Ashley Tisdale is a Coffee Carrier

Ashley Tisdale is a Coffee Carrier

Ashley Tisdale juggles a full carrier full of coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in her hands as she returns to her car in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (October 12).

The 25-year-old actress is currently on a brief hiatus from her hit CW series, Hellcats.

Ashley caught up with People mag recently to dish on how cheering on the show has only helped her fitness routine. She shared, “It’s awesome to be able to work out for your job all the time. I am constantly working out with my trainer. I’m on a more healthy diet. I have a cheat day, though. It’s a very healthy way of living, I must say. It’s a lot of fun.”

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  • Mike

    Yes! coffee again…

  • shiko

    1st awesome !!!

  • Natasha


  • mike

    super hot love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://h MAYZV4EVER

    uhhhh! she is trying to be like vanessa
    THANKS GOD… that vanessa is not ashley’s friend anymore


  • shiko

    @MAYZV4EVER: shit u say!!
    ur words don’t even have a meaning!!!

  • carly

    i feel that way to. vanessa has been wearing the elbow bracelet for years now and all of a sudden ashley wears them and the exact one. She’s always copying vanessa. I wonder what she will copy next.

  • ashytisdalefan

    that outfit is mega cute! and @mayzv4ever oh whatever, if they aren’t friends how come they hung out recently in Vegas? Yeah, try explaining that one to me. Oh and ash has her own style, so stfu.

  • Lancer

    sooo beautiful!
    my favorite actress!

  • Matheus Campos

    Oh shit Ash is older and better than Vanessa so if someone is being copy here, is Ashley AND Ash and Vanessa still being bff’s!!! They rock =D

  • Amanda

    How do you guys know Vanessa didn’t give Ashley the elbow bracelet? In my opinion Ashley will always be better than Vanessa. I very much dislike Vanessa. Love Ashley!



  • http://andieunson Andie

    LOVE HER!!! She’s my fashion icon! Even though she and Vanessa wear the same thing, it looks one million times better on her than it does on Vanessa!

  • Larissa

    She’s so beautiful!!!!!!!

  • kami

    how come ashley fans so insecure? just post nice comments about her and ignore bad ones.

  • Alice

    I very much dislike Ashley

  • Jannii

    <3 her so much & hellcats is great.

    BTW .. haha nessa is not her friend anymore? LOOOOOL.. RIGHT.. thats because nessa celebrated ashs belated brithday w/ her in vegas last weekend right? ;)
    u guys are soooo pointless. OMG.

  • arturs

    Ashley is so beautiful!

  • lauren

    omg who gives a fuck who is better,
    shut the fuck up

  • zac

    @Andie: totaly agree with you.

  • zac

    she is always the best!!

  • zac

    @MAYZV4EVER: why she try tobe like vanessa.Because vanessa has bum style and she look disgust.

  • brnty

    she has the best style I have ever seen!
    she look gorgeous not like vanessa.Silly vanessa and her silly fan.Bum vanessa.Amzing ashley.

  • j

    Oh, how I missed that!

    I like her outfit and I’m really jealous she can still take advantage of LA’s sunny weather and wear sunglasses and flip flops lol.

  • j

    haha omg maui is sooo cute

  • j

    @MAYZV4EVER: You are really stupid.Vanesss fan is the same,always.They look other peoples coping vanessa’s style.NO.Vanessa was coping her style since hsm day.Ashley haters ashley is the best idol for kids and teenages.Because she dont use drug.During her free time, she doesn’t go to bars and do drugs. Look at her, even though she’s 20+ years old, she keeps a clean healthy life. She has amazing life.And she dont have nude pics or scandal.She is not populer like vanessa.Ashley is the best girl Vanessa’s idiot fan!

  • jessi

    I Love Her Style

  • jessi

    @j: totaly agree with you.You aare so right.Ashley has amazing body,beautiful face and she look more older than vanessa.Vanesssa is still a child

  • gomez

    I love her so much!!!!!
    Diva Forever!!!!!

  • gomez
  • gomez

    I always love her outfits

  • jonas

    *No Words* The dress, hair, face, beauty, & that smile. Time & time again Ashley leaves me without any words in describing her beauty. This is another of those times, she looks FANTASTIC. Her dress & hair, all I can say is “WOW!” Such a elegant, natural beauty !!
    she is alyas the best!

  • jonas

    she is not coping vanessa=)Ashley has a great style.And I never see her like vanessa.Because VANESSA HUDGENS İS DİSGUST!

  • jonas

    love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leighton


  • leighton


  • leighton

    @Natasha: You are so right!! SHE İS DİVA

  • leighton


  • leighton


  • miley

    @MAYZV4EVER: You are idiot.

  • nessa

    @jonas: woooooow like it so much!!!

  • kristen

    she is gorgeous=)=)

  • kristen

    @Amanda: yes she has best style:)

  • kristen

    love her look as always! she look gorgeous again she is better than vanessa.

  • bella

    @carly: Everyone can wear elbow bracelet!

  • bella

    she look hot,pretty,gorgeous and great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bella

    like her dress

  • tisdale fn

    ashley look hotter and older other teen celebs! And she has the best body and face!!

  • tisdale fn

    @Alice: This is her comment pag if you love her write here.

  • tisdale fn

    @kami: yes you are so right.

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