Selena Gomez Gets 'In My Head'

Selena Gomez Gets 'In My Head'

Selena Gomez laughs it up before covering Jason Derulo‘s “In My Head” for iheartradio.

The 18-year-old actress/singer shared, “I love covering songs. Whenever I tour, I have five songs. People are always like ‘That’s a lot of songs.’ But it’s because I don’t always want to be about me and my music. I want it to be just music in general. I love being able to cover people that I love.”


Selena Gomez covers Jason Derulo’s “In My Head”
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  • maria.

    omg… she is so nice.
    i dont care if she cant sing
    she is a beatiful person inside and outside too.

  • lulu

    aww I know she’s trying but she is a really bad singer :/

  • arturs

    love this <3

  • armyofkitties

    she’s an actress. actresses don’t sing they ACT. thats why they’re called actresses. STICK TO ACTING COZ U SUCK AT SINGING, GOMEZ.

  • nkeeyah01

    The lyrics to this song is “In my head I see you all over me” and no one sees anything wrong with it b/c it’s Selena Gomez. If Miley was singing this song people would be calling her a whore or a slut. It’s interesting how there is a major double-standard going on.

    This isnt her best vocal.

  • HIH

    Selena is awesome :)

  • Sandra

    absolutely awesome!!!


    @nkeeyah01 honey thats because miley has such a bad reputation and shes only 17 sooo sad, maybe shes not a s!ut but definitely she loves looks and act like a fucking s!ut!!!! soooo its not selenas fault that everybody think that miley is the worst role model ever and shes only an attetion whore!!!!


    selena is sooo freakin´gorgeous and amazing!!! love her!!!! she always looks really stunning and sexy without looks like a s!ut *cough*miley*cough* ouch lol

  • mendomamir

    I love you selly.. stay the way you are..

  • demiilovatoo

    ewwww!!! shes sexy???? Miley is way more HOT and SEXY than this old lady!!!!! Miley is not a S!ut by the way. shes just trying to say shes not on Disney anymore. Hahaha old lady selena gomez will be on disney till shes 90 years old! while Miley will be doing other good stuff. but SELENA is olddd and gross! Miley is HOT and SEXY. Espically her body


    @demiilovato exactly loser she try sooo hard that always embarrasing herlself and make such a huge fool!!! shes only a joke!!! shes soo immature that she think to be mature and looks grow up is show her disgusting vagina, tits, and act like a cheap whore, can she be more pathetic? and this is the reason for why nobody cant take her seriously!!! on just for you know selena also is done with disney this is the last season of wowp!!! and you talking about gross when you are a miley fan??? funny very funny!!! hahahahahahahahahaha and miley is not hot or sexy, shes soo disgusting and ugly with her fat and huge face, her horrible and fake hair and her trashy clothes!!! and what body are you talking about??? miley has no boobs and no ass at all, she has such a weird and wide stomatch and huge hips, and chubbylegs with cellulites… that was gross!!!!

  • whatever :)


    miley isnt naturally pretty in my opionon selena is she doesnt need any makeup or trashy clothes to look amazing if you think shes ugly you need your eyes tested. miley isnt even an actress shes shit at acting her film the last song ive seen better acting skills from a dog.

  • n

    actually to be honest … i liked her cover … although she’s not a good singer in general


    @whatever :) you´re so rigth!!! i could not be more agree!!!! miley is such attetion whore, and she loves doing scandals for permanent relevant cause shes soo over!!! ewww shes really disgusting and nasty s!ut!!! event tought is really funny how everybody just make fun about her pathetic scandals and video also is really embarrasing i almost feel bad for her… lol

  • Rochel

    WOW guys this isnt about Miley or Demi.
    People need to stop compairing Selena , Miley and Demi to each other.
    They are all different .
    Selena isnt trying to sing the song perfect , she just likes to sing songs she likes.
    If you dont like the way she sings then dont listen to it.

  • beyonven

    I thought Jason Derulo was bad at singing this live. This is TERRIBLE! Leave the singing to Demi, Selena.

  • markamara

    this sounds like drunk karaoke, it’s awful. She’s literally making the biggest fool of herself with her ‘music career’. Just do us all a favour love and put the mic down, for good.

  • markamara

    And I understand what some of you are saying. Miley is trying way to hard to be sexy and is epically failing. However she DOES know how to sing, and perform not to mention the effort she puts into writing her own songs, so when it comes to who is better and more talented Miley, hands down.


    @markamara shes not disgusting cyrus honey!!! and you fail loser!!! nex time try harder!!! and try not to sound so damn pathetic, actually is you who make a huge fool and embarrasing yourself…. all her concerts are sold out, and her cd is platinum, so get out of here!! shes living her dream, and what about you??? you dont even has a life, soo stay mad b!tch!!! thanks to you shes more and more famous and rich every day!!!!


    btw are you in crack or maybe are you slow mental??? lol miley know how to sing?? really? she cant even sound like a girl, she has such a man voice, so gross!!! she has the most horrible and nasal voice ever!!! shes always out of breath, but whatever say what you want it doesnt matter and no one care, after all wtf are you??? lmfao!!! oh and miley always looks like a drunk and crazy person on stage, she moves so weird, with spasm in all her body like a robot is really embarrasing!!! and just for you know miley doesnt have any respect in industry she has like 8 cd and she has never been nominated for a serious awards!!! also shes sooo fake, she says she doesnt like pop music and helloo what kind of music she sing?? ahhh pop you idiot!!!! and the most cheap and worst pop ever!!!

  • markamara Erm…okay, learn how to spell, and construct grammatically correct sentences and MAYBE, just maybe I’ll take your argument a bit more seriously, you dumb fool. Oh, and one more thing, you don’t put your e-mail address in the name box. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more dumber….

  • nicole

    that was horrible! do explain why she has a record deal?

  • headstrong.

    wait, she sings a song about sex but she cant say foreplay? lol

  • Peace Out

    Just do something else v_v

  • headstrong. Claudia, miley has just 2 solo albums and one ambul shared with HM and a EP. get your fact straight. Did you read mileys tour reviews? they’re pretty awesome. If you dont i can send you some links for you to read.
    Clearly you dont know ANYTHING about music. Do you actually think selena can sing? she has no stage prescence. the only thing she do is walk and has an arm spasm and even thought she is doing nothing on stage she runs out of breath so fast. Her voice is flat and weak and her vocal range is limited. .She doesnt know HOW to breath and sing and move at the same time. She looks awkward on stage she tries too hard to not ruin her singing that she forgets she is performing on a stage. And talking about fakes dont let me star with selena.And why cant you write properly? is your dyslexia getting worst or something?…

  • danni

    Why is Miley or Demi being brought up in this discussion at all? The fact is Selena isn’t a strong singer…that is not her talent for sure, but if she wants to express herself that way who are we to tell her to stop?

  • headstrong. when selena breaks and attendance record then we can talk about sold out concerts. her album is not platinium her single is.. next time try to no sound so desesperate to prove selena is successful. you fial.
    Miley is living her dream, and what about you??? you dont even has a life, soo stay mad bitch!!! thanks to you shes more and more famous and rich every day!!!! … choke with you onws word idiot.

  • Joelle

    she’s amazingly gorgeous and cute and she’s a really good actress but she should leave the singing to demi and miley


  • person

    Okay, she can’t sing. This cover is terrible. I can’t even get through the whole song. I cringe. Ugh.

  • Ems

    her hair looks awful :/
    dont care if she is the worst singer still love her

  • Amy you make selena fans look bad please stop. selena would not be happy to have you as her fan.
    You dont even know how to stand up for selena without bashing miley.what a fan.

  • Bria


    If you don’t like Selena, don’t read about her. If you don’t like Miley or Demi, don’t read about them. And, you are getting very irrating. I’m really hoping jjj will take you off the site. No matter the celeb is, you always find a way to bash someone and start a fight.

  • Bria

    I feel bad for “the scene”, they get no recogniztion. Selena wants the perks of being a solo artist, but the benefit of being able to say “i’m in a band.” Did you see how small the “the scene” was on the album cover? She should just officially make herself a solo artist. Because on the radio they always say “Selena Gomez” and you only see her bandmates in the videos for about 3 seconds! As for the cover…it was good for Selena. She’s starting to get some power behind her live voice. But in general, no, it wasn’t good. Still like her music, though.

    P.S she has AMAZING handwritng, her signature was so pretty, specially the “G” !

  • Bria


    Oh, shut up! No one would care because it’s just a cover, okay? Please don’t start with that. Miley sang with Cheryl Crow at the Vh1 Divas event and sang the word h-e-l-l and no one seemed to have a problem with it, because it’s just a cover, not a song of her own.

  • brittany

    well….that was painful to listen to.

  • headstrong.

    @Bria: you’re wrong people make a big deal everything miley does so that was not an exepcion. same with the song with Bret.That’s why i hate double standars.

  • miley love

    @headstrong.: Get a life loser becouse you oviously don’t have one if your always on selena’s post.

  • headstrong.

    @miley love: just when bring miley into a selena post to make her look better thats when i comment, otherwise i dont.

  • Sara

    wth? why she doesnt want to say foreplay? hello your singing a sex song and you dont want to say one word?

  • demiilovatoo


    Wowww i agree with you sooo much! selena cant sing nor dance.

  • headstrong.

    @demiilovatoo: i think she should stick to acting. She can sing. But there’s nothing great about her voice. Its like a karaoke singer to me.

  • demiilovatoo

    First of all im not a loser. Your a loser and big fat dumbo! Miley cyrus is a really PRETTY! She is so sexy than that ugly beast Selena Gomez! Selena cant sings WOTH BEANSS! You have to admit that. Hahaha you think Miley has fake her? Selena has fake hair tooo DUHHH like in WOWP when she has her hair down you can tell its all fake like her!!! Actaully miley does have boobs why would she be showing them off than that other old chick lady Selena who doesnt have any. aww pooor little old lady. Wow you must be a real retard if you dont think Miley is sexy and beatiful!! I mean sometimes i even dress like her. Miley is not trying to be too hard being sexy. all she is doing is BEING HERSELF! Which is really good than being fake like gross Selena Gomez ;P

  • Quivox

    Why do these posts always end up being Miley vs Selena or demi………?? I don’t quite get that. Anyway, I actually kind of liked her version of the song, although it does seem kind of weird that she’s singing a song with provocative lyrics when she’s promoting an image of morality and purity. Kind of a mixed message she’s putting out there.
    She is NOT a great singer, but she isn’t as bad as some of these posts here suggest. I do hope that she doesn’t join the skank ranks in her quest to being taken seriously as a recording artist, but I’m not hopeful.

  • mercedes

    Wow. That was really bad. Stick to Wizards, Selena.

  • april

    @nkeeyah01: maybe thats because of the reputation they have both built for themselves, of course nobody thinks bad of selena she presents herself as a good girl, the fact that miley gets potrayed the way she does isn’t just the media’s fault

    on a side note, selena should really stick to acting lol

  • Nicole

    @nkeeyah01: But Selena acts her age AT an approiate age. She’s 18 and she waited to do anything adult-related. Miley was a ho since 16 and she aint gonna stop xP

  • 3nEedxx


  • aerialla

    Take away the recording studio and the backing tracks and Miley Cyrus sounds bad. I like Selena Gomez, and the fact that she’s always acts more mature. She’s not trying to be someone she’s not. You can take the girl out of the trailer hood, but Miley Cyrus still looks and acts like a hillbilly. Just watch Jerry Springer and you’ll see her on every time. Selena has more class, charisma and maturity. While Selena is no way Celine Dion, she’s not that bad either. I’ve definitely heard much worse. She’s doing what she loves and is having fun without resorting to trashy nonsense. I’ll buy her CD over Miley’s any day of the week.