Miranda Cosgrove Gets Arrested!

Miranda Cosgrove Gets Arrested!

Miranda Cosgrove gets cuffed while her lawyers Julianna Marguiles and Matt Czuchry argue in this first-look still from The Good Wife.

In the episode, Miranda, 17, portraying Sloan, a troubled pop star who is arrested on a DUI charge. Over the course of a paparazzi-packed trial, Alicia (Marguiles) finds herself bonding with the misunderstood tabloid magnet.

Executive Producer Robert King told EW about Miranda‘s guest spot, “We’re big iCarly fans, so we really couldn’t think of anyone better for this role…We were thrilled when she agreed to do it. It’ll be fun to see her handle both the comedy and drama in the role, and we can’t wait to see how she’ll play across from Julianna.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Miranda on something else besides iCarly?

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Photos: CBS via TVGuide
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  • http://twitter.com/skyewishly Skye

    I can’t wait to see Miranda play Sloan in this episode of The Good Wife. Definitely a different charater from playing Carly. I know she’s going to be awesome.

  • alex

    She’s a great actress and I love that show! I’m excited to see this.

  • Galinda

    You know we’ll never really see Miranda on trial for a DUI so this will be as close as she ever gets to being like Linsey, Paris and Nicole…

  • mrsdestinyhope

    WOW. Miranda handcuffed? Even looking at the still makes it unbelievable. But good for her for tackling tough roles. I wonder how far she will go after iCarly. She definitely has the talent to be an amazing actress

  • Nathan Cosgrove

    I’m so excited, Miranda Cosgrove goes to show that it also be an excellent acriz comedy, is an amazing actress drama, this is a great opportunity to Miranda and she will impress us much

  • steve

    I don’t watch this show but i will Definitely be watching this episode.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Me too. I think she proved she was good at the dramatic roles in the iCarly episode “iChristmas.”

    Somehow, I knew this day was going to come anyhow.

  • ron

    I just bought the first season of “The Good Wife” on DVD. Even though I know nothing about it other than what I have heard since it was announced Miranda Cosgrove would be appearing on the show. I imagine trust is something like that.

    I did not purchase any Bon Jovi. Even though Ariana Grande seems infatuated with him. Not that I imagine Ariana untrustworthy. Rather, I know, from having been pressed to listen to Bon Jovi, that I need not listen to him again, without good reason. His work is fine, as far as it goes, but I see nothing especially relevant, in his work, to the understanding of the good life, and the nature of love. “Green Eggs And Ham,” in my book, is more important, if it is read appropriately, to an understanding of love, and the role it has in allowing passage from ignorance to knowledge. How fun.

    Perhaps Dan Schneider views his productions in this light. Who knows? Not me. The man is strange. But, I do find his work worth the effort to seek out, and consider seriously. Without his productions, I would never have encountered Liz Gillies, and Vic. Sometimes a blessing is rather like a curse.

    My wife says stuff like that all the time. Usually when I am asleep. She is awesome.

    I look forward to seeing Miranda.

  • Kim Cosgrove

    yes i am excited for miranda on good wife.