Miley Cyrus: Milkshakes on Monday

Miley Cyrus: Milkshakes on Monday

Miley Cyrus keeps it cool in her leopard spotted pants as she dines out with a group of friends at Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills on Monday night (October 4).

The 17-year-old actress and her posse headed over to Millions of Milkshakes after dinner for a little treat.

Miley is one of the many celebs to partner with Sharpie to “ink it pink” all month long in support of the fight against breast cancer. Sharpie will donate $1* to City of Hope for every pink autograph signed and submitted to during the month of October.

10+ pics inside…

Miley Cyrus Signs with Pink Ink

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • rd

    she’s hot

  • Anon

    Millions of Milkshakes is owned by TMZ and paparazzi. Everyone knows that. Why would she start going there again??? :(

  • Samantha

    UGH. the extensions are back.

  • Amira

    @Samantha: Maybe coz she has a milkshake named after her and the fact tht the milkshakes are awesome? Think!

  • Fleur

    Her extensions look really weird, they were better before! But if she likes it its okay for me, I still love Miley

  • lulu

    Vanessa hudgens’ style, miley is a copy cat

  • kyle

    the extensions Oh No looks horrible

  • Monkey Trainer

    Praying for all those who do not or CHOOSE not to see what is happening with this kid. The hand writing is on the wall …..countdown to Lohan-Style.

  • lb

    @Monkey Trainer FAIL! They all just want her to end like that but guess what. She won’t!

  • tisdale

    @Monkey Trainer:

    THIS COUNTDOWN IS SO WEAK. TRY AGAIN. Miley has already accomplished more than Linsday ever did at 18

  • Line

    Her hair looks awful!

  • Mia

    I might be the only one but i like the extensions. the other hairstyle was dreadful and she looked like a grandma

  • Emma

    are you sure this isn’t an old photo? for someone who just got their extensions back in, they look shi*?

  • Sony

    I think she went to millions milchakes for 999999 times and the hair bad Can u hear??they are bad

  • blahblahblah

    miley is amazing and that won’t change

  • suri

    She looks so cute

  • tessa

    Miley is Gorgeous!!

  • mary

    I love her short hair, but Miley with her long hair is amazing too

  • natalie

    This girl is HOT

  • brenda

    I am LOVING Miley’s new hair extensions

  • ashlee

    Hot Hot Hot

  • Jonas Brothers

    Miley is sooo pretty :)

  • rania

    she looks beautiful as always

  • alice

    I love this outfit. She looks so cute and it looks like she’s having a good time with her friends .. not Liam Thank God!

  • Rachel

    I like the long hair and that color is nice:) And I justt love the way she dresses!

  • emma


  • m

    cuz she has to promote her new single DUH


    @anon uhmmm maybe cause shes biggest attetion whore ever!!! and wth how can she dare to go out looking like this…. i know maybe shes not a whore, but definitely she loves looks like a nasty whore!!! absolutely everything in her is soo disgsuting just look at her awful and horrible hair, her trashy and ugly outfit ewww her teeths, her fat face!!!!! seriously miley please stop to being sooo disgusting and do something for you, is not funny that everybody just laugh about your pathetic life!!! shes soo desperte for attetion, i mean shes not even 18 and has such a terrible reputation, lol

  • nathalia

    the extensions are back. she’s gorgeous!

  • Jenny

    im glad the extensions are back they suit her much better than short hair but they also look fake..I mean I love miley and all but her hair extensions used to be soooo real so whats happening….and the blonde aint working well for me

  • blahblahblah
    Your Sick !!!!!!!!!

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    @Monkey Trainer: u want the next Lohan, go watch Taylor MOMSEN- After all, she’s the one stripping her self down in music videos and smoking like a chimney

  • Meghan

    Noooo, the extensions are back. Does she not realise she looks so much better without them? Anyways she looks so pretty and I love the leopard print pants, I just don’t like her hair. ;/

  • mrsdestinyhope I am about sick of u BlTCH! I but if that was Selena down there with all the effing paps, she wouldn’t be an attention hoe would she? And FYI: Miley owns a milkshalke with her name on it at that flipping restaurant. But u wouldn’t know that cause ur nose is so far jup Selena’s checks that u could SUCK HER POOP right out of her BUT HOLE

  • Tiffany wth is wrong with u? theres nothing wrong with what she is wearing, u probably hate on everything she wears right? srsly if u hate her so dam much than quit looking at posts about her. All u do is hate and its really pathetic, u need to just stop with the hate posts cuz u sound really jealous

  • Bria

    She looks nice with longer hair, but she needs a new stylist, because those are some ratty, fake looking extensions! Almost as bad as Britney Spears’(almost!) You can tell where the real hair ends and the extensions begin, and that’s not good.

  • itsmeagain

    @lulu: sorry, I didn’t know Vanessa Hudgens was the only celeb who could wear cheetah printed pants. i guess the Cheetah Girls are copy cats too.

  • Bria


    WRONG! Lindsay was in at LEAST 5-10 movies by the time she was 18, and Miley has only done 3. Lindsay was working since she was 2, and got her big break and 9. MIley’s break came when she was around 13, and her father(who is a singer) got casted along side her(which we all know is NOT a coincedence) Lindsay may be a mess, but she was one hell of an actress and you can’t say that about Miley. In the music world, however, Miley has most definately surpassed her.


    @tifanny why someone would be jeloous of that horrible, ugly, disgusting and nasty thing cyurs…. lmfao!!! i love how her losers fan are sooo dam delusional, really funny!!!

  • Sahina

    ahahahaah stop talking about yourself prick. she’s doing normal teenage things.

    it’s night time. d’ya expect her to be full of make-up and glamorous??

    her face is better than yours; her teeth are probably WAY better than yours. and she’s doing something with her life too. what are you doing? bashing someone for no reason? how bloody pathetic.

  • Gossip Girl you hate Miley and then u waste more time on her than her fans do! how do u explain urself? U h8r are just simply IGNORANT with a CAPITAL I

  • Gossip Girl

    @Bria: she still is a gr8 actreess. She just need to pull herself together like Miss Spears did and get her career going. And she needs to go back to making real movies and not these cheap porno movies she’s signing up for

  • lol

    wow those extensions are the worst she has ever had. i loved her real hair better. She look cute in spite of the extensions. Who are those women she is hanging with lately? The all look so old & Miley looks young enough to be one of their daughters.

  • ndjfw

    I love her with the long hair :)
    She looks like 15 again
    and I like it
    The old miley style is back :D

  • Haters Suck!
    u are one sick sick puppy. I’ve seen a lot of haters on these sites but u Are one of the worst.This level of hatred is neither normal or healthy seek help quickly.

  • ashytisdalefan

    @lulu oh screw off, its not like she goes online and says “oh lets see what celebrity I can copy today!” oh and you are really stupid too, miley does everything for herself, she went to get a MILKSHAKE!!! She doesnt need attention, she’ll have it if she doesnt want it or not FUCK YOU

  • headstrong
    hhahah when people say something ‘bad’ about selena you say is because they’re jealous so you’re ALWAYS saying negative things about miley so i guess you SO jealous about her.

  • natalie

    Miley is so gorgeous!!!!

  • Lena

    Oh, you guys are lovely… I’d be so happy if I spend all day getting my hair done and I thought it looked so nice and then I came home to find myself being flamed by hundreds of teen girls. You guys are so sweet.

  • actress

    Hahaha her hair looks like crap!!! ;) Its cute though I think she tried to put them in herself. It dosn’t look like that went too well haha. I love how she really dosn’t care though, wish I could have that kind of confidence. Where’s Liam?? Haven’t seen them together..and I don’t like it!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1