Ashley Greene is Pinkberry Pretty

Ashley Greene is Pinkberry Pretty

Ashley Greene tries to keep herself cool with a frozen yogurt treat from Pinkberry in Studio City, Calif., on Friday afternoon (October 1).

The 23-year-old actress jetted out of LA to London with boyfriend Joe Jonas over the weekend to watch Nick Jonas perform in the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables.

Ash tweeted, “@nickjonas in #lesmiz25 was incredible. So excited I got to be a part of it. Congrats Nick!

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  • anonymous

    So cute. That outfit is hideous though

  • scarlett

    She’s adorbs, but I have to agree, that outfit needs to be burned. Cute shoes though.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    At first when I heard she went to London I thought “must be nice to be rich” but then I realize she totally went on the Jonas private jet. She isn’t nearly as rich as the jobros so she is going to take full advantage of the Jonas fame and fortune. Well played ashley!

  • SB

    I cannot wait until this couple crash and burns! I just don’t see these two being similar at all. Anyone want to explain their similarities besides they both act and love each other?
    LUST AND LOVE are two different things!
    Many people go through both and know the difference

  • SB

    @Listen to mayday parade:

    Well said MAY DAY!

  • amie



  • Mary

    i love how laid back her look is. she seems very down to earth. it’s cool that she got to go see nick in les mis, i heard he was amazing!! any girlfriend of the jobros gets major perks….i mean look at demi, when she dated joe she got to go to the white house. there’s no way she would get there on here own at this point. however, kevin’s wife danielle is in a whole different playing field because she’s family now :-) totally love kev’s wife….dani is awesome!!

  • v

    Actually Demi went to the white house several times before she and joe dated if I recall. There was pictures of it too.

  • nena

    OMG! stop talking bad about her just because she was leaving with the JoBro, she is rich, she is part of the Twilight Saga! Wake up to life and overcome what she’s doing Joe happy, something you’ll never be able to do alone! His clothes are not pretty: s

  • Janie

    The JB treat their ladies very well! Anyone who gets in a serious relationship will have the time of their lives. So happy for Nick I hope he finally met someone nice and who will appreciate him.

  • suri

    Ashley and Miley are gorgeous!

  • nileyloverforever1301

    @SB: I couldn’t agree with you more. Fine, he’s 21, he’s horny, she’s hot and older. Bad enough he’s screwing her, he thinks that’s love? they have dated for only 2 months for god’s sake, they act like if it were 3 years and they were engaged. You can’t possibly now that much of a person in such short time.

    Who the hell does she thinks she is? She thinks she’s the big thing because she’s dating Joe. Ashley’s been going to Frankie’s birthday party, to Nick’s show in London, to the JB’s concert, Road Dogs games, what else?! God i’m sick of her. I bet they’re not as perfect as they try to seem.

    can’t wait untill she starts shooting breaking dawn and Joe goes on tour to south America, I’m REALLY hoping the distance will drift them apart!

  • Andy

    @nileyloverforever1301: I totally agree with both of you! I think she’s using Joe… She’s trying so hard to get attention. First de sex shop, then the sex drink, ok we get it you are sleeping with Joe (or at least that’s what she want us to believe, I bet she asked Joe to take off his purity ring as a condition to date him). I just hope she doesn’t break his heart when the honey moon stage is over, but he seems happy so who knows… maybe we are wrong and they’ll last (I won’t be heart broken if they don’t). i´m not against him losing his virginity I just hoped (if he really lost it which I siriously doubt since she tries so hard to proove she is a “sex bomb”) he’d lost it with a girl who actually has class.
    By the way, why she dresses so bad, for the first time i don’t see her in shorts and t-shirts (which she uses for any occassion) and she looks horrible, isn’t she supposed to have a stylist or something or a little of fashion sense since she attends so many events and red carpets?? And her body shape is weird, there are more beautiful girls in hollywood, I don’t understand men’s fascination with her

  • a

    LOL you all are hilarious. get over it. they’re boning each other. he’s gorgeous. she’s gorgeous. they’re young and horny.

    THE END.

  • SB

    its SB again!!
    All I got to say is
    FRIENDS FIRST, LOVERS LAST!….In other words, if you can be friends for a while and hang out, the LOVE BECOMES EVERLASTING. If you are in LUST, it won’t LAST!….There is a reason for everything that comes full circle. Remember ladies, they have only been dating for a few months, they are both very young, you can’t know everything about and YES, “A” we know they are boning each other, no one is arguing that. I am just saying…….What is up with these JoBros dating ladies 2 years older also?? for crying out loud. SLOW DOWN BOYS! TAKING OFF THE PURITY RINGS is one thing, but SLOW DOWN….We want you to be happy, so jumping into things is not the answer!!…. Your fans love you, respect your decisions no matter what and will support you. BUT WE ARE ALL FEMALES HERE, we know how it works….SLOW DOWN!….OK time for bed! CIAO…. and remember FF/LL

  • scarlett

    @SB: Are you sure you know how it works ? Cuz you sure as hell don’t sound like it.
    You people are so full of yourselves. You KNOW it’s only lust because you’re with them 24/7 right ? You don’t just base yourself on papz pics right ? What a pile of crap. Lots of things happen behind closed doors and when papz aren’t there. Maybe they actually have a sweet loving relationship going on. I still wish they broke up for the Jonas stans to back the hell off Ashley.

  • janiece

    ashley of all people should know better!!! this outfit is horrendous and im shocked she actually walked out the house wearing that lol. she usually has great fashion sense. but on a nicer note…she has great legs

  • Natalie

    @Andy: Couldn’t agree more!!!

  • listen to mayday parade

    These two are in the honey moon stage. Which is the best partof the relationship. Lots of sex, gifts and dates. You cant get enough of each other. Love this stage! If they make it to 6-12 months then I will believe the relationship is love not lust. But quite frankly, I am kind of glad Joe is having sex. Welcome to the real world man! Ashley is a pro so you are learning from the best!


  • SB

    @listen to mayday parade:

    I strongly believed it was after Camilla as well. BUT THEN….I watched the season finale of JONAS LA and when they sing the acoustic version at the end, both Nick and Joe are wearing their purity bands. So, I questioned it again….so who knows. Watch the episode over and you will see it. Stuck out like a sore thumb….

  • SB


    Well so far, looks like there is evidence on here that “amie” “niley4ever” “andy” and “natalie” agrees with Andy…….You have your opinion, so just voice it and stop BASHING NEGATIVE COMMENTS to others on this site. If you look at my last posts, I don’t believe I said anything negative to anyone who posted anything! So if you are going to UNDERMINE me, then you just gave me permission to bash you back, but instead of stooping to your immature level, I will just say….. Try going on a site where negative people hang out with each other. U sound like a TWIHARD who loves Ashley as well, so there are many sites for you as well….. enjoy your day otherwise.

  • scarlett

    @SB: Lmao twihard, oh girl, no. The people agreeing on this post are Jonas teenies who can’t get over the fact that one of their gods is dating a grown up woman and not a cry baby. And by the way, writing in capital letters just makes you desperate to shove your own opinion down my throat.

  • dani

    Ashley is easy, Ashley loves sex & fame… Joe wants to feel a man, Joe wants to promote is sexy new album & image. Welcome to Hollywood… PR and fun!
    Unfortunatelly, I thought Joe had a little more class… never imagined him dating a girl that leaked naked pics for publicity, does almost naked photoshots and was seen shoving her tongue in many guys months to the papaz (oh, and she called them!).
    Honestly, since the beginning of the tour Joe has been disappointing me more and more everyday.
    And wth is Ashley using? She usually looks good on red carpets and interviews, but in daily life she is just slightly pretty and has no style.
    Anyway, I wish them happiness, but both don’t have my respect – Joe lost it, Ashley never had it.

  • Andy

    @dani: Well said! I thougt Joe would wait more time since he survived camilla (by the way people, it’s obvious he never slept with camilla why do you think she cheated on Joe with tennis player Verdasco?). I’d love to know what mama Jonas thinks about this girl… Joe should get a sweet girl like Dani, I have so much more respect for Kevin now, he is how a men is supposed to be.
    I love Joe and I will always be a huge fan of him so as long as he is happy i guess we fans should be happy for him (but we can’t help have our opinion, so don’t fight girls)

  • SB


    I am not a girl, unlike our buddy scarlett. All she knows is how to bash people when they are trying to give their opinion. So , not even going to waste my breath on her.
    I still think Ashley and Joe won’t last. I will give it about the same time that Joe and Camilla were together. Will be interesting to watch.

    Dani: I agree with you too…Very great observations…..I was in front row at one of the concerts this year and I sat next to Ashley and Dani and I will say that Ashley is not very impressive in person and Dani is a sweetheart for sure

  • Andy

    @SB: Sorry SB! I didn’t know!