Inside Bella Thorne's 13th Birthday Party!

Inside Bella Thorne's 13th Birthday Party!

Bella Thorne tackles blowing out the trick candles atop her Hoops & Yoyo cake during her birthday party held at Siren Studios in Hollywood over the weekend.

The now 13-year-old Shake It Up! starlet partied it up with her cast mates and best buds including Allisyn Arm, Ryan Ochoa, Raini Rodriguez, Nolan Gould, and Ryan Newman.

Bella shared with us before the party got started about why, instead of birthday presents, she wanted people to donate to Make-A-Wish: “It’s always been a dream of mine to be on a dance show and I now have Shake It Up! So, I just want to give other kids a chance to realize their dreams and get their wishes granted.”

Check out Bella‘s “tricky” cake below!

FYI: The girl pictured below is NOT Zendaya, but Zendaya was at the party.

Inside Bella Thorne’s Birthday Party

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Photos: JJJ, WENN
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  • adriana

    aaaaaw I LOVE HER! nice partyyyyy :)

  • Cynthia

    I LOVE THAT CAKE!! She is soo lucky! Soo jealous of her XD I also love her hair color lol :D

  • Cynthia

    I also love Zendaya’s skirt :D

  • Jenny

    I think these girls are possibily disneys next BIG thing

  • nicole

    happy b-day bella

  • Anonymous

    she does not look 13
    i thought she was older than that

  • armyofkitties

    OMG OMG no one cares. who the hell is she??

  • chelsea

    Please don’t hate me for saying this, but is it me or does she seem totally…unreal, fake. Everything she does seems so robotic, forced, and completely like “Disney-told-me-to-do-this-to-seem-wholesome”. She’s probably a very sweet girl but it just seems like 13 is too young to be stars these days unless you are one of those select few youngsters who aren’t seen everywhere trying to put their face out in the media (e.g. Chloë Moretz).

  • tristan


    well her show is about to air so i think that’s when they start doing lots of promoting and stuff. she is always working so i think it works. she is really gorgeous and did a realllllly sweet thing. i’d marry her right now if i was old enough.

  • weetie

    I LOVE her Ooh La La Couture dress!!! I WANT ONE!!! She looks so cute in it!!!

  • skalsj

    this girl loves attention.

  • Ella


  • Briayla

    I wish I could have been at Bella Thorne’s Lucky 13th Birthday party bash! And her cake looks very pretty and delicious! Bella Thorne is so pretty! :)

  • Sahina

    kids these days look older than their age.

    but then again, she’s pretty.

  • tom

    REGAL CAKE GALLERY in los angeles did this cake!! great bakery i get my cakes from here also

  • !

    @armyofkitties: Exactly!

  • Alex

    Oh please you guys! Remember that “Make a wish” thing! She did it for publicity!Plus she even bans people from her website! She is a b!*@#

  • http://here natalie


    shut your moouth if your gonna swaer at somone like that i suggest u shut up ur just jelouse cause ur not famouse and i dont give a crap who u are bye

  • natalie


    SHUTUP your just jelouse u mess with her u mess with me and sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

  • http://ilucodysimpson3 Abby

    ok, so I know this was like so long ago but I still feel like commenting :P Ok so ya Bella Thorn is super pretty, and does seem particularly fake at times but I am honestly SO jelous of her in almost everyway. My dream ever since I was little was to be a teen star like her. I am her age, my dream is to star on disney, I also love animals (like her), AND I freakin LOVE Cody Simpson and she gets to like hang out with him! Uuurrgh I want to chnage lives with her! ha ha O well…gotta keep my hopes up along with everyone else!

  • Marie

    I love Bella!! I so want to look like her!!!!!!!!!! Bella if you see this please coment to me because I love you! I love Shake it up and I just think your soooo pretty! I want to look just like you!

  • shyann

    omg i hate you bella u suck alot i hope some thing might chang ecause ur dancing ewwww!!!!1!!!! bella ur dumb.

  • guest

    So Bella Thorne was unable to blow all the candles from her birthday cake. Those were trick candles. Guest Actor Brandon Johnson said We’ll Never Know! We’ll have to call again tomorrow and see if her wish came true! What? They won’t blow out? Pia Mia Perez should try blowing them out completely. YES! The candles are already out! Happy Birthday Bella!

  • guest

    Hello There Bella! That was a really nice birthday party. Where did Bella get the 13 dress? Did a friend of Bella’s purchase the dress? Did that friend go to the craft store to buy numbers to put on the dress? Maybe guests should start wearing that 13 dress at different events besides birthdays.