Nick Jonas & Samantha Barks: Les Miserables Mates

Nick Jonas & Samantha Barks: Les Miserables Mates

Are they or aren’t they?

Nick Jonas and his Les Miserables costar Samantha Barks were seen keeping quite close at the afterparty for Les Miserables‘ 25th anniversary production at London’s O2 Arena on Sunday night (October 3).

According to People, the costars were spotted dancing and walking around the party hand-in-hand during the party. Nick and Sam hung with Kevin and Danielle as well as Joe and Ashley Greene.

Nick shared about his dating life, “I keep that stuff to myself. Right now I’m busy working and I feel so blessed to be here. To play Marius in this show has been a dream come true for me. I could definitely see myself doing that [getting married], as long as it’s the right time and the right person.”

DO YOU THINK Nick and Samantha make a cute couple — YAY or NAY?

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Credit: Dave M. Benett; Photos: Getty
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  • bubblegum.

    Oh I forgot that if you take a picture with someone or you just have a good time at a party, you’re suddenly dating.

    They make an ew couple!

  • Cacau


  • kiki

    Um, i wouldn’t mind them, but they live all the way around the world from each other!

  • diane


  • ashley

    nay. i hope this relationship ends asap.

  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    :( </3

  • whatgoesaround

    All the Jonas fans need to accept the fact that the brothers are adults now, they are going to have girlfriends, and it isn’t any of the fan’s business who they want to be with!

    Enjoy the Jonas Brother’s work, but don’t get hung up on being in love with them, it’s a waste of your time.

  • Inna

    lmao i love how automatically when he takes a picture w/ someone of the female species its ARE THEY OR ARENT THEY?

    tbh. who the hell knows? i appreciate Nick for not being some idiot, serial-dater like his moron brother.

    butt if I did have to ship him w/ someone, it’d be Nicole Anderson. Nick/Macy is so cutee, and they seem like good friends outside of work. Why not? I hope that happens someday.

  • http://tyraj Tyra j

    I think they are dateing but just dates for the pary anyway because you would know by now he would just say friend and that it but his dume ass din’t

  • annomynous

    she looks like she 40 years old… just sayin :p

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I think NAY but who knows? This is a crazy old World! hahaha anyways… I wish I could get the chance to see Nick performing at Les Miz, however I cant since this whole playing stuff is not coming to the movie theaters here in Guatemala, in any how I wish the best and I cant wait to hear the great reviews him and the whole crew will get!

  • SB

    Mark my words, the distance won’t make difference. Samantha is starring in a Disney Channel NEW SHOW that will bring her to the states now and then. Its just a quick flight over to the States and i don’t doubt these two will make it work! and yes, she does look WAY TO OLD and should dress like her age to make sure she looks good with her man!

  • jessica

    once i see proof that they were holding hands than i would say yay

  • cmeesmile

    Nick looks so mature with her, as in older. Like he’s ready to say goodbye to his teen years. His craft has aged him, but I think it is all for the better. He looks more like a man with her, but with his fellow Disney stars he remains a teen heart throb. Nick’s all grown up and if he wants to date her, so be it.

  • Jenni

    They are cute together. She does a great job as Eponine. He did a great job as Marius. There voices blended well together. If they are happy dating, then let them.

  • emma

    I don’t believe this rumor, she is ugly and she looks old.

    She is 21 years old and in Disney LOL, Samantha needs publicity for her premier Disney in UK, Nick is just her victim. it is only publicity publicity

  • shanghai

    These two have a lot in common since she also started performing from a very young age. They make a great couple!!

  • scarlett

    It’s funny how you Jonas teenies find ALL their girlfriends “too old”. The boys aren’t 16 anymore, grow up.

  • JMP

    I say yay if he is happy. As long as he keeps making beautiful music I’m a happy camper. Even though he writes some awesome break up songs, I do hope he doesn’t get his heart broken, he deserves someone to love him for who he is ;)

  • mariana

    well….jonas brothers loves old women.
    but happens to all these disney’girl except taylor and ashley to fell for these boyz ?! that’s crazy !

  • ally

    I agree, as long if he’s happy, I’m fine with it. and as long as he keeps away from this trashy cyrus girl I’m cool. I’m actually happy that he isn’t a serial dater like his super mature older brother. nick seems to be more serious and.. grown up than joe. he could have a new girl every week, no doubt, but that’s not the way he is. that’s what like about him :)

  • ayen

    NACY ftw.. i think nicole anderson is much better.. just sayin

  • albert

    @Jenni: obviously you do not know what you’re talking about! Nick is far the WEAKEST Marius in the history of Les Mis; He & Éponine didn’t bland together, his voice was too tiny compared to Eponine. Ofcourse it was better that his pop voice but not so much.


    everyone who says nay is just jealous.
    But they’re so cute together <3

  • n

    and camilla and daniel

  • Mirah

    @Inna: Yup! I agree with u..For all the girls that Nick had been gossip to, NACY is by far THE cutest thing ever!

  • Samantha

    LOL at you guys who think that this picture and article is the only evidence of them dating. There has been SO much more. But as always, your denial is adorable and pathetic.


  • Listen to mayday parade

    @SB: Is anyone else sick of everyone calling Joe a serial dater? I mean seriously. He’s 20 he is gonna date! And you all will now list his girlfriends but dont bother because there were like 4 in 3 years. So what. He was with Camilla for a long time, sure he dumped Taylor for camilla but it was no secret he had a crush on her. You date people to get to know them and sometimes it only lasts a few weeks/ months and you decide “nah I cant see myself with them” and you end it and try again. That doesn’t make him a serial dater it makes him normal.

    Also how does everyone know this chick has been cast to do Disney? They don’t usually cast people that look old to do leads. Not that I care, I just mean they like to keep their stars as long as possible and casting someone who is 21 who looks 26 isnt gonna be on the chopping block for long.

    Honestly nick is such a busy guy (although I assume he’s done with the administration currently) so if doing a play in London allows him to actually date or get close to a girl then good for him. It’s more healthy to hear that than have the 18 year old boy so career focused that he isn’t giving himself time to be normal. He has done more than any of is will ever get a chance to do, so if he gets married tomorrow, don’t freak out, just smile and be happy for the fella.

  • Elisa

    she looks a lot older then him, but honestly i dont care who he or joe dates, if theyre the rite person, theyll get married and he’ll be happy, if not then the fans will just be crying ovr nothing but probably get a few great songs out of it

    either way i just think this is either fake or just for publicity for les mis

  • amy

    I like them together. If Nick’s happy I’m happy! :)

  • amy


  • blahblahblah

    NAY !!

  • Britney

    People are being so annoying. Oh my gosh, just cause they took ONE photo, there dating! So pathetic. They’re friends!

  • Jonas Brothers

    it’s FAKE I don’t like this girl

  • Lauren

    That picture does prove that they r dating

    We need a picture of them holding hands to prove that they r dating

    And if they are, we should all be happy for them

  • erika

    I like the color of her dress XD

  • xoxokatjaxoxo

    NAY/YEY …i dont know why but she seems a little old! it’s my opinion but if hes happy than ok! :)

  • http://TWITTER robyyyn

    have to admit, when i went to see him in les miserables they had gooood chemistry and wanted them to get together in the play….but they didn’t!

  • Cat

    They went to the Zoo today apparently. Good for them. If it’s true hope they’re happy.

  • LOok

    she looks old, or does that to me. I think Nick can take somebody else, but if he love her? It’s good for now.
    , the relationship would not last long by Nick’s career to get busier and busier

  • Ashley

    nay, although i wish them all to be the happiest, the girl looks like she could be his mom, its might just be the picture but i don’t think they look cute together

  • kristine

    Nick & Nicole Anderson make a CUTE couple!

  • harleen

    ew no
    the girls ugly and she looks like his older aunt or something
    …he’s mine!

  • Gaby

    Um… Nay. No offense but she looks 30…

  • Jessica

    If they’re happy, it’s cool. Distance can be a problem though..

  • me

    HOW ca anyone with an ounce of sense in their brain say they’re a great couple? that is beyond premature and just stupid considering no one knows anything about her! I thought she was maybe ok at first but now that she replied to that girl who mentioned she’s dating nick and rt’d that video of her and him singing in les mis I say she can go to hell,even if she’s not dating him she wants people to think she is and if she is she’s trying hard to let people know it,either way it’s pathetic,Nick can do better,dammit Miley this is who you should be with,they’re so oblivious,it’s crazy!

  • Jaymee

    Umm you all are saying how she is ugly and old well, ever thought maybe he likes her because shes a good person and makes him feel comfortable. It’s not all about looks and hes mature enough to know. Also it doesnt really matter who they date im a fan yes but seriously as long as they keep doing what they are doing and keep the music coming I dont mind who they date at all, but im just saying that girl better be deserving of him because he is a great guy they all are. I hope they end up with a a girl they deserve and that the girl will deserve them too.

  • Big_Time_Rush_fangirl!

    Nick-ole allll the wayy! =D

  • Erica

    NAY! I can’t see him with her ! I only see him with me :p

  • Jorge


>>>>>>> staging1