Miley Cyrus Gives Back To Homeless

Miley Cyrus Gives Back To Homeless

Miley Cyrus is all smiles after stopping off at a homeless shelter in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (October 13).

The 17-year-old actress dropped off 10 bags of clothes to the shelter. Way to go, Miley!

Miley was spotted out yesterday eating breakfast with her family at popular diner Paty’s and took a stand against paps when one in particular was filming her family eating.

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: AKM Images, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • http://j carrie

    yeah she hates the paparazzi but she flashes the peace sign and she is happy everyone is seeing her doing this things so people will say.. oh she is a great role model! she looks like the homeless people with that hair

  • Mika

    Wow, Miley actually looks good! :) I love the floral print on the dress.

    Now there needs to be something done to those ratty extensions.

  • ana

    Great way to dress when youre about to go see a buttload of unfortunate old men.

  • Ryan

    She’s looks gorgeous here. Loving the dress and her curves. Beautiful smile, too.

  • lifesgood

    Miley’s awesomee<3 that dress she’s wearing it to Stand Up To Cancer & support breast cancer research<33

  • susiie

    amaziinngggggggggggggg <3333

    loveeeeeeee herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Gossip Girl

    That’s our Miley! Always doing good deeds :) But that hair, GIRL, GET A BRUSH! LOL!

  • http://@dindleey dindi

    wow perfect she’s always looks great. she’s have a beautiful smile!!! miley i’m your biggest fans from indonesia please come to my country!(INDONESIA)
    miley always make me smiley ,miley is pretty i don’t care haters have to say ;)

  • Gossip Girl

    @Mika: stop taking the words out of my mouth :( LOL!

  • Chanon

    That’s really sweet of her! :) I’m sure they’re really nice clothes too.

  • Mel

    Awww, that’s the smiley Miley I remember! =D

  • Heloise

    and the paps were there! aw! it’s so cute when celebrities give back.

  • Mika

    @Gossip Girl:

    haha (:

  • Carolina

    i don’t like the hair she looks better without extensions

  • tmj

    omg the world must b coming 2 an end soon! miley just helped the homeless, i need 2 c a doctor then i must b seeing things or going insane this isn’t possible 1st she does a horrible music vid 4 who owns my heart and now shes helping the homeless i need 2 sit down and think is this really possible lol!!!

  • amy

    You are entitled to your opinion of Miley’s music video BUT Miley has always given to charities both in money and her time so try to act like a grown up and see the good in Miley too. To quote a song “nobody’s perfect” NOT even you sweetie.

    AOna positive note, Miley looks beautiful & kudos to her for her generosity!

  • amy

    meant to say and on a positive note….

  • Warren

    Miley is always doing good deeds. Wonder what kind of clothes she donated? She sure looks beautiful and sexy in that dress!

  • Lena

    Oh my god! How dare she give back to homeless people! What a fucking slut… donating, caring, loving, being considerate, wearing DRESSES… god. Such a whore.

  • demiilovatoo

    Miley why do you always have to look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! Gosh she so beatuifullll!!! i want her sexyyy body!!!! haah(: shes soooo prettyyyy..i wish i could dress like her. Its great that shes helping unlike Selena ughhh. shes annoying! Miley is way nicer

  • melany

    she looks stunning in that dress, i think im the onlyone who thinks longer hair looks so much better on her, even thoug i loved when she had longer extensions like before cutting her hair

  • Warren

    @carrie: Why is the 1st post always a hater?! There is a time and a place for everything. How would U like someone filming U everytime U eat? And of course the paps were at the shelter because they follow Miley everywhere! Miley deserves credit for all the good things she does instead of people always trying to make a scandle out of if U can see her bra.

  • kass


  • headstrong.

    @carrie: just because she smiles and do the peace sign i doesnt mean is because she wants everybody know she is doing charity, idiot. She posed for the paparazzi yesterday and some many time before and she wasnt doing anything special.

  • Warren

    @melany: I Love, Love longer hair on Miley, but like others said these extentions aren’t the best. They don’t seem to match Miley’s own hair like they usually would.

  • headstrong.

    guess haters are too stupid to understand that miley just hates rude and unrespectful paparazzi.She doesn’t mind papz taking pictures if they treat her with respect.
    And she’s ALWAYS doing things for charity.

  • headstrong.

    i love her dress. seems it was windy. i like the old extentions better but if she likes i its ok to me.

  • LoveMileyForever

    Miley is beautiful, Miley is Not paying Attention to the destructive comments to her, and it’s good you do for the needy, I love you cutie!

  • amber

    does she not like to brush or wash her hair anymore??
    it looks so grody.

  • kj

    she looks lovely

    I prefer longer hair but I agree the extensions don’t go with her hair. still pretty

  • itsmeagain

    @tmj: LMAO! This is the first time u’ve seen MC do Charity? Where were u when she cre8ted her own charity called GET UR GOOD ON? Where were u when she donated 1 dollar off every ticket sold on her Wonder World Tour to the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION? And how bout the times Miley did City o Hope Back to Back? U’ve got some catch up to do kid. That just goes to show u, u can’t judge a person by how they dress and preform.

  • itsmeagain

    @Warren: the same reason why that Cladis chick likes to site on this site w8ing on Miley post just so she can talk SHlT about her. I think h8rs enjoy making themselves look like idiots

  • Warren

    @amber: I bet Miley is the cleanest woman around. I would love to breathe the beautiful scent pretty Miley. But remember just the day before Miley’s hair looked great all braided. Now that it is unbraided it looks all frizzy. Miley can’t get a new do everyday, but I bet her hair will be great again soon.

  • Warren

    I can’t help it. I’m going to be dreaming of sexy Miley in this pretty dress. Even with frizzy hair she is hot, hot, hot! I LOVE Miley!

  • kass

    @warren lol!!!! but yeahh she is so hot..!!! preettyyy baby girl!!!1

  • daaa

    she looks homeless

  • pearl

    love the outfit but she looks better with just her natural hair and no extensions

  • peopleNC

    She laugh at pap,because this is nothing 2 be ashamed of,She just angry the pap recording her when she and family,especially her lil sis having breakfast,that rude!!!You want people watching you while you eating food,That so wierd,and pap should learn how 2 give celeb some privacy,Come,pl.give her a break!!

  • mileylover

    miley sei bellissima ultimamente ti vesti molto meglio love u mileyyyyy!! Italy <3 U

  • http://mileyandbritney mileylover

    Italy loves U

  • Cassy

    yep this makes her a good person. right..

  • n

    awwwwwwww back to normal clothing i luv this

  • shannon

    I like miley’s outfit, just not the hair extensions. She looks better without them :)

  • kayla

    OMG!!!!! i have that dress, its from Topshop, the outfit looks really cute, i like that she’s wearing extentions again, but I like her hair either way, I just love Miley <3

  • Jonas Brothers

    Miley so pretty and hot!

  • natalie

    She’s soooo Beautiful!

  • emma

    “Party In The U.S.A”, just won an ASCAP award. The American Society of Composers and Publishers, October 12 at the 30th Annual Awards Gala.

    Congrats to Miley

  • ashlee

    Miley looks gorgeous. I love her dress


    Cute + Pretty + Hot = Miley

  • mary

    I love this girl!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1