Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Holding Hands at Katsuya

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Holding Hands at Katsuya

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene arrive at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood for a dinner date on Wednesday (October 13).

Joe, 21, and Ashley, 23, were spotted smiling and holding hands as they walked up to the restaurant.

Recently, Ashley was seen working out as she prepares to head down to Baton Rouge, Lousiana to begin filming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

As for Joe, he recently helped speak out against bullying in a video for Cambio Cares.

FYI: Ashley is wearing her fave J Brand “910″ skinny jeans in Ink paired with a Monrow silk jersey Double Strap Tank in Dark Silver. She completed her look with an Irit Design oxidized sterling silver and rose cut diamond bangle and an Irit Design oxidized sterling silver chain necklace with pave and raw diamonds.

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Credit: Dominguez; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Katie-eurpe

    They’ll break up in november … And what do ya all think ?

  • anonymous

    flawless couple is flawless

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    FINALLY there’s some pic of JOE JONAS ;) missed him!
    i’m not a fan of Joe & Ashley together but they do seem really cute, & joe looks happy which mostly matters :)

  • liz

    what a weird couple

  • Guest

    I don’t care what you all think, I think they’re cute together and all the haters are just jealous of Ashley that they can’t be with Joe.
    Get real, you’ll never be with him unless you’re famous yourself and get the chance to meet him!

  • ron

    i like ashley and joe separately. them two as a couple is not working for me. But if they’re happy, then thats what matters

  • mariana

    what a beautiful couple…. unfortunately they won’t last…

  • jaimee

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 1. ashley is older than joe 2. joe=disney ashley=twilight 3. Demi and Joe were like a dream come true 4. different fan base. I can’t really say that they’re wrong together, but come on -.- they sooo don’t suit each other!

  • Mindy

    PUKE!!!!! Joe’s only talent is being a player. When are people going to realize he is not musically inclined. GOD people!!!!! Stop allowing this kid to make money. Spend your money on good musicians, who can sing and play instruments

  • hiha

    blaaah booooorrriiiingggg

  • lilisoocute

    @Mindy: Actually if you knew anything about him would know he can the piano,guitar, and yes even the drums, and unlike Justin Bieber he sings live..oh but you knew that because your obviously an upset Demi Lovato fan!

  • krista

    @lilisoocute: way to stay mature

  • Listen to mayday parade

    They will be together for a while I think so everyone should get use to it. Unless breaking dawn and the over seas tour does a number on them.

  • ally

    she looks so much older than him. the face mostly. and they just look weird together, I don’t know why but they just don’t work for me. maybe because I’m still not over jemi (isn’t that weird that he obviously IS over her but I’M not?) anyways… I hate joe for being such a womanizer.. but then again.. I always loved him.. and probably always will.. dahh take a break man! why does he always have to be in a relationship, what about being SINGLE for a while dear lord? we fans need a break too kays.. haha but seriously, it’s exhausting..

  • chang

    Alert! Alert! Demi’s incoming jealous fans is coming! in 5…4…3…2…1…

  • anyta

    He looks like a boy next to her, she deserves a man. Hope this thing doesn’t last long.

  • gabyyy

    miss you Joe finally i see you :):):):)
    Ashley and Joe not bad :):):)

  • ashley


    actually, joe doesn’t play the drums, piano, and barely guitar.. that’s nick. the only thing he’s ever played in concert is a tambourine.

  • Jessica

    Sorry. Joe DOES play them. Just not on stage. There are behind the scenes stuff & interviews showing him playing them. He even said he got to play the piano & guitar a lot on JONAS LA this season and he loved that. Just had to throw that out there! ;)

    I’m totally in your boat! Lol! Call me a bitter Jemi fan, IDC, but these two together are NOT GOOD. They just don’t fit the way Joe & Demi did. He may be smiling and look happy, but to me, it’s all a charade and that smile looks so fake compared all his other smiles I’ve seen. Anyway, I see these two breaking-up while Ashley’s filming. Don’t be surprised if she’s with a new guy from the set in a few weeks or months.



    well it just shows that you’re not a fan of them so you should do some research before to talk about them cuz in 2005 – 2006, Joe was playing the guitar and piano during the concerts along with nick and kevin, then in 2007-2008 he played the piano and tambourine. Nick started to play the drums and piano as well.

    Joe plays instruments too but his choice was to be THE FRONT MAN! like kevin choice was to play the guitar and he doesn’t sing even when he can do it too!

  • Jonaslove

    Alot of negativity! Anyway.. I LOVE THESE TWO!!! Also love how Ashley in all these photos and others as well seem to love being connected to Joe, there was some pics where he has his hands in his pockets and she was grabbing his forearm, TOO CUTE! I wish them all the happiness in the world

  • Daniela

    Nice couple!!! I think Ashley is cute

  • Mindy

    @lilisoocute Actually, I know more about Joe Jonas than you may think. Not to mention, Im probably twice your age with an actual background profession in music, including playing violin for over 20 years, piano and vocals. How about you find me proof, that Joe Jonas can play all these different instruments, at the same skill level as his brother Nicholas. The comment about being an angry Demi fan is just ignorant.

  • Mindy

    @krista thank you for calling it like it is sister!

  • Bree

    She is wayyyyyy too hot for him!! Plus, his face does look too young for her.

  • Mindy

    @lilisoocute: Actually, I know more about Joe Jonas than you may think. Not to mention, Im probably twice your age with an actual background profession in music, including playing violin for over 20 years, piano and vocals. How about you find me proof, that Joe Jonas can play all these different instruments, at the same skill level as his brother Nicholas. The comment about being an angry Demi fan is just ignorant.

    Read more:

  • runnergirl

    Ashley won’t take any bull from Joe, you know it. She’s older and not as naive as the other girls he’s dated.

  • moi

    What a bad couple ! Ashley could have so much better…

  • melissa

    dont like these two together shes just seems too old for him. i give it another month or two and joe will be with another girl remember people sometimes rebound girls dont last long!!!

  • kjelle

    This really makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit… I’m sure the Jonasbots really love it b/c Ashley is a great girl. But why oh why doesn’t she just go get a real man (read Jackson!). She has her pick!

  • daisy

    ashley are u serious? he does play instuments! he just doesnt play the drums, that’s all!

  • Joe Lover

    I don’t like them together at all. But I guess as long as Joe is happy, im alright.

  • loloveisintheair

    lovely pictures, i think they look good together. Ashley is absolutely flawless and Joe is quite handsome.

    Some people should just deal with the fact that they are a couple. They look happy together and i hope this lasts.

  • shanghai

    Not particularly a Joe fan these days after seeing his womanising and in particular how he treated his “best friend” Demi but he is talented and I believe he does play numerous instruments. Long time Jonas fans will remember that he became front man and took over more of the singing when Nick’s voice began to break.

  • nicole

    They may literally look cute together, each of them being attractive in very different ways, but I don’t necessarily know much for their characters. Based solely on press coverage, Joe comes off as a bit of a womanizer, and Ashley comes off as a bit uppity. But, hey, that’s the press, so who the hell knows.

  • http://steffanisheets steffani

    @ as some one who actualy knows joe and his family you are the one who is full of shit he does play guitar and piano he in fact has had classical training when it comes to piano so seriously get a fucking life cause you know nothing about joe at all. plus nick is not the angel you seem to think he is. as for him and ashley they are living together and thats a fact. plus will be engaged soon he has already bought her a ring so dont count on them breaking up anytime soon so unless you actually know what the fuck your talking about don’t oky and no i am not a delusional teenie and know you are not double my age so don’t come at me with that okay

  • Curtis

    Who cares about Joe/Ash and if they are good together or not .
    My opinion is that they are just having fun dating.
    If Joe can treat his so called BFF, Demi, the way he has treated her the last few months then I am afraid to see how he treats his enemies.
    Anyway I just want to follow a musician because of their careers.

  • http://facebook. amy f.

    @Katie-eurpe: they are even dateing, cause ashley has a boyfriend. and no they didnt brake up, her and her boyfriend thats not joe jonas are still together. so what joe and ashley are doing just hanging out as friends. he already said it alot of times, just hanging out as friends.

  • joceelyynn

    @Katie-eurpe: lol agree if not before… and then a month later joe will be dating some other actress

  • ellie

    I never though Joe and Demi ever had chemistry. He never looked happy with her in pictures. He probably goes better with girls a bit older than him. They seem a lot happier than in any of the other relationships Joe has ever had

  • Luis F. Gomez

    IF YOU SMEEEEEEEELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!! Well this kind of apply in here… I think Joe has something between his hands, I just hope he can handle the whole situation…

  • just me

    i like that couple :)

  • j-ann

    OK to all u ppl saying joe is too young, ashley is too old, blah blah blah.
    Ashley is 23, that is NOT old, and Joe is 21, he needs to date girls around his age, i mean come on, he could legally drink alcohol now. To u jemi fans, he doesnt need to date a teenager ok? He’s a man now! Get over it! Whether they are cute or not cute together, they are happy with each other, we can’t tell them who to date or who not to date. That’s not our place. They run their own lives, like u haters should. Stop hating!

  • melissa

    @loloveisintheair: I just want to say I am not a hater I am just expressing the way that I feel about them. I think they are an adorable couple but I just dont like them together.

  • melissa

    I am not a hater I just dont like them together.

  • megan

    Blah Blah Blah. Who cares what Joe does with any girl he dates anymore. If his solo album comes out and is any good I’ll give him credit for that. Otherwise he just seems like a fail to me lately, especially in relationships. I don’t hate Joe or Ashley but I do find them kind of boring.

  • Jonas Brothers

    I love Joe, Nick, Miley, Ashley. Gorgeous people!

  • http://steffanisheets steffani

    @kjelle: believe me when i say that your an ass and that they dont care what you think when it comes to there relationship

  • http://steffanisheets steffani

    @joceelyynn: i cant wait to here the teenies wine when the find out there not breaking up anytime soon

  • http://steffanisheets steffani

    @Curtis: joe did not due anything to demi untill you know the facts of what happened to them dont talk out of your ass