Taylor Swift: Back To December' Preview!

Taylor Swift: Back To December' Preview!

Taylor Swift holds back her emotions in the newest video about single “Back To December” off of her brand-new album, Speak Now.

The 20-year-old singer shared, “‘Back To December’ addresses a first for me in I’ve never apologized to someone in a song before. Whether it’s good or bad, but the person I wrote this song about, deserves this. The person was great to me, in our relationship, and I was really careless with him. The song is full of words that I would say to him.”

Check out the snippet below and then tune into E!News @ 7PM ET/PT for the world premiere!

Taylor Swift – “Back To December” on Comcast
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  • Chanel

    I wonder who it’s about!

  • Jasmine

    WOW…. This is REALLY good!! ><!! XD
    I mean, it IS expected, but it’s REALLY sweet…

    and I guess we all know who it is about…xp

  • erin

    it’s about lautner everybody :)

    omg, i cried listening to this, i can relate and it’s freaking beautiful omg….can’t wait to buy it on itunes tom night..omg!!!!

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ erika

    She is so cool :)

  • cam

    I just love Taylor Swift. She is so honest. I pre orderd her new CD.

  • mendomamir

    its about tlautner.. its so obvious.. I love her (:

  • frucht

    aaaw, she looks like she is going to cry. i just love this cool chick

  • Kathy

    it sound so sad-ish… :’( but still good! i think its about taylor lautner :P read that in rolling stone

  • Jola

    it’s about taylor lautner :)

  • Pixie15

    Definitely about Taylor Lautner! :) <3 xxx

  • Bria

    Yeah, it is sooooo about Taylor Lautner! They dated in December and it was said the reason she broke up with him is that she just didn’t like him in a boyfriend kind of way, there was no chemistry, it was very one sided. He was crazy about her(he gushed alot in interviews) and she just kinda like him. You could even tell in pictures, he always had on a ginormous smile and she didn’t. “I miss your tan skin”? she couldn’t have made it more obvious! This seems to hit a soft spot for her. I love how honest her music is, and how she isn’t afraid to admit when she is in the wrong.

  • Bre

    Its about Taylor Lautner :) I can’t wait to hear it Tay Swift is such a great songwriter!

  • Liz.

    He needs to get back Selena anyways. :)

  • Luiza

    i dunno, maybe taylor laughter?? why dont they just go back 2gether

  • Charlotte

    Awwww, this is SO obviously about Taylor Lautner! They broke up in December. It’s nice to know that Taylor S isn’t perfect & does make mistakes, but i feel sorry for Taylor L he obviously got really hurt by Taylor L, she said to E Online (i think?) that whoever the song is about what a perfect boyfriend & she was careless with him, awww!

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