Joe Jonas: Stop Bullying!

Joe Jonas: Stop Bullying!

Joe Jonas is the latest celeb to speak out about bullying.

The 21-year-old actor/musician shared in the video from Cambio Cares, “The fact that people resort to bullying is horrible. If there’s any way to stop it, we’ve got to start somewhere. It starts in yourself, it starts in your school, it starts in your community. In this world it’s so easy to hate it, but you should always remember you were chosen to be on this earth, that it’s something special for you.”

Check out Joe‘s video below!

Joe Jonas on Anti-Bullying
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  • rihanne

    1 Problem: The kids who get bullied are all Jonas Brother fans, because they have no lives. Hense why they get bullied. You’re encouraging the bullies with these comments hoe bro!

  • s

    your ridiculous!!
    don’t judge people by there religion, race, sexual preference, musical choice, hobbies, etc…

  • Inna

    Your first, Joe.

  • Lauren


    See, your being a bully right now!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe has a good heart

  • anonymous

    Great message.

  • me

    @rihanne: you’re being a bully right now

  • gabyyy

    Absolutely Yes!!!
    But that is hard for many people!
    Be a persons!

  • gabyyy

    You is absolutely wrong!!!! That is ridiculous!!!!
    Shut up, because you just say lie!!!!
    Jonas Brothers are incredible mans and they help every day of different people and they have cause!!!!! You what doing!!!!! Answer: Nothing

  • lulu

    @rihanne: you’re a bully! and people can listen to what they like and not all JB fans are bullied, I’m a JB fan and people know of it, I even met Nick in London, put the pic up and even people who don’t like them all said it was cool, they have asked me about it not bullied me. You’re horrible most people are bullied because of race religion etc.

  • lulu

    And well done Joe! Those boys are so inspirational!! x x x

  • hEyll0

    I’ve been bullied for over 6 years, and it makes no difference what you listen to, they’ll pick on you, whether you like rock or classic, or whatever! Bullies obviously have problems of their own, but I just gotta keep trying to live through it. : /