ABC Family Casting Call!

ABC Family Casting Call!

There’s a new casting call from ABC Family, with a bit of a twist.

The network is developing a new series that revolves around Daphne, a smart, confident and well-adjusted deaf teenager who has her world turned upside down when she discovers that she was switched at birth with another girl.

Casting is looking for new actors and actresses who are deaf or hard of hearing to play their lead roles and they need actors in the next couple of weeks!

Check out all the details below!


DAPHNE – actress must be deaf or hard of hearing and must speak English well, American Sign Language preferred. Age range from 16 to early 20′s to play high school. Actress is to be light-haired or willing to dye hair blond for the role, and if the show moves to series, actress must be willing to relocate to Los Angeles in February.

EMMETT – 16, actor must be deaf or hard of hearing, must be fluent in American Sign Language. Emmett is Daphne’s best friend. Raised by deaf parents and educated in a deaf school, Emmett doesn’t talk orally, and is more comfortable in a deaf world. Rugged, reserved, a young deaf James Dean.

PENN – late 30′s or 40′s. Male, actor must be deaf or hard of hearing, must speak English well. Penn is Emmett’s father and Daphne’s mother’s best friend. Penn is the one who educated Daphne’s mother about the importance of learning sign, schooling Daphne in a deaf world, etc.

Head on over to Facebook, to find out how to submit a video plus all the waivers and scenes you need.

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  • http://mina_23 mina

    ouch, why deaf?

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Good actors can act deaf…. But I don’t think this series will b a success, the show with the mead deaf girl, medium, is annoying. (no offense)

  • Labby

    WHAT?!?! The writer must be really depressed! This sounds like such a depressing show I like to be happy so I know for sure I will not be watching this!

  • Tierney Larson

    i think this is a great idea. deaf people can do everything that hearing people can except for hear and a lot of hearing people cant sign so it is the same. i hope this portrays the deaf culture well. sounds like a good show

  • Clarissa

    Obviously none of you who commented know anything about the deaf world or deaf culture. This show may hit a small audience at first, but it’s BRILLIANT. There needs to be a show out there to educate hearing people like you about what it really means to be deaf. I’m hearing myself, but am hugely part of the deaf world. If the writer portrays deaf culture accurately, this show will open your eyes to what is right in front of you. And its a matter of respect and pride as to why the actors need to be deaf or H.H.

  • 91602

    I like the idea of this and I can play the role of Daphne.. except I’m 14 and not 16. I’m better with dramatic roles than comedy. I really want the part of Daphne. :\

  • 91602

    Oh, and I can’t hear that well and I can speak English fluently :)

  • Jessica

    This show is a phenomenal idea. Yes, it will initially hit a limited fan base, but if the acting is done right and the plot is good, it should become quite popular It will finally expose the hidden Deaf world and culture most people only vaguely hear about. I am one of Orlando’s top nationally certified interpreters in ASL for the Deaf. So, I live daily immersed in the Deaf world and I wish everyone could see my life for a day and experience interpreting their struggles and fights for their rights.