Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Taxi Tickles

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Taxi Tickles

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart share a hearty laugh as they pile in the back of a taxi in Beverly Hills on Sunday night (October 10).

The duo, who were out with a friend, grabbed a bite to eat at Marsuhisa Japanese restaurant.

Kristen and Robert, who are set to start filming Breaking Dawn in the next couple of weeks, were spotted out last week at Ago restaurant.

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • xoAsh13

    look at them practically holding cute :)

  • Raycel

    they kinda look groggy.
    They’re so cute together. too bad they can’t escape the paparazzis

  • Dianne

    Look at their hands..So so so sweet..Oh i love them both so much….

  • lyssa

    SO adorable and sweet, first I didn’t get what’s with the titile and why they’re laughing, then I saw where kristen’s hand is..haha, they’re so funny! ROb is such a gentleman!!!

  • ahymhee

    OMG!!! this is really sweetness overload!!1 love to see those two just simply happy and inlove =)

  • Ann

    love them both!!

  • VolturiVamp

    Aww, I don’t know why people keep insisting this is a publicity ploy, Twilight is already extremely popular, forget the haters, Robsten are too cute!

  • Anon

    These pics are epic and everyone is sleeping! It’s going to be chaos when everyone wakes up and sees happy & in love Rob and Kristen.

  • WOW

    Soooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!

  • Amalie

    they are so cute!
    Gotta love them. ♥

  • http://itsmejoenee Joenee

    are they holding hand each other?
    Oh my God…
    They’re the best couple ever!!
    so sweet.. I agree with Dianne..
    I love to see them together..
    They seem really happy together..
    GO ROBSTEN!! We always support you two!

  • kat

    They are so cute together. Love them both.

  • ntina

    Cute couple!Love them!

  • http://ANIUSHKA quina

    I lov that they dont care anymore they just want to be able to show the world that they lov speanding time togethere

  • http://none judy

    rob looks verry ugly
    i miss u my baby zac efron
    and zanessa too

  • desi

    These two are adorable. What I like about them is they are so NORMAL. It’s refreshing.

  • vanessa

    Rob looks so good!!! i just love seeing Rob smiling and all happy!

  • elista

    oh so adorable!!!Love the hand in the lap and hand holding…love it!!!!

  • anyta

    Cute :)

  • Jess

    These two are ADORABLE together! I’m smiling because they’re smiling! And they look so happy for once! Robsten is love!

  • Marla

    aww smiley Rob <3 they look so cute :’)

  • C

    Cute…….we r happy 4 u,rob&kris!

  • Helena

    Nice, they are the best friends it seems.

  • Just Interested

    i’m am in no way a twilight fan or an admirer but i do believe these two got something going on

  • Perfect

    Gorgeous couple.

  • AnnieTime

    How lovely! is Rob wearing Kristens ring on his pinky finger?

  • http://facebook thomas jaymes

    they are perfect couple!

  • http://facebook thomas jaymes

    they are perfect couple!

  • http://facebook thomas jaymes

    they are perfect couple!

  • MAy

    whew!! what a good early morning for me to see the couple…ove them together…

  • Robinea

    They make me believe true love just might be possible in this day and age.

  • RobinEA

    I get the same feeling seeing Robert and Kristen so happy together that I get when I see puppies and kittens. It makes me feel warm inside. I could not be happier for them.
    They seem to love the same things. They both love to read, music, casual dress and seem happy being homebodies. That is rare for the movie industry that is all about show.
    I wish them all the best in life.

  • renee

    Love them to yes the smileing this is the best pic

  • PUNI



  • cyn

    awwh! i seriously lovee them!

  • Karinad.

    I’m not a Twilight person either but I like looking at pictures of them. I don’t even know the reason. They just look so in love and it makes me happy. The only other couple I like is Zanessa. They should all double date and I will be extra happy. Kristen is so cute in her hoodie and Rob is hot. I’m glad something made them laugh.

  • Angel

    i know !

  • Jess loves Robsten

    Omg!!!! I love kristen smiling!! Look her hand.. With Rob awww
    They spent 10/10/10 very well… Lloove in the air
    PS: fuck ya all haters :)

  • mon

    Wow, how can you not love them~~~ >333

  • angel

    wow, I’m so happy for them…

  • Gracy

    Rob Pattinson – four times!? – Hair match

  • http://marianalonso Marian

    i’m happy to see them smile. hope they r happy too and keep up the great work guys! it is inspiring to see hard working young people being happy! :)

  • Nickz14

    Robsten so cute!<3

    nag haggard langa da yoh!!!!

  • cristina

    Kristen Love, the couple’s amazing grace I guess the people who doubt that they are a couple, is so clear that they are in love!
    Kristen truly adore

  • lala44

    @judy: be happy for both couples….Love is the drug

  • robsten4ever

    oooooommmmmmg they soo cute

  • marissa

    i just love them!! <3 and they are so gorgeous. glad to see they are happy!

  • Helena

    Every human being is saying it’s a publicity stunt. Their fans must have a high opinion of them, if they think that NOT! For the record it sure seems like it is. Hollywood really is a place where individuals love their fauxmances, no integrity.

  • NaNana

    Hmm let’s see… Breaking dawn filming starts in about a week, Kristen’s got a movie coming out, they are hardly seen together until NOW, they complain about paparazzi and go to the paparazzi’s top hangouts… Sounds like PR to me… I love Rob but he is better than all this BS. Get out while you still can!

  • ana

    Sometimes these gossip sites wants to show us what they want.

    So curious there is a video of them of this same night (they leaving in a cab) that doesnt show this shots of them laughing or holding hands.Or even kristen with a ciggie. Even when it seems to have been recorded all the taxi stuff

    So sure also that some agents call papparazzi so the sightings are very well staged,for some reason ($ marketing,publicity,etc)

    so pages like this,popsugar etc get their $ and everybody is $$happy$$$

    Do not take us for dumasses. I know some people insult the opposite coments. I do love this couple. But their sightings are really weird to me. There are evidences, of course, but they do not match clearly, Videos are edited,some of the most important are blurry.How come a professional high valued papparazzi camera takes blurry ROBSTEN pics. I mean how come. Do believe somenthings going on between these two kids. But DONT believe on this papparazzi circus.

    BTW keep ur insults. I do know what some of delusional 13yo twiretards are going to say…i know the list! :)
    Have a nice day!

    And for gods sake lets give tom another shirt.