Aly Michalka: My Sister & I Do Not Want to be Pop Stars

Aly Michalka: My Sister & I Do Not Want to be Pop Stars

Aly Michalka looks breathtaking in this brand-new shot from the November 2010 issue Venice magazine.

The 21-year-old actress opened up about still being in love with her chosen career path, staying out of Hollywood’s hot spots and what you’ll be hearing from 78violet. Check it:

On pursuing art after her teens: “As I got older, I just became more passionate about the art. Writing songs. Performing. Doing good quality work as an actor. I’m not interested in artistic pursuits for money or fame or accolades. I just want to make art that will hopefully make people feel inspired.”

On the new sound of 78violet: “Though the melodies are pop melodies, the songs are very heavily influenced by rock and definitely have a rock sound, not just a pop sound. And, yes, our music has changed a bit over the years as we’ve gotten a little older and started to have more freedom and more to say. My sister and I are both singer-songwriters. We do not want to be pop stars.”

On writing with Rivers Cuomo: “we are just great fans of his and we called him up and asked him if he’d like to write with us. He was very apprehensive at first, because he had kind of given up on the idea of writing with other people. But after we worked together, he thanked us because he said the experience opened him up to writing with other people and collaborating creatively with other artists again. The idea of artists inspiring each other to do good work is really important to me. It’s what it’s all about.”

On staying away from the club scene: “I’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with a great family life and I do think that, in general, the choices you make do have something to do with the way you were raised and the friends that you have around you. We all surround ourselves with good friends that we really trust and we all have a focus that we don’t lose sight of. Personally, I really don’t like the club scene. All the loud noise and people yelling. I’d rather be in a more intimate setting, in my pajamas having a nice dinner.”

On her Hellcats scenes with Ashley Tisdale: “There is a level of comfort that we share with each other that definitely helps. And, coming from similar backgrounds in the industry, we both have the same work ethic and approach the work in the same way. I love that we have a friendship on the set and off. It’s nice to work with people you still want to hang out with after we wrap.”

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Credit: Patrick Fraser; Photos: Venice Magazine
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  • poppy

    i hope she’s not wearing fur.

  • mike

    like her

  • pop86

    I glad she and her sister left HR. Good luck with the music and Hellcats.

  • rikki

    am i the only one who thinks she’s realllly pretty? like, a lot of hollywood blondes are plain looking (sorry but her sister AJ is a good example of that). but aly- she’s got a very unique pretty face xx

  • Tata

    Love 78violet! they have a lot inside, so rare in Holliwood now..

  • mendomamir

    AJ is a normal beauty like other celebrities.. but aly is the most beautiful girl on earth.. thats a matter of fact.. you cant deny it.. (: and I am a woman (: ..
    she should be on FHMs no. 1 and not that doctors face uggly megan fox.. (:

  • gregory

    Aly’s amazingly hot,I’ll support her always!

  • the only adam j

    then get out of hollywood you losers