomez

    hahaha it is in fact… now I know the name hahaha is neuroGASM!!! hahaha kinky…

  • Ella

    Ohhh boy.. They’re very open with their relationship now. I am waiting for their public interview about the relationship.
    LOVE YOU JOE! <3

  • ron


    i loved the way you put that. i love demi. she’s classy and just wonderful. joe was like my super hero even more so because of his purity and his promise to God, himself and his family and now its all shot to hell for some bimbo who probably collects purity rings to make her beautiful in a box next to her condoms.
    you can tell the way he’s changed. its kinda gross how guys look nasty after losing their virginity. this reminds me of two of my friends same thing happened last year. saw the guy once he looked like a stoned hobo. look at the pictures from the oceans premiere and then these. he’s seriously just gone..
    broke millions of fans and one amazing girl.

  • Frankie

    I hate this couple!! Ashley keep your ugly desparate hands off him!!!
    Demi+Joe forever!

  • aniee:)peace4everybody(l)

    why no one can overcome that Taylor Swift?

    spent 2 years and the poor man that takes it as an eternal cross

    It was a relationship of 2 weeks where there is not even a picture of them kissing , went out to eat once and sat together in the VMA’S 2008

    GET OVER IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    addition to the end, nobody really knew how they ended.
    The famous call of 27 seconds of both speaking and Taylor was suffering, when Joe said that she had hung up the phone, She never returned to talk about it
    Nor does she contest that …surprise surprise!!… Why would it be? ..

    Oh I know because that was the TRUTH

    Taylor was about to make a novel.

    What thought she? She was going to marry him and were going to have many children and be happy forever? not even was a relationship, only they had a pathetic date!!!!!!!!!!!!


    return to the present and leave the past behind, like demi have to let go of the past and see the present. The ex is the ex … and she can not live your whole life crying to Joe
    She needs to forgive him and forget him
    because otherwise she it will be bitter And her next relationship will be a total failure. And Jemi fans
    That is over and not coming back, let’s leave it where it belongs
    Demi is going to find someone who loves and she loves
    Demi love some advice: There are plenty more fish in the water and if you try much better xD

    Joe and Ashley

    Not very well think, is very new, but both look happy and in love
    I hope that this relationship lasts and Joe is finally found someone to love him and he loves! IF NO … well same advice demi ….. there are many more fish in the water

    wow were shopping at D & G!!
    Joe and Ashley are adorable and HOTTT

    Good luck to the 2 and that lasts!! The others are good fans and do not say
    I love him but he’s a womanizer
    Come on people stop to psychoanalyze the artists that you do not know

  • natalie

    @Nora: SO TRUE!!! I agree in 100%

  • natalie

    @Luis F. Gomez: Is it really or you’re kidding?

  • Andy

    I don’t like ashley for joe but they seem really happy. And if he broke his promise it’s fine, it’s his life, I’m just surprised how fast he broke it since he stopped wearing his ring soon after the rumours about he dating ashley started. But if he’s happy it’s fine.
    By the way, Jemi didn’t work out so get over it and stop talking about “poor” Demi, when Joe broke up with Taylor she said: “you don’t find the right one at this age” and she is a couple of years younger so she should follow her own advise. Stop talking about her and her feelings!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    @natalie: yes it is, I wouldnt joke about Joe in anything related to sex hahaha thats why I find it kinky to drink neuroGASM!!!

  • Somebody!!

    Well I’m happy cuz its obvious that Joe is happy!!!LOVE JOE LOVE JONAS!!!

  • Jonas Brothers

    I love Niley & I like Jashley

  • lilysoocute

    @chang: some how I love you..and yes Demi Lovato was a stage 5 clinger and she is a fake and a phony!! Ashley and Joe are legit way better looking together!

  • becky

    Jemi ended because they were too public, why on earth is Joe parading around with this famewh*re?
    Cannot stand greene.

  • dani

    1st. Ashley nose and legs are weird in a non-attractive way. She still manages to look sexy though.
    2nd. We got it Joe. You are loving the publicity this new ‘sexy’/'bad boy’ image is bringing to your solo album and next roles. They could be more private about their sexual life: Ashley in an erotic shop, the drink to improve sexual activity that they showed to the papaz, etc. That’s why I can’t love this couple. Btw, the papaz seem to have their schedule for the whole week…
    3rd. To everybody who is criticizing Demi in this post, at least she doesn’t have naked pictures that she leaked on the web for publicity, she doesn’t do almost naked photoshots and she wasn’t seen shoving her tongue in many guys mouths to the papaz. Yes, that was Ashley.
    4th. I’m not a Jemi fan at all. Demi deserves much better – as boyfriend and as friend. Joe destroyed an amazing 3 year-friendship with her when he brought Ashley on tour. That was disrespectfull and humilliating.

  • abby

    in my opinion the Demi thing was just a publicity stunt..he looks so happy with Ashley and not ashamed to show it..i think i this is love!

  • Amy

    Not digging them as a couple.

  • nadia

    Why did joe take off his purity ring

  • kate101

    You know that person in that picture? Yeah, their people too. They have the same rights. They have the same feelings. No matter what your religion or race is, you are always taught that we are all the same. We are not animals, it’s not about the strongest one surviving. It’s about standing together in this flawed world, working to make it a better place. So here’s a suggestion instead of acting like you’re soo cool to be able to tear them down, because guess what? You’re not. Now, I don’t know Joe and I don’t know Ashley, but I do know that I’m gonna be happy that their happy and not give opinions on THEIR relationship. And as for Demi, yes she made mistakes with handling the whole relationship but seriously calling her fat and ugly not cool. How would you like it if people went around bringing YOU and YOU’RE life down? I’m guessing you wouldn’t. Soooo…SHUT UP AND GROW UP!