Miley Cyrus: Braided Beauty

Miley Cyrus: Braided Beauty

Miley Cyrus braids her hair up as she dines out with mom Tish and lil sis Noah for breakfast at Paty’s in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Tuesday morning (October 12).

The 17-year-old actress/singer just won fave kiss at the 2010 Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards with costar Liam Hemsworth.

Liam shared with MTV about possibly filming again with his on-and-off-again girlfriend, “It’s possible we’ll work together again in the future, yeah. Maybe she’ll come back here and we’ll shoot a film here in Australia.”

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: Miley Cyrus

    wtf her ugly lil sis is showing her bra? soo gross!! this is the most disgusting family ever!!! all her members are soo weird and nasty!!!! and miley stop to dress like you dont care, you try so hard that is really embarrasing!!!! and you has cellulitis ewwww what a disfuncional ugly and disgusting family!!!!


    the clan cyrus are the most desperate for attetion people i´ve ever met!!!!!

  • Sahina

    desperate for attention?? hark who’s talking, loser.

    and how are they nasty? you’re the nasty one on here, you filthy mudblood.

  • anonymous

    Miley’s hair looks cute. Sick of the white ripped t-shirt look though. Again it looks like she’s not wearing a bra in some of those pics. Her sister’s too young to be dressing way; would never let my ten year sis dress like that.

  • headstrong Claudia go an learn what cellulitis are. Your so pathetic the first comment on a Miley post? hahaha i gues you’re SO obsessed with miley that you cant help it.
    Go and kiss selenas ass, please.

  • Nijah

    Noah.. Dyed her hair? It doesn’t look good.. And why is she wearing a bra?! Nothing against it, but she is flat..

    Oh well.. Btw, why didn’t Miley stick to her natural hair? I like it more that way :)

  • headstrong

    she looks pretty! i like her hail like that so cute
    i like the short ! not loving the boots

  • Jonas Brothers

    Miley is so beautiful and cute!

  • headstrong

    Why do people feel the need to bitch/criticize/judge what miley does/wers/says everytime everyday?
    Seriously, it is no one’s business. GET A LIFE

  • headstrong


  • Natalie

    Miley looks pretty!!!!!!!!

  • Sahina

    jealous because Miley is more successful and can’t bear the fact that she is.

  • ashlee

    I always love her outfits when she is not with liam

  • haha

    no offense but using a insult off a FICTIONAL book (mudblud) is hardly an insult… dumb-ass.

  • n

    miley looks amazing
    ps noah ur 10 for god sake … ive seen many 17 year old dress like ur sister but its not appropriate for ur age so please get ur bra under ur clothes for now

  • Gossip Girl

    I like her hair Braided, Looks much better than the stringy look. MC has been dressing well l8ly

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    So what’s wrong with this picture here? Maybe is the fact of a Nine year old trying to dress like her older sister! Why the hell is Noah wearing a BRA? She’s not even old enough for TRAINING BRAS yet. Dose she know shes making her sister look bad doing this?? My gosh, people are already naming Miley Lohan JR. (As if that isn’t bad enough) next they’ll start naming Noah Jamie Lynn 2.0!

  • Harley

    It looks like Miley has been wearing the same clothes a lot lately, but her hair looks cute.

    Her little sister needs to pull her shirt up, though. I can’t believe their mom was standing right there with them, taking a picture, while that little girl had her bra hanging out. My little sister is 11, and I’d never let her go out of the house like that.

  • mary

    Maybe Noah going to swim and is a bikini …. not really important

    Miley so cute with her braids :)

  • itsmeagain

    noah thinks her crap don’t stink.! LMAO! She tries so hard to be like her sister. People will never take her seriously.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Miley loves wearing ripped clothes doesn’t she?

  • amy

    I have not seen Miley & her mom out much (I mean I have not seen many pictures of Miley & her mom together much) It’s nice to see them out together. I have not seen them with Mamie in a very long time. I miss Mamie, such a cute sweet lady.

  • cam

    Most younger siblings want to be like their older siblings, especially at Noah’s age. Leave the little girl alone. Don’t start that bully cr*p with this little girl – just like when some jerks started that cr*p with Demi’s little sis. Bully’s should be ashamed of themselves – picking on little kids.

  • abby14

    WTF why in the world is her little sis at 10 years old wearing a bra? I’ve seen other pics of her (taken not too long agin) and the girl doesn’t need a bra. Thats just messed up that a parent would A)buy their 10 year old daughter a bra when she doesn’t need it and B) let her wear one.

  • banana

    Don’t you think it’s weird that Miley isn’t wearing a bra, but her 10 year old sister is?

  • itsmeagain

    @cam: I’m not bullying her. I’m just saying she’s making her older sisters MC and Brandi look bad cause she wants to be a dress like them. She needs to dress more like her age. I mean, the ba flashin thing is cool for MC and all since she’s at the age u can do it. But not when ur barely a teenager !

  • Spirit

    @anonymous: Well it’s not up to Miley to check how her sister is dressing, she can only control so much with her, she’s not her mother. It’s up to Tish or Billy Ray to look at how their 10 year old is dressed. If they think it’s ok, then what can Miley do.

  • Gossip Girl

    @Spirit: I like ur thinking :)

  • abby14

    @itsmeagain: I agree. I’m a year older then Miley & have a sis who’s a year older then Noah. She wants to be and look like me but she knows wearing a bra is just stupid when your that young. Plus our parents would NEVER let her wear one.

  • abby14

    @Spirit: I agree 100% I really hate how people always say Miley is a bad role model for her younger sis. Well you know what? Miley isn’t her parent, that is where Noah’s parents need to step in and explain to Noah Miley is almost 18, she’s a young woman, there are going to be things Miley is going to do and ways she’s going to dress that Noah won’t be able to do for a long time. ITs not Miley’s place to parent her little sis or any other young child for that matter.

  • Warren

    Miley has the most perfect body. She must be working out more. I would sure love to kiss those beautiful Miley lips!

  • Warren UR some kind of obsessed pervert that is always on the computer just waitiing for a Miley story so U can trash her. UR a psyco hater just like a stalker.

  • faith

    that whole family is embarrassing and they have no values. here is the mother, 40 something years old with her bra hanging out(btw she looks like she’s had way to much plastic surgery)…letting her daughter wear a ripped up white tshirt that is seethrough(they KNOW she’s gonna be photographed…always! and she wears a shirt like that with no bra!!!) and no bra(i don’t care if she is almost 18 soon, doesn’t mean that when ur child turns 18 you stop parenting them and caring for them), and her TEN year old daughter exposing her bra like that. first of all, why is a ten year old wearing that kind of bra? she should be wearing a tshirt or training bra. its obvious here that noah idolizes her sister, but come on…one kid constantly being berated in the limelight(miley) isn’t enough? they want their 10 year old daughter to be subject to derogatory comments? i guess even bad publicity is good publicity to the cyrus clan

  • Gossip Girl

    @faith: No values? Do u hear about any of their kids going wild and into drugs? or pokin in and ot of rehab? No u don’t. I say the Cyruses have stronger values then say the Lohan’s and Spears Family

  • Bria

    Miley says that she and her family don’t like the attention of the paparazzi, but then her 9 year old sister shows her bra in cut off shorts, And THEY LITERALLY STAND THERE A POSE FOR THE PAPPARAZZI! I try to like Miley, but I cannot STAND famewh0res! Noah is trying to dress/be like her big sister, like most 9 year old girls. I guess Miley does influence the young. But she’s is way too young to be dressing that way! Her mom is with her and not even trying to cover her up! But I must say, Miley’s extensions look alot better when the are braided up, it’s a cute style.

  • Bria


    I agree, too. Miley shouldn’t have to take responsibilty for her sister’s action, Their parents should. All I know is, I would NEVER let my 10 year old have her bra hanging out. Little girls like to act like their older sisters, but it’s the parents job to come into the icture and say “you’re too young for this.” It seems to me that the Cyrus parents are like most parents in the 21st century, they are more concerned with being their child’s friend than being a parental figure. They also seem to care more about her career than her actual well being. Rember the Vanity Fair shoot? Her father didn’t step in because she was being photographed by a major photographer for a major magazine. Most parents wouldn’t have allowed for their 14 year old daughter to be photographed with their entire back showing covered in a blanket to assume nudity. Once, Selena Gomez’s step dad wouldn’t allow a photographer to take pictures of her at a certain angle for a British magazine. Demi Lovato’s mom stopped her from wearing bunny ears because she didn’t want her daughter to be associated with the Playboy manson. THAT’S good parenting in the entertainment industry! Instead of throwing your kids half naked into the spotlight. You’re only as good as your parents raise you to be….

  • amber

    all i have to say is what the fuhhhhhhh

  • actress

    God, why are y’all so negative? The Cyrus’ are an AWESOME family. Both of their parents care about their kids a TON, and choose to have a more relazed parenting style!!! My parents are the same way!!! And yeah maybe Noahs not quite big enough to be wearing a full out bra yet but alot of kids start wearing bras before they need them just to get comfortable with them on!!! Some battles just arn’t worth fighting, if you want a bra fine have one!!! And you people calling them fame wh**** are just plain rude!!! If any of y’all have ever dealt w/ paparazzi you would know its easier to pose let them get their shots and then move on. They bug you less that way!! And if you’ve noticed in a few pics their posing and the rest there walking away. As for Miley she is the most beautiful, sweet celeb I have ever seen, and y’all need to stop hating on the way she dresses, she has a unique style and she totally rocks it!!! So leave her/them alone they did absolutly NOTHING to you guys!!!! Get over yourselves!!!

  • Brian

    Why are all of you so obsessed with there clothes. Clothes do not make a person so just leave it alone. I think they look just fine.

  • Shannon Again B***h you’re talking about yourself. Go away and post somewhere else.

  • Ella

    Cyrus family members are all long-legged.

  • arturs

    love her so much

  • http://sarasheqeri sara

    omg noah dyed her hair

  • tlt

    Miley looks good, but what is up with her SISTER? I don’t even care about her, so she should stop trying to steal some of Miley’s thunder. That is not right behaviour for a child and that outfit?

  • livelaughlove

    I love miley, and noah. and so what? it’s there lives and i LOVE what miley is wearing. okay, so noah wants to dress like that.. let her be, shes still learning. and the paparazzi are disgusting, they’re trying to have breakfast in peace but they can’t because the paparazzi are being rude and disrespectful. Especially that when miley tells them to stop, they wont.. and thats even worse. i loved miley and was a fan since 2006, and am a fan now and always will be. Miley is amazing, and just for the record, i love her necklace and short boots :)

  • Sahina


    oh wow, i used a word from Harry Potter. big whup. it’s not a crime now, is it?

  • nikie

    OMGG ; i have like the exact same shoess tht miley has . lol XD i love her hairr <3 i still love the cyrus fam . (:

  • kaya

    leave Miley alone! every teenager dressed like her! me too, when i was 17!
    and Noah.. maybe it’s just a swimsuit? even it isn’t, so what?! i don’t see the problem. leave them alone, guys!!! they are good people, good loving family.
    there are even worse families all around the world!!

  • chang

    Wear a bra please, Miley! How come Noah’s the one wearing a bra instead of Miley? Trashy hillbillies!

  • ali

    I’ve never seen such pathetic comments from haters, seriously, can you get any lower.. picking on a little girl.
    I bet you guys would never say this crap to their faces would you? Keyboard warriors!
    Who are you to say that Noah isn’t old enough to wear a bra? A lot of young girls start developing at her age and she can wear one if she wants.