Brenda Song: Nylon Mag's IT Girl!

Brenda Song: Nylon Mag's IT Girl!

Taking her place amongst artists, musicians and filmmakers, Brenda Song was named one of Nylon magazine’s new IT girls for 2011.

The 22-year-old actress had a chance to chat about her new role as Christy in The Social Network with the mag and declared that her character is a bit on the crazy side. Check it:

On branching into more adult roles: “It’s just really fun to play my age and work with people that I’ve looked up to, like Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher. It was a totally different vibe — we were shooting with a single camera and doing night shoots.”

On her basketball obsession sending her to the hospital: “I’m a die-hard Lakes fan. I went to the hospital because I hyperventilated at home watching a Lakers game. I [also] have a 2009 Lakes championship ring.”

On crazy Christy Lee: “[She's] a Harvard student, who meets Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg right when Facebook is about to take off. She’s a very, very driven woman. She really represents what young women go through when we’re in a relationship, and how much Facebook affects our everyday lives. It’s funny — she’s a bit of a crazy girlfriend.”

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Credit: Pamela Littky; Photos: Nylon Mag
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  • Katty

    I like Brenda Song as an actress, but in my opinion, she is going no where. I mean, she is in Social Network which I head was practically fabricated as a story (I could be wrong, that is just what I heard), and Boogie Town, which looks stupid.

    I hope she gets a lot more movies, because I like her <3

  • mike

    like Brenda

  • Pam

    You go with your bad self!

    Doing better than her Disney counterparts, more specifically Ashley Tisdale whom Brenda started with in Suite Life. While Ms Tisdale is trying in earnest to hang on to her core fan base from both Suite Life and those High School movies (by playing someone much younger than her age), Ms Song over here is successfully playing her age in not one but two movies. Not to mention one of these movies being both very successful in the box office and critically. Ms Song might actually get invited to the Oscars in her own merit and not from ass-kissing from her PR.

    Show them how it’s done Ms. Song!!

  • Anonymous

    this is exactly how i would’ve said it!
    she is far better than ashley tisdale who is playing a pathetic cheerleader.
    and now shes going back to sharpay, which is not a good career move.
    Brenda will be at the 2011 oscars, definitely.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I think Brenda will be the First Disney Female actress to turn into a huge star. She’s Like a FEMALE SHIA in the making.

  • itsmeagain

    IDK what you people have against Ashley Tisdale, but she too is making her rounds as an Actress. And The Sharpy movie was a better idea than going for a High School Musical 4 [Which is kind of impossible to do since the Original Wildcats have graduated.] Furthermore, I look at both girls as a success and I do see an amazing future for Brenda in the future. She’s already in an soon-to-be OSCAR WORTHY film and she’s gotta second major film coming up called BOGGIE TOWN with another former Disney star MARQUES HOUSTON . Not bad for a former Disney girl. As for the other Disney stars. I see Selena Gomez getting Hilary Duff type movie roles in the future, and I see Miley getting DAKOTA FANNING type roles . [Although, I do think Miley should build her acting rep by doing supporting roles first since she is still a newbie to acting.]

  • Shantell

    I hope she does more things out of Disney. She’s gorgeous, sweet, and is actually a decent actress. She was really good in the Social Network.

  • hOLLY

    @Katty: OK well i THINK she is going a lot places, TSN will win an Oscar soon, all of the reviews are 100 percent positive, it has gotten the most positive reviews EVER for a movie, TSN topped the box office, its soundtrack is already a hit and everything about her movie is a HIT! without her, Justin Timberlake’s character wouldn’t have been introduced, she acts as the key link between the founders, the chaotic lawsuits, without Christy Lee (I’m talking about the movie not real life), Zuckerberg and Saverin would have never met

    She isn’t just in TSN, she’s the female face of the movie. The movie is epic, a lot of highly respected critics have called it the movie of the generation and the best movie ever!

    and Boogie Town is by vivendi, the biggest film studio of noways, it’s mainstream and major and going a lot of places when it comes out! BRENDA RULES! HBIC!

  • linaty

    I like Brenda Song as an actress, but in my opinion, she is going no where. I mean, she is in Social Network which I head was practically fabricated as a story (I could be wrong, that is just what I heard), and Boogie Town, which looks stupid.

    I hope she gets a lot more movies, because I like her <3
    Yes because starring in one of the most anticipated, critically positive movies of the late 2000s means you’re going no where. Seriously?
    I can’t stop laughing right now.

  • linaty

    Do you realize she is somewhere, she stars in the most-watched scripted TV show in the kids and tween demographic and has two high profiled movies on her shoulders, she doesn’t need to go anywhere. She’s one of the hottest IT girls, THE Nylon magazine have stated so. If she isn’t anywhere and won’t go somewhere, why is she in Nylon magazine’s It girls list? why did Sony Pictures send her on promotional trips promote her movie on the mainstream, MTV, E!, WPIX Morning news, KTLA news, E! News with Giulliana Houghs, LA Times, why did the New York Times say the social network’s marketing team received backlash for promoting Justin more than Brenda? Why was Brenda scheduled to appear on Regis and Kelly and Ellen to promote the movie (before she signed on to film another movie in Vancouver)? Rashida Jones substituted her on Ellen while Armie substituted her on Regis&Kelly.
    If she’s going no where, why did THE Wall Street Journal STATE she’s MAKING WAVES?

  • linaty

    oh my god i didn’t realize i wrote two messages, it was meant to be one.

  • AmY


  • bbgood2me2

    i love brenda so cute and hot

  • bbgood2me2

    @Katty: LOLZ! LOL. I’m sure you’re like being sarcastic or you’re under the influence of some form of sleeping pills. Idk.

  • SOS

    Oh my god, the legendary Pamela Littky, who’s photographed the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, took that picture of Brenda! can we see the full interview on paper? like a scan, I really want to see one. !:) so happy, Brenda rocks. She’s so amazing. So is her new movie and Boogie Town.

  • sel

    @Anonymous: Yeah definitely, she’ll definitely be at the 2011 Oscars and Pam is very right!
    She is not going around ass-kissing for PR (through Perez Hilton). I love Brenda. and I agree with you on the ashley girl!

    P.S. Pam, I don’t think ”she might actually” get invited, I know she will. TSN was largely praised from members of the Oscars. I bet Brenda will be so happy when she hears this :P I’m so cheery today! Like I’m very ecstatic to hear this news. Brenda has: A box office hit with rave reviews! A No.1 top rated TV show, another movie by one of the Big Six majors (the biggest studios in the world, Boogie Town is by one; Vivendi/Vivendi SA). She’s the sane-warm type of female lead in Boogie Town. She’s reaching new heights. Big heights no (female) Disney star has ever gone before.

  • AmY

    @mrsdestinyhope: Me too! She is like female version of Shia in the making.

  • GG


  • roory

    YAY brenda! I knew Nylon was a truthful magazine! I can’t want to get my hands on the current IT girl issue of Ny ! ! !

  • Mayar

    STUNNING, absolutely stunning portrait of despair and hopelessness. She is so beautiful ♥ I love her so much :dd On a close note, E! recently named Victoria Justice the new Brenda Song! :d

  • sidra

    I think Nylon are awesome at this point, they choose the IT girls so wisely based on actual success, grace, impact and influence. I loved their October 2008 It Girl issue. I want to see this one, I saw Brenda’s name and Emma Stone on there cover but didn’t pick it up because I didn’t have the cash. I really really want to go back now!

  • ZJ207

    I first came here because I was so excited for Brenda and because I saw that it’s about a NYLON article about her and the photo is really breathtaking.

    But I have to get off topic here to defend Ashley Tisdale. Brenda was never as big as Ashley was in Disney. Kids looked up to Ashley and she had very, very young die hard fans. If she wanted to do the same as Brenda and move on to playing her age immediately, first, her fanbase won’t be interested no more and the older people won’t be interested either since she is actually that known for playing younger roles. She has to break out of that image slowly so she won’t lose her younger fans’ respect. And that is exactly what she’s doing. And finally, what’s most important is to have fun and do what you’re convinced in.


    brenda is truly an it girl! and a drop dead gorgeous and sexy one!

  • Karma Couture

    @ZJ207: Ashley was never as big as Brenda was in a lot of places. As I recall, Brenda landed the lead role in the most-watched Disney Channel movie in all of Asia, Wendy Wu, that garnered a lot of success in the ratings in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. It broke a lot of records in the kids demos in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and as I recall Ashley merely had a supporting role in the HSM series. Yes, the HSM series was big by Disney Channel standards but no where near the same amount and if Ashley had very very die hard fans, where are they now? They’re obviously not interested while Brenda’s young and old fans are interested. I’m in her Disney Channel demographic and I loved every second the social network and can’t wait for boogie town.

    Yes, Ashley was bigger than Brenda in some countries, but in terms of continents in overall, Brenda won hands on solely because she was the lead in a lot of teen-tween Disney Channel movies that were viewed all around the world. Ashley was 22 when HSM became known, 23 when HSM became a hit. She was signed with Disney when she was 20, she started off as an adult working on the network and never grew from that. All of her roles are the same, the CW isn’t in her fans’ demo and she doesn’t cater her tween fans’ needs. Ashley ALWAYS talks about how she wants to become ‘edgy’ and breakaway from Disney but she never does. She had this ‘I’m not a Disney girl’ anymore phase and than broke out of it less than a year later to play Sharpay in a Disney TV movie at the age of 26.

    I respect both of them, and they are successful in their own ways and routes, but let’s be real. The whole wide world has moved on from HSM, Ashley said herself she wants edgy, mature, old and racy roles and she never got them during the ‘Guilty Pleasure’ phase (HSM 3 hype), and in the end her album flopped big time selling only 78,000 copies after more than a year of release and her album’s single was.. peaked at 99 on the Billboard 100 singles charts which means it sold 70 copies. She didn’t want to cater to the needs of 5 year old fans of HSM who loved her as Sharpay, she’s a grown women. She recorded racy, provocative music videos in both of her albums, a sexually driven one for her first album, she made it clear she has no aims of staying with Disney further on after Suite Life&HSM wraps. She will be 26 by the time the Sharpay TV movie is released, 27 by the time Sharpay TV movie press ends. She’s not exactly getting any younger and getting the roles she strongly claimed she wants in a lot of her interviews.

    We’re only pointing out the obvious. She said she wants mature, edgy, different from Disney, racy roles.Well.. she never got them. She’s stuck playing a snobby cheerleader and Sharpay Evans in her late 20s and possibly 30s. She said she wants to leave Disney. She’s still with them in her late 20s, she’s going to be 30 soon. A lot of TV moms on Disney started off in their 30s.

    Have you seen her He said she said music video? She doesn’t want to stay with her 5-14 year old fanbase, she had intentions of being edgy and sexually appealing in the beginning. When her plan backfired, she went back to the Mouse. Again, I do hope she becomes successful in movies big time in her 30s. I really do.

  • Anonymous

    @Karma Couture:

    i love this comment.
    but as of right now i don’t think ashley is doing what she needs
    to be doing.

  • Cecilia

    Wow! I Love Brenda So Much! Such a Pretty and Talented Girl! Can’t Wait To Watch The Social Network! P.S. So Crazy and Funny ‘ cause She Hyperventilaed! With a Lakers Game! But Can’t Blame Her, Love The Lakers! :D

  • AnonymousGuy08

    To some extent, I have to go along with Katty, with emphasis on the word “some.” Particularly regarding “Boogie Town.” “The Social Network,” whether it’s accurate or not is being hyped up as an Oscar contender, but in all honesty, the only reason I’d even bother seeing this movie is because of Brenda, who’s role I originally heard was a bit part.

  • mel



    @AnonymousGuy08: No it’s not and the only reason a lot of people are seeing those movies is Brenda. She brought her fans, half of the movie’s audience was 13-17 year olds, Brenda’s demo. But others saw it because of the hype and story, ADs, recommendations from critics and friends. And it is on its way to become an Oscar contender, the Oscar jury praised the movie.

    Anyway.. does JJJ have any actual scans of Brenda’s Nylon spread? Does anyone have a clue? Pretty please. one shortened picture isn’t enough. I want to see all of it.

    Number one comment: You’re obviously being sarcastic or is blinded by ignorance.


    UGHHH so many freaking haters for both of these girls@Shantell: she is doing a lot of things out of Disney. Her latest movie, Little Sister, was released at the Toronto Film Festival and got rave reviews and a lot of buzz there, it was the best-selling movie there in its genre. It sold a lot of tickets and broke records there. LS was epic there. It was praised by the audience and critics and its a basic visual masterpiece.

  • Roory

    Love you Brenda. Very immensely proud of her strength, passion, talent and beauty. It’s funny how underrated she was before TSLOD. Glad to see respectable mainstream publication are stating the truth.

  • Roory

    @Katty: You have no idea how wrong you are on so many levels.

  • sami

    I heart Brenda. She’s truly the it girl.


    Epic gorgeousness and hotness! Brenda ROCKS! TSN rocks! BT rocks! can’t wait for her other movies.


    @Mayar: ytur

  • lolo

    Nylon is so right on this one. Brenda is wonderful.. GO BRENDA!

  • teen fashionista



    true nylon magazine

  • dance

    Super gorgeous It Girl.

  • BB


  • Love

    she is the MOST beautiful of all i love her looks Wonderful

  • starry

    Brenda looks hot.

  • dan_nessaRox11

    Congrats to Brenda. She is very nice!!!

  • lails

    I don’t just love Brenda, I admire her. She’s really talented and I’ll always support her no matter what and I’m glad she’s being recognized for what she is, an it girl, effortlessly.

  • Blair


  • white

    I love her. I’m her biggest fan!!! forever and always!!!

  • amy







    @Anonymous: I love this comment too, lol PREACH!!!:D