Miley Cyrus & Iyaz: 'Gonna Get This' Music Video

Miley Cyrus & Iyaz: 'Gonna Get This' Music Video

Check out the official music video for Miley Cyrus and Iyaz‘ new duet, “Gonna Get This!”

Featured in the most recent episode of Hannah Montana Forever, the duo team up after Miley’s new song isn’t a bit hit with her demographic. But after Iyaz hears it, a duet is born.

Did you catch the new episode?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of their duet?

Hannah Montana feat. Iyaz – “Gonna Get This”
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  • suri

    Miley is so pretty. I love the song

  • lupe

    LOVE HER……..regardless.!!

  • Ana

    I <3 MILEY !!


    my gosh mileys face looks even more fat and huge with the wig, her cheeks looks exactly like 2 ballons and her nose and mouth looks sooo weird ewwww and those nasty teeth gosh…. ugly ugly face!!!

  • Gaby

    I really like this song. Really catchy. She looks good.

  • headstrong it’s funny how you’re so shallow and you talk like that about miley when selena, is not far of that description. Fat and round face, ballon ckeeks, big nose, big gums, buck teeth.

  • Phoe5be

    it’s a reference to “Can’t be Tamed”

  • anh

    awww i love it…she could probably sing any types of song…so talented!! love Miley.

  • Tiffany
    wow did u just come on here to say that? what an idiot

  • steph

    this song is actually pretty good! like something you would hear on the radio.

  • lola
    whose ugly? Miley? you are jealous most likely a person who call another person ugly is the one who is ugly… you hate her go away and stay away…we don’t need ppl like you….

  • lola

    good job!!! i like your comment to claudia… lol she probably the one whose ugly inside out….

  • Sahina

    we all know you’re talking about yourself, you insecure brat. just because she’s prettier than you, you have to bash her? well, maybe we’ll bash your fave celeb, if you know who i’m talking about.

  • http://zcare christine

    love this song very much :::::::::love this episode …………mileyyyyyyyy ur tha 1::;;4 meeeeeeeeeeeee

  • blahblahblah

    Loved It :O <3<3

  • cheergirlxx
  • 2bedatcool

    so awesome love the sound and iyaz gives her flair

  • mileylover252

    i love this song soo much! she is my idle and want to meet her so bad! GO MILEY!!!!


    I loved this song from the moment i heard, im so happy 4 this song

  • Tiffany

    Have you checked to see what her current height and weight is? I’m pretty sure she’s a lot more fit and healthier than you. Maybe you should post a photo of yourself and have people check out to see if you’ve got an ugly face or not =.=

    Be a little bit more considerate and respectful. You don’t like her, then don’t waste your time to look at her and make snide comments.

  • http://facebook duci

    i love dizz song

  • http://facebook duci

    i lik soo luv diz song and i luv u iyaz

  • http://gmail kenzie

    I love your song gonna get this it is so awesome my friend already knows all the words I really love the song and I know almost all the words!!!!!!!!!

  • ruti

    me encanto esa musica xDDD I love haanah montana forever!

  • Maybe

    Now, I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan, nor do I really like her music much, but this is one good song! Iyaz just makes it better… I do wonder how he sings that high though… Love it.
    By the way, all haters, why do you hate her? Her music’s not that bad -.-

  • Shirley Blantz

    awsome!Her best yet!Loved it!What else can I say

  • http://youtube makayla

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuu!
    Every part fo me was my favorite sonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!

  • http://facebook kas

    i like the song it really makes people belive in their selfes

  • http://myspace shaleia everett

    i love milley song it;z sooo perficttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!…………

  • http://Gmail Pdiddy

    What the buck she’s not a big headed big nosed freak she’s beautiful your just jealous because you cant sing face it.


    i love here song so much <3 <3<3 <3