Jasmine V Debuts 'All These Boys'

Jasmine V Debuts 'All These Boys'

Check out Jasmine V‘s new single, “All These Boys!”

The 16-year-old singer tweeted her thanks to her fans about the single, “Want to say thank you to everyone for all the comments on my new song #alltheseboys – I am super excited for the rest of the music!! I have so many great songs that I have recorded.. pretty soon you will get to hear them all!! I luv you!!”

Jasmine is now flying off to Hawaii, where she’ll join boyfriend Justin Bieber on tour!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jasmine’s new song?

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  • rosie

    jjj please dont post about her she isnt famous only for justin and her voice sounds sooooooooo autotuned more than selenas

  • rosie

    im am not a justin fan by the way

  • Anabelle

    I like them together, very cute couple. This song is really annoying but catchy lol.

  • haygurl

    @Anabelle: YES. It’s so upsetting, hahahaha. It’ll probably get stuck in my head now.

  • nu

    wow is funny I really don’t like the song or her voice, but when it end it kept going in my head so chatchy, you’re right

    but sorry I don’t like the song, she is pretty

  • jlyn

    i like her, love her actually. she’s an amazing singer, this song just doesn’t do her voice justice. :\

  • cmeesmile

    I think Jasmine’s voice is tuned for something that actually requires vocals. @jlyn: And I agree, this song doesn’t match her voice. It’s not what I would call “catchy” because that would require approval of the song. The song’s lyrics are slightly irritating because, if you listen to them, she’s basically sounding a little egoistical. Not my type, but I wish her the best.

  • Inna

    uhm.. she’s not even singing.
    what the hell?

  • Chanon

    This doesn’t even sound like her and the lyrics to this song is bad. I think she’s really pretty but she’s a bad singer. :/

  • liz

    wow really annoying song and I don’t recognize her voice at all…too much autotuned…..but she cant sing anyway so…..lol

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Boji

    Absolutely love the song, catchy, good vocals, lovely girl. Right and it sticks in your head. She reminds me of Vanessa H, Justin oughta be proud of himself. Good Choice. She has talent for sure.

  • http://yahoo matafanua

    i like her but not so much her voice..well in this song that is

  • bastiecorte

    To negative comments: you’re just jealous of Jasmine bcoz of JB hahaha… its so shameful you guys get a life! you cant stop Jasmine to the top! i love her new single “ALL THESE BOYS” and i’ll gonna have this one on my iphone! love you Jasmine!

  • bastiecorte

    @rosie yah! you’re not a fan but just a diehard fan of JB its so obvious you idiot! now go get a life or maybe get a room and F urself! loser!

  • bastiecorte

    @Boji i totally agreed with you and you’re right Justin did the right choice and lucky too to have Jasmine…

  • http://@DoudreamwtJonas Paula

    I hate her. She has used Justin to become famous! I think he deserves much more.




    i’ll alwayss be a belieber. you shouldnt be hating her cause most of you are 12 or 11 (lol)..
    i dont care if he has girlfriend! hes 16 , and if hes happy thenn im happy (:

  • http://www.twitter.com/xwonderfulalexx Olusiaa

    It sounds like a Chinese song : o
    I don’t like this song and this girl -.-

  • http://Liisarusland lisa

    i dont like it, and i hope she doesnt think shes going to become fameous bc of justin. people are going to hate her for ruining every girls dream. shes also autotuned her voice way to much…

  • Gabriela Niccolai

    i liked the song! i mean, some people think it may be TOO selfish, talking about boys who loves her and stuff like that, but i think it’s about having fun, we all girls have this momento in our lifes right? well..anyway, i like it, and I just can not get this song out of my head! haha

  • Teresa

    umm…one of the worst songs ever! Is she even singing???? What’s with the lyrics… the song is selfish!!! and so is she!

  • Jasminatorocks

    HATERS stop hating you’re just jealous of Jasmine V bcoz Justin is getting into her… you better shut up, get lost and get a life! i love Jasmine V new single “ALL THESE BOYS” it’s lively and catchy more power and enjoy being with Justin and you look cute together!

    Justin + Jasmine = JUSTMINE

  • http://twitter.com/mrsrobsessed Emica

    I’m not a Bieber fan ….my friend is. Soo when she was continuously telling me how much this song sucked..I decided to check it out(Simply out of curiosity)
    Now I’m wishing I hadn’t.My ears are bleeding.


    Eu odeiio ella ~~..
    Essa musiica taiis e doiis coiisa feiia *-*
    Ella soo que ficar com oh justin para aumentar a fama dela pq se nao ella nao vai conseguir nem mais cantar em igreja ….
    Oq eu acho dele : FEIA VACA VAGABUNDA VADIIA …. éèh muiito maiis soo que nao da de fallar tudo se nao eu vou ficar um mes aqui …
    Obs : Jasmine Eu te odeiio de maiis okay vagabunda


    @ Inna :
    Eu odeiio ella de maiis essa vaca

  • http://www.twitter.com/jennyandoeace lulu

    I LOVE JASMINE♥ You are Beautiful♥♥