Vanessa Hudgens: Counter Restaurant with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens: Counter Restaurant with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens and her little sister Stella lunch on some custom-made burgers at The Counter restaurant on Friday afternoon (October 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 21-year-old Beastly actress and boyfriend Zac Efron recently picked up the award for Cutest Couple at the 2010 Australian Kids’ Choice Awards.

Says the official website, “Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens first met in 2005 on the set of High School Musical. 3 movies together this famous couple are still going strong after 5 years!”

20+ pictures inside of Counter eaters Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

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  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    I love Vanessa ♥

  • lisa

    She looks amazing, i’m really loving the shoes :)
    and it looks like Stella borrowed her sisters t shirt (L)

  • kami

    beautiful as always. now i’m hungry for a burger. yum.

  • Samantha

    Does anyone remember when Vanessa wore that top that stella’s wearing? <3

  • Ann

    omg, I love her! how can she looks so cute in every single thing she wears??!!?! <3


    ohhh zac and vanessa wins oh im very happy :D


    @Ann i think that she can go out in her piyamas and she still beautiful :D

  • lalalalalala19

    um today is October 8th, not 7th lol
    & btw, they both look gorgeoussss. love them :)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Look at what they’re wearing. I LOVE IT. Gotta love the Hudgens sisters. :) Aw.. congrats to Zanessa !! Cutest Couple award sounds right for them. XD

  • Diamond

    Vanessa looks beautiful even dressed down I love how she spends time with family and friends that’s great :)

  • su


  • BabyBooZanessa

    Gorgeous Sisters. !

    Team Hudgens !

  • babyg

    i love these two!

  • duduche29

    lunch with brit yesterday, shopping for shoes yesterday afternoon and now that

    life must be great by doing nothing

    stella… i thought she was prettier than that

  • sky10

    wow! happy to see them,VANESSA always have good relationship with the family and friends,,,GOD blssd always

  • Ianhy

    I want a sister like nessy ;D

  • annie1st


    again, and you doing nothing except posting on this nessa board, lol i bet you will reply my comment coz you do nothing then check “who’s gonna reply my comment” right lol

  • Ianhy

    I want a sister like nessy :)

  • annie1st

    gotta save her picture for my artwork yay, yesterday look cute and today you look rock girl ^____^, sister time

  • sjndjsahd

    bella me facina sus botas

  • Joochi

    @duduche29: Are you somehow related, working or is da Perez guy or whatever because you sure sound and comment like him, I mean he don’t like Vanessa for nothing so just thought, I mean you never have anything nice to say, you constantly put her down for what reason other than you dislike her that much that you need to express it on every post she has. If you haven’t noticed it’s the life of actor’s and actresse’s they make movies then there’s a drought period waiting for the next project so what’s the big deal with you? Anyway, keep posting it only makes her alot more popular, we welcome all you hater’s and we promise to laugh along with you.

  • jojo

    yeah,, zanessa won~

  • sunny

    Whomever she decides to procreate with one day, no matter what nationality they are, they will have the most amazing offspring! She’s so pretty ans so is her sister.

  • Jaz

    Pfft! 5 years is nothin! Many famous actors who have been together, have been longer than five years and still end up not being together now or divorcing one another.

  • Tata

    Love Vanessa!

  • mike

    congrats for the award

  • ehryle


    thanks for your support and giving your time for knowing what her doing recently you really was her avid fans.. for you!!! Shopping and eating with family are doing nothing oh c’mon may be u dont known the meaning of bonding together.. give us a break!! same old story you have..

    btw Vanessa is totally adorable person!! congrats VZ!!



  • nathalia

    congrats zac and vanessa you deserve
    vanessa is adorable as always
    Thanks JJJ

  • lover

    love her soo muuch

  • _fuka_

    aw Love Vanessa! Always looks cute! <3 <3

  • tina

    Boring information as usual

  • bella

    @duduche29,@ tina: “Shut up”

  • _Unknown_

    uhh…. ya…. ok then, What are the benefits of writing this ? -_-
    anyway, she look gorgeous as always <3

  • lei

    Congrats To Zanessa!!!!!!!!

  • roxana

    Vanessa!!! why does this girl always look HOT no matter whta she wears??? stilll can’t explain myself. it’s just not fair, i wish i looked that pretty like her…lovin’ the sisters together (:

  • vfan

    Congrats on their award! They desereve it.
    I love V’s outfit esp the t-shirt. :)

  • 3niefronhudgie


    why can’t you understand that?
    you say : i’m a vanessa fan…. really?
    is true that?

    i don’t know cuz you always say bad things to Vanessa!
    “she’s boring..she this she that”

    are u PEREZ HILTON?
    it’ seems

  • lipkinlauren

    i think all of you need to shut the fuck up./

  • Becky

    @Jaz: From what I see, they’ll likely stick together forever, never to be apart

  • Chanon

    LOL I remember Vanessa wearing that shirt that Stella is wearing here. LUCKY! Stella gets all the hand-me-downs that Vanessa doesn’t want anymore. :’(

  • justine

    gorgeous sisters ever <333


  • joceelyynn


  • Skylar

    Aww sister love! Haha :)
    Vanessa is sooo gorgeous as always.
    They deserve it so much! 5 years! <3
    Zanessa forever!!

  • Alexandra

    i have never said anything bad about her except tht i may steal her bf! jk.. but those shos r hideous!

  • Mariam

    @duduche………..29 you sooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!, why everytime you are here,you say something stupid,why?what are you doing now setting in the front of computer ,and checking what vanessa doing ,and say something ,ohhhhh she go shopping,she go out whither sister ,and what !!!!!you sooooooo lame,if you don’t like it don’t check her post,stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Love. Vanessa. Hudgens………….

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    Hey guys, check this vid of Zac talking about kissing Vanessa and him thinking she’s not from this hilarious!

  • maria

    They look like they have a really close relationship….bet Vanessa is a very fun, nurturing big sis.

  • http://jjj marcy

    congrats zanessa
    love vanessa’s look

  • jody

    @maria that interview was funny and i love the fact that vanessa spends time with stella and as usual she looks great even dressed causally