Taylor Swift Gets Glamour-ous

Taylor Swift Gets Glamour-ous

Taylor Swift laces it up on the November 2010 cover of Glamour magazine.

The 20-year-old country princess opens up about why she’s not scared of writing about her personal life, new album, Speak Now, and remaining close with Taylor Lautner. Check it:

On being an open-book: “Everything that happens to me gets put into a song. For some reason, I’m really comfortable talking about my personal life in songs. There, I don’t hold back: names, dates, times, expressions on people’s faces, exactly where we were and how it felt, what I wish I would have said to them in the moment.”

On still having Taylor Lautner in her contact list: “He’s one of my best friends. He’s wonderful, and we’ll always be close. I’m so thankful for that.”

On letting love be a surprise: “I’ve learned that you can’t predict it or plan for it. For someone like me who is obsessed with organization and planning, I love the idea that love is the one exception to that. Love is the one wild card.”

On Speak Now: “My next album is something I’m really proud of. I can only write about what I’ve been through. And a lot has happened in the past two years.”

Taylor Swift – “Glamour” Cover Shoot
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Credit: Matthias Vriens-McGrath; Photos: Glamour
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  • ana

    Love her, love her ,love heeer!! haha that’s all :)

  • jasmine

    Speak Now is OUT AND #1 on iTUNES!! ><!! XD

  • SunLight Princess

    She’s pretty and all, but I hate her eyebrows. They really bug me, she would look so much better with nicer shaped eyebrows.

  • http://twitter.com/nathaliabraga nathalia

    she’s soooooooooo amazing, soooooooooooo talented and soooooooooooooooo gorgeous! hahaha love her, love heeeeeeeer! I wish she’d come to Brazil

  • harley

    She’s gorgeous and classy. Definitely looking forward to her album,

  • Evie

    Being a “tell all” in her songs is not classy. It shows immaturity, because true artists know how to be figurative and to not be not as literal in their writing. I suppose that is why most of her fans are whiny little girls – they wouldn’t be able to understand the meaning behind better, sophisticated lyrics.

  • griffin123

    Evie shut your jealous self up. She has so much power over you that you can’t just skip the hate or simply not comment. This is about GLAMOUR PICTURES. The pictures look great. BTW, her songs are fine and they shoot to #1 in sales so apparently she is doing something right with her songs. It is her business to write her songs how SHE CHOOSES. At least they are HEAR IDEAS and she’s not stealing ideals from others. I can’t believe you take issue with her for writing about HER LIFE. That’s HER BUSINESS.

  • BBJ


    Wow. Seriously, you are truly pathetic. This comment just showed how immature you are.

  • ZEfan

    @Evie: What are you talking about? I’m 20 and I’m a huge fan of her lyrics. All the Taylor Swift fans I talk to are 18 years or older. And how is that immature? Doesn’t make sense at all. Taylor Swift is known for her honest and meaningful lyrics. That’s why she’s so succesful.

  • http://comcast.net alex


    I couldn’t have said it better myself! Hopefully her fans will take your comment to heart… but they probably won’t. She has the potential to be a great artist, but she really is quite immature in the way she handles things. A little discretion goes a long way and if she keeps burning bridges she won’t have many people to turn to. I understand that completely pouring her heart out into songs is therapeutic to her, but she should really consider the ramifications such openness has on those she writes about. I’m not saying that I sympathize with those she writes about or that she’s a horrible person for being so open, but “telling all” for her is on a much larger scale than it would be for an ordinary person and has much farther-reaching consequences. She has a long way to go, but if she can channel those same feelings into songs without being totally explicit, then her lyrics will be that much more meaningful without running the risk of appearing catty or of hurting others.

  • armyofkitties

    loveeee her dress!!!!!!

  • http://yosilianrskn yosilia nursakina

    Oh my God, I’m always in love with Taylor’s songs! I can’t wait for 27 October. It’s the release date of “Speak Now” album in my country – Indonesia. Yes, I’m Taylor Swift’s Indonesian fans. I managed http://www.facebook.com/SwiftIndonesia and http://www.twitter.com/SwiftIndonesia and http://www.swiftindonesia.webs.com Let’s visit and support! Haha, love you, Taylor <3

  • BBJ


    You apparently haven’t heard ALL of her songs then.

  • http://comcast.net alex

    You apparently didn’t understand my comment. I HAVE heard all of her songs and I did not write that ALL of them were too explicit in telling all about her experiences. I happen to be a huge fan of her music; I just think that it’s detrimental to HER career to appear catty and petty because of a few of her song lyrics. Other than that I think she’s a wonderful artist and I really connect with her songs. It’s great that she always makes an effort to make her fans feel special, too. I just wish she would consider the fact that when she does release songs that are obviously taking jabs at people, she isn’t looking like the bigger person. And that’s okay—she’s young and when we’re young we’re often impulsive and don’t think about how our actions affect others…but eventually she should learn that a little diplomacy and subtlety won’t hurt.