Caroline Sunshine & Kenton Duty: Disney's New Ryan & Sharpay!

Caroline Sunshine & Kenton Duty: Disney's New Ryan & Sharpay!

We know that no one can ever replace Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel as the twins you loved to hate, but there’s a new brother and sister duo you’ll love to love to hate too!

Meet Caroline Sunshine and Kenton Duty, stars of the upcoming Shake It Up! The duo star as Gunther and Tinka Hesenheffer, “frenemies” of CeCe and Rocky (Bella Thorne, Zendaya).

Caroline shared with JJJ about the twin teams similarity, “Ashley was definitely an inspiration for me with Tinka. But Tinka is definitely her own person and has her own take on things. Tinka is definitely a go-getter and doesn’t care who she knocks down in her path along the way.”

Kenton dished, “Yes, very [on comparison between Ryan and Gunther]. I’ve been known to actually wear sparkly hats all over. I think I pull it off (laughs).”

Stay tuned for more of Shake It Up! on JJJ.

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Credit: Craig Sjodin, Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • patry

    hahaha LOL

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Sounds lame.

  • elisa

    LAME, disney really, make some new characters

  • JOJO

    lol lame

  • Jannii


  • Nicola

    Wow they look so scary … :S

  • Biancab

    EWWWW, no one can repleace Ryan and Sharpay

  • iii

    sharpay and ryan is the best! And they back february 2011!

  • xoxokatjaxoxo



    was ryan supposed to be disney’s first gay character?
    and then disney was afraid of getting criticized for having a gay character in a kids movie since a lot of parents are homophobic… so disney decided to make him straight.

    that’s sad.

  • Lawl

    They’re just trying to sell.And since hsm was so huge ,disney takes advantage of that…but yeah it IS lame,HSM characters are irreplaceable.

  • Tiffany

    Love the HSM people get all Ashley’s clothes here

  • Nicky

    Sharpay and Ryan can’t be replaced NEVER EVER!

  • abby14

    Oh God please help us all. This is down right LAMEEEEEEE. HSM will never be again, why can’t Disney just get over it? There will NEVER be another cast/movie like the HSM movies. Time to move on Disney!!!!

  • Kickingyoutothecurb

    HSM characters are irreplaceable. Do they know how big HSM actually was? You CANNOT top that! You just can’t. And no little new blonde people (and btw that guy looks REALLY gay… more gay that Ryan. But I love Ryan xD)
    Can ever take that away from HSM. This will be a failure just because of that.

  • dhea


  • cheergirlxx

    ewwww this is so lame no one could ever repleace sharpay & ryan wow this is going to be failure

  • isla

    This comment box cannot fully encompass the full extent of FAILURE I’m witnessing right now.

    It’s not just that the characters are flimsy imitations, but that Disney fails to comprehend that you can’t capture lightning in a bottle twice. Sharpay and Ryan work because Ashley and Lucas had impeccable comedic timing; because they were both so shamelessly campy; because they had terrific chemistry and added layers to their relationship as actors; because they both understood what they were doing was ridiculous (and hilarious); because Lucas got Ryan and got what he meant to people; because they’re both very talented.

    Please. Sparkly hats are the tip of the iceberg, Kenton.

  • jack

    i saw this live and tinka and gunther are crazy funny. you will see!!!!!!!!!

  • lizzie64

    who was funnier: tinka or gunter????? i like tinkas jacket

  • shay

    is the one wearing black a boy? if yes.. well, he looks sooo gay!

    ryan is so much hotter <3

  • kevin

    kenton duty is sooooo hottt!! and yeah – he definitely seems gay.. even gayer than ryan (if that’s possible).. of course i’m sure disney will never admit gunther is a gay character, no matter how obvious they make it, but it’ll still be cool to have a cute gay guy on a disney show..

  • shanequah

    gunther and tinka are 20,000,000,000,000,000,000 thousand, million, billion, trillion, zillion, catillion * 10,000,000,000 times beter than ryan and sharpay will ever be… face facts people HSM WAS NOT ALL THT GOOD. >:(

  • shanequah



  • Miranda

    HSM actors and characters can not be repeated or topped. End of story.

  • cabbagepatch

    1. Guntar and Tinka are positively hilarious in shake it up! If it weren’t for them the show would not be interesting period.

    2.Guntar is completely straight, check out the recent episode, he’s just a foreign funny flamboyant character who’s a complete show person and performer.

    3.theyre not trying to replace sharpay and ryan but their characters were inspired by them.

    4.Ryan wasn’t gay either, why is it when ever a guy is not as masculine as other the first word the world jumps to is gay.

  • http://twitter sydnou

    i go for gunther and tinka

  • http://jbvhg caylin jones


  • gregory

    觉得 kenton 出演《出狱一团糟》的时候非常的可爱的哦,又白又嫩的,还很man,又安静,这才是男人啊,

  • http://twitter Alessandra

    Ahhhhhhh Caroline Sunshine i am a huge fan you are the best celeb i know i wish one day i can be like you and i would really like to meet you well good luck for the future

  • http://twitter Alessandra

    Yeep i hope i can be like caroline sunshine one day i really want to meet her

  • http://tbattle travoka

    i love caaraline sunshin she is buety ful and kenton is cute !!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lllllllllthats how cute

  • ShakeItUpmom

    I loved Sharpay and Ryan and I definitely LOVE Tinka and Gunther! They are funny and I love how they dress! Shake It Up is one of the best Disney Shows out there. I LOVE all the characters. But Tinka and Gunther will always be my favs.