Miley Cyrus Does It All In A Week

Miley Cyrus Does It All In A Week

Miley Cyrus spreads peace and love to the paparazzi capturing her image as she heads to a friends house in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (October 10).

The 17-year-old actress and mom Tish are bringing awareness to breast cancer throughout the whole month of October alongside City of Hope’s “All in a Week.”

Tish shared with USA Today recently, “Miley has always believed that if we all do something small, you can make a huge difference. When visiting a children’s hospital at home in Tennessee or being involved with City of Hope, it’s about getting out to spread that message.”

Miley is also pictured lunching with a friend on Friday afternoon at Joan’s on Third. 15+ pics inside…

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  • jake

    miley sharing love with the paparazzi what a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    miley hates the paparazzi

  • .

    ha you’re joking right? She’s OBSESSED with the paparazzi.

  • http://j chelsea

    miley “hates” papz, yeah right

  • gabyyy

    Miley Miley Miley You are so pretty every way i see you :):):)

  • kass

    miley smiley yayyyy!!! pretty pretty pretty girl!!!!

  • headstrong

    she hates paparazzi when they get annoying and rude or when she gets swarmed by them.

    She looks so pretty but what is that green thing?

  • sam

    @jake: she probably hates the RUDE parazzi but these paparazzi look like they weren’t being rude and it looks like they kept their distance, like paparazzi should.

  • Warren

    Miley is a great role model that always does lots for charity. Miley looks beautiful as usual in the pics. Miley was always pretty nice to the paps but some of them have just went too far lately. If they treat Miley OK she doesn’t mind a few photos.

  • kj

    wooow she is skinny now.

    YOU CAN SEE IT in the new video too, she isn’t what she used to be, a normal girl confident with her body that didn’t fall in the women have to be” really skinny to be pretty. now she is like every other celebrity trying to have the “perfect body”

  • Harley

    This style is not attractive or flattering – she looks like a mess.


    @Harley well what can you expect for this disgusting girl? she always looks like a huge mess!!! she looks soo trashy, nasty and like she doesnt even take a shower!!! her hair my goshhhh is soo horrible and fake seems like a mop!!! and her hugeee and fat face ewwww…. she has the worst style ever!!! she doesnt even wear a bra, ey loser no one wants to see your saggy tits!!! stop to being just a joke, loves yourself a little bit more!!! and do somenthing with your hair, face, teeth, style….. lol definitely the money can buy the class or glam!!!


    i guess she really loves that everybody just laughs about her, and embarrasing herself every day!!!! can she be more pathetic??? ewww she has cellulites!!! so gross!!!

  • jenny

    if her new exensions didn’t look rough as they are, she had to add that green streak? wth miley??

  • iTellItLikeItIs She’s not the joke baby doll, you are. We’re laffng at the fact that u love Miley more than Saint Selena and then spend more time on her post when ur supposedly a h8r.

  • shannon

    @iTellItLikeItIs: B**ch go away noone asked for your opinion. If you hate miley so much, then why post on here. I honestly believe you’re describing yourself.

  • shannon

    @shannon: sorry about my post meant to say it to someone else. Again so sorry for the post :(

  • shannon

    @iTellItLikeItIs: really sorry about my post meant to write it to someone else. Again i apologize :(

  • shannon who ask for your opinion anyway. Stop describing yourself, just makes you look more and more pathetic

  • Tiffany u are one sad miserable person arnt u? just admit it, u come on every miley post and always make hate posts. I believe theres something seriously wrong with u? just admit that ur jealous, cuz ur hate speeches makes me think u are

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @shannon: LMAO, hun, I am the fan here. Trust me.

  • Mcforrealzzz

    I think yeah her here does look fake but you know she only just put her extensions in and other times they look good. To that u must be really DEPRESSED go take some ANTI-DEPRESSANT you physco I might not be mileys BIGGEST fan but I don’t hate on her or believe crap I read hear about her becuz if u haven’t notice pals are part of her life . I like some what like Miley but I might not dress like her but I still have respect for other people what you do is extremely unhealthy for you and everyone who has to read your comments I wish you see this outfit on someone else becuz you would say a god damn thing about it then. You don’t have to like or love someone to say at least one good thing about them and I would really love it if you would for once. If you can’t do us a favor and not post ur opinion and let Miley fans enjoy seeing their girl rock who SHE is ur not suppose to love EVERYTHING about her. I just found it disrespect to me to becuz we look so what the same if u where or anyone was to say what u did on this post to me face to face I would just punch you out cold girl so sit down and shut up becuz noone wants ur comments on this post.

  • natalie(mileys biggest fan

    miley looks really nice nd she hates the paprissis when they anoy her ut sometimes they dont anoy her nd tats how it should b
    luv u mil

  • blahblahblah
    Ok Pick One, Your 1.jelouse or 2.jelouse or 3. jelouse I’m Waiting For The Answer !!

  • you (;

    @blahblahblah you spelled jealous wrong

  • headstrong SERIOUSLY, girl, you need HELP now. you’re obsession
    is out of control you care about miley more than you do for your fake idol.
    who has cellulites? miley? i guess you dont know what cellulites are.

    i tell you again, the shallows thing what you say about miley, remember, your idol is not far from that.

  • Sofia otra vez tu negra patetica? deja amiley en paz malparida.

  • ashlee

    Miley is so pretty!!

  • caramelll

    Who is this chick? I’m from Finland and I have never heard about her.. Haha! Anyway, I think she got great style (like my style), but Finns are the worst dressing people in the hole world, so maybe she dresses badly.. But those boots which you can see on the third picture… O_o (Something about Jesus? :D) Are you kidding me… Anyway, she’s pretty.

    Btw, sorry about the spelling. I hope you understand :))

  • Sahina

    i think i may just call a psychiatrist for you. you SERIOUSLY need some help. or maybe i’ll just change my degree and qualify as one. but why would i want to help you?

    no one asked for your opinion, you filthy little mudblood.
    don’t say that you deserve to have an opinion on here because clearly, you’re just abusing it.

    and stick to your Selena Gomez posts.

    and go find out what Cellulite are. because Miley doesn’t have any. i’m sure that YOU have some.

  • Selenafan1

    wait did say about selena???, or are we assuming that she’s a selena fan. I am not the biggest fan of miley but i would never say that mean of things about her. I just think she needs to slow down, with “growing up” I like her acting, the Last Song, is such a beautiful movie, i encourage everybody to watch this movie, and if u don’t cry, you suck(: LOLZ hehehe!!

  • Jonas Brothers

    My girl is beautiful!!

  • Sofia

    she is selena stan, and she alway comments on miley post, saying the samestupid thing over and over again.

  • shannon

    @iTellItLikeItIs: yea I know. Me too :)

  • Tash

    ew I cannot stand the denim shorts where the pockets hang down. Pockets should not be seen. What is with the green streak in her hair?

  • amber

    can’t she at least brush her hair before she goes out?
    messy hair isn’t edgy. it’s disgusting.

  • a

    @Selenafan1: She posts the same crap on Miley posts and when you see her comment on a Selena post its all “Omg she’s so pretty, her style has been really nice lately”… etc.

  • blahblahblah

    @you (;:
    sorry i’m not amarican

  • Kara

    @headstrong: what the hell…miley has no cellulite…and even if she did who cares…you prob have cellulite.

  • hahslu

    shes not wearing a bra….

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