Vanessa Hudgens is Printer Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens is Printer Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her head conveniently covered with a hat as she carries a brand-new printer to her car in Santa Monica on Tuesday afternoon (October 12).

The 21-year-old actress and a gal pal hit up the Apple Store at the Third Street Promenade before meeting up randomly with some friends at a restaurant.

Vanessa was spotted out over the weekend with little sister Stella at The Counter.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: Pablo/GJC; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • mariam

    vanessa is back ,she soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful ,i love you vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joanne

    she visited zac over the weekend. i think that girl is her cousin

  • joan

    I Love Her Style Totallly

  • joan

    and i Obviously Love Her¡¡¡¡

  • z


  • http://@therealbiatch Gerardo

    love her.

  • hunny

    She was in New Orleans with Zac for the weekend. Hope they had a great time. She looks gorgeous here.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Her outfit definitely goes with that nice black hat of hers. I like hats on her. She’d look so cute in a beanie !! :D

  • athenais

    cute, i’m happy she ‘s back ….

  • TAta

    Nessa is back!!!!!!!! lovely outfit!

  • musicgirl

    oh damn that outfit is HOT!! nobody can pull of fashion like this girl!, she looks AMAZING in EVERYTHING!!!:) love her hat!:D

    I cant wait for her movies, their gonna be awesome!!!

  • kami

    she had lunch with stella on friday. she was in new orleans with zac saturday though monday. love her new hat.

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Gorgeous !

  • annie1st

    yay she’s back, nessa ^____^

  • sky10

    I missed this girl!!!my day is not complete w/o seeing her pics..she’s so gorgeous.GOD blss you Vanessa.

  • annie1st

    awww she look pretty, my princess

  • Joochi

    @sky10: Ditto that! It’s boring when there is nothing on her, good to see her back and it’s great that she got to spend time with Zac before he starts filming.

  • Alice

    I can’ figure out why he want to get married when he is 40 years old

    I can’t understand why she keeps seeing a man with no desire to marry.

    I want her to date another guy, not Zac

    Why should she wait for Zac who said that he would marry at the age of forty?

    don’t waste your time on him

    just dump him and meet a new guy.

  • mykamicks

    Comfortable blouse with matching cool pants & sandals. Very pretty indeed.

  • http://none judy

    zac said he want to get married when he is 30 not 40
    he said that at csc tour
    and vanessa still to young to get married
    i thing 30 its so good to both of them

  • Juliet

    @Alice:agree 100% I hope that she will be happy by getting married with a nice man who will love her forever.

  • cherrie nessa 4 ever

    she was so pretty

  • nathalia

    vanessa beautiful as always
    your lovely hat

  • patry

    She looks so beautiful…love to see her smiling! :)

  • nkeeyah01

    Love the top. can’t wait for more projects from her

  • Katty

    Love the outfit, I wish we had pix from her weekend, but they deserve their privacy.

    I can’t wait for more project news!

  • ehryle

    Vanessa is back!! Gorgeous V as always….. may be a present for zac???

  • addictedtov

    wow good to see Vanessa again beautiful and sexy as usual hope to see pics of Zanessa where they spend quality time at New Orleans…

  • lauren

    who the hell would want a printer for a birthday present?
    and alice shut the hell up nobody gives a shit what you think.

  • ehryle

    is there anything wrong about the printer??? still a gadget without a printer u cannot print photos and other staff.. may be 4 u its nothing but still the thoughts that count…

  • mike

    love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justine


  • lauren

    learn how to fucking spell, seriously your not making any sense!!!!

  • ivory


  • sydney

    love her and her hat :D

  • http://jjj telma

    nice outfits great look

  • babyg

    i love V!

  • 3niefronhudgie

    My gOD!
    she’s amazing….stunning!
    ok? DUNCE!

  • angel

    @Alice:He has said he would[will] get married at 30 or 40, But nobody knows what the future will be like

  • just breath

    WOW, she is one hot girl!!!, the best celeb ever! she is such a fantastic person love her so much<33


    shes back!!


    she looks gorgeouos


    **gorgeous! ups…


    because she loves him.. and he loves her so much


    a printer for a birthday present?

  • mils

    yay a vanessa post <3

  • mils

    i missed my girl so much

  • mils

    i´m pretty sure that vanessa doesn’t want to get married to young.. i guess

  • Soni

    Does anyody think that maybe it is a gift for Zac birthday. And if it is a gift, does anyone think that maybe Zac has asked for a printer? I always ask my husband what he wants for his birthday, and I try to get what he wants. That is probably whay Vanessa does also, as Zac also does that for Vanessa. Case in point, her birthday when he got her a camera. Maybe she wanted a camera.

  • lover

    love her

>>>>>>> staging1