Brenda Song: No Regrets About Tae Kwon Do Training

Brenda Song: No Regrets About Tae Kwon Do Training

Brenda Song amps up the volume of her glorious curls in this new outtake from the October 2010 issue of Nylon mag.

The 22-year-old Social Network star dished that although she really wanted to take ballet, she has no regrets about her Tae Kwon Do training. She’s a black belt!

Brenda also shared about having great parents, “[I] never [felt any pressure from them]. My parents always pushed me to do my best.”

The Social Network is in theaters NOW.

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Credit: Pamela Littky; Photos: Nylon Mag
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  • Arielle k.

    Hey jjj! I don’t want to be rude but you spelled tae kwon do wrong. It’s not kwan it’s kwon.

  • georgia

    shes amazing and shes doing so well!



  • Holly

    Gorgeous! and beautiful. Nylon is so right, she’s the it girl.

  • kelena

    any more pics? there are a LOT on nylon mag’s site

  • briley

    I admire her even more now! these gorgeous outtakes are beautiful.

  • briley


  • mariam

    She’s epic

  • sel

    love bs

  • Jorenda

    Brenda ! I love this picture! And yay!

  • sel

    @kelena: nylon

  • lails

    I became so nostalgic while watching The Social Network.. so glad it’s OUT!

  • leyton

    The movie looks so excellent and darker more serious than her other movies. I love her to death, I can’t wait to see this one. Bren is beautiful, talented, sophisticated and charming, I love her.

  • bbgood2me2

    AMAZING I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUEEN B IS BREAKING OUT I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT

  • teen fashionista

    i am in love with brenda song. Boogie Town is bound is top the box office just like The Social Network did. :D

  • Blair

    she’s such an amazing actress!
    can’t wait for the movieeee!
    love yah brenda!

    also love this nylon outtake and the whole spread
    epic gorgeously

  • MeL

    Goddess Brenda!

  • drift

    She has lucky parents, that’s for sure and I’m glad there are no regrets, ballet is overrated..


    stunning girl :D


    Brenda is Pyromaniac in the movie, people should back off. Pyromania is a rare disease, one of the movie’s producers clearly said Brenda’s character is pyromaniac. It’s a disease, not some kind of ‘sexist’ thing.

    Leave her and the movie alone. She did an amazing job and ALL of the critics have praised her performance.


    I don’t understand what is up with all of those negative comments about the movie, the movie is real. Vanity Fair said: I’ll leave to more qualified feminists the question of whether Rooney Mara’s indignant self-respect makes up for Brenda Song’s pyromaniac tendencies.

    Umm.. Vanity Fair, pyromania is a serious disease. Christy Lee (Brenda’s character) probably went through a lot of intensive therapy but still couldn’t overcome the illness 3-4 years after leaving the nest, A character who has been studying at Harvard for 2+ years now, gets jealous easily/insecure, is pyromaniac and psychotic, is not a gold-digger, it’s a serious illness. She was smart enough to get into Harvard, she’s obviously smart enough to realize Eduardo would have cheated on her with anyone with ALL of that success. To relieve the tension and have some sense of gratification after wasting her time falling in love with someone who didn’t come running after her, she set fire to the scarf.

    It’s not Christy Lee’s fault she is pyromaniac, it has nothing to do with ‘FEMINISM’ and strength. Her boldness, the way she put Eduardo is his place in the argument, and her yet HIGH sense of confidence allowed her to ACTUALLY commit arson, that’s a powerful statement. A dominatrix would never do this.


    Her curls are glorious, so true JJJ!

    Most stunning picture ever.

  • Amy

    she is GORGEOUS!!

  • cherrie nessa 4 ever

    she was great and cute i like her and she was so pretty

  • gg


  • starry


  • starry
  • cassie

    So hooooooooooooooooooT!

  • BrendaSongFan4life

    Saucy and luscious! Love you Brenda!

  • Cheryl

    wow she’s fabulous and sexy

  • dizneyFAN

    she’s looks so pretttty!
    love brenda!

  • Mayar

    Brenda does look breath taking! I can’t wait for TSN and BT! I love her! <33

  • alex

    bren da is soo talented and down to earth love her!!
    and haters GO AWAY!!!

  • Mayar

    did i mention how she looks great as a blonde?

    she should have kept those blonde locks

  • sara

    she’s so pretty :)
    who thought she’d be shy

  • Marwa

    Nylon mad a great decision!

    Congrads, Brenda! You’re the only IT Girl.

  • brit

    YAY JJJ added pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    of Brenda’s AMAZING photo shoot with Nylon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    these outtakes RULE, best outtakes EVER!

  • finn


  • white

    she is so beyond gorgeous

  • LOVE

    BRENDA !

  • dance


  • dance

    she is perfect

  • MEL

    Love ya Brenda Song forever and always

  • SOS

    Brenda looks stuning xoxo

  • Lizzie

    aww BRENDA looks stunning..:D

  • karma kouture

    this girl is adorable

  • SLOD


  • rahaf

    Shes so beautiful!!!
    I love her

  • Emmy

    i’m from brazil and i’ll buy the magazine on the next week!
    she looks perfect, love her <33

  • DJ

    She’s So gr8 I love her so much

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