Ashley Greene & Nikki Reed: Traveling With the Dogs

Ashley Greene & Nikki Reed: Traveling With the Dogs

Ashley Greene cuddles close with pup Marlo as she stands in line to check in at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (October 17).

Joined by costar pals Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed, the trio will join Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in pre-production for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

In case you missed it, the Twilight cast took home several awards at Scream 2010 last night in Los Angeles.

FYI: Nikki is carrying ROMYGOLD‘s Biker Slash Hobo in Black.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Skippy; Photos: INFdaily
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  • abby14

    Nikki has a spike collar on her dog. She just lost me as a fan. NO dog should have to go through that.

    I don’t get it, the two bestest stars (Rob & Kristen) aren’t even pictured here. O_o

  • geral

    Ashley and Marlo look sooo cute! Gotta love them :’)

  • naomi

    @abby14: i know! poor doggy! and about Rob and Kristen, i don’t think they were in the airport.

  • shannon :)

    you knowwwww what this means!!!!!!!!!


    aka taylor lautner candids yesssssss

  • jess

    @abby14: Nikki got her dog from an animal shelter. She said in an interview that her dog is a bit aggressive: she doesn’t like people and she doesn’t like other dogs. Based on personal experience, sometimes big dogs need spiked collars because they’re sometimes stronger than their owners. I had a mixed lab lab and chow once and walking her was always a struggle. She was a lot stronger than me and she was always pulling on her leash. It was lucly that she didn’t bite.

  • ashley.rose

    How does Nikki’s dog turn its head?
    Somehow its gotten to the point that I only like Ashley, Kellan and Jackson.

  • abby14

    @naomi: I know I can’t believe she did that to her dog. I bet Kellan didn’t like seeing that (he’s like super into dog rescue.

    I realized after I posted I misread the post. Yeah I wonder why Rob & Kristen wouldn’t be there. After all you’d think they’d be needed the most because their the stars of the movie. Anyone know where their going? Like where is it being filmed?

  • abby14

    @ashley.rose: I agree. I don’t really know much about Jackson but Ashely & Kellan seem like SUCH sweethearts. <3 Kellan just seems like a big teddy-bear lol.

  • Curtis

    Come on people it’s not like those spikes on Nikki dog are poking into the dogs neck and it looks more decorative than real spikes. That looks like a very strong and mean dog too. Need something that “look”strong and mean.
    It looks good on the dog.
    As long as the dog is healthy, taken care of, loved and is not abused. People put all kinds of wierd crap on their pets.
    Ex: clothes, give them spa treatments etc..

  • jimmyT

    Pup? lol, that dog is a mean looking beast!

  • crystal

    Poor dog…I HATE that kind of collars… T___T

    Curtis: please! the dog don’t need that collar to “look good and mean” how do you know if the dog is happy?, could you be happy with a collar like that around your neck all the time? you could not even look around without feeling it, you are so superficial…too bad for you.

  • abby14

    @Curtis: Sorry but you’ve got it ALLLLL wrong. In fact, those spikes DO hurt the dog…….very much when you pull on it. Those ARE REAL spikes, if they were just for looks they would be on the side of the collar that isn’t touching the skin.

  • Taty

    at first ther dog didn’t have the collar on, maybe she makes him wear it only on in extremes situations I mean is an agressive dog, and they are at a public place and Ashley’s dog is too small, she shoul put a muzzle better and no the collar

  • abby14

    @jess: I understand if her dog doesn’t like other dogs/people but putting a collar like that on the dog is not the answer. Its cruel and inhuman. There are other ways of keeping your dog under control and the people around you safe.

    Sorry but if her dog doesn’t like other people why is she taking the dog to a movie set where there will be a million different new people?? What is she going to just keep the dog in the hotel the whole time?

    I’m not hating on her just saying I find it cruel.

  • cassidy

    I’m sure Nikki has her reasons to put that kind of collar on her dog, drop it people. Ash is so gorgeous even at the airport, I love her style there.

  • loloveisintheair

    i love Ashley, she’s so gorgeous!

  • Jessica

    @abby14: Nikki loves that dog to pieces. She rescued her from a shelter for crying out loud! Nikki adores dogs and has had dogs since forever. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing and I’m QUITE sure that the collar she has on her dog for a reason. She’s an aggressive dog in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar ppl and with stupid paps everywhere. I’m sure Nikki just doesn’t want her dog to bite anyone.

    As to why she’s taking her dog to the set – aren’t they going to be there for 6 months? I’m sure Nikki doesn’t want to be separated from her that long. Also, maybe no one else can handle her. Anyway,…Nikki loves her dog and knows what she’s doing.

  • Tina

    I find Nikki Reed Likeable, but she has put down a thorn neckband with thorns to her dog inwards I find a disgrace, then they should educate to her dogs and if he is aggressive he must carry a muzzle, but a thorn neckband is a cruelty for the dog.

  • nina

    @abby14: jeez, relax! We get it you’re against animal abuse, but Nikki is not abusing that dog! Enough already!!

  • LpkwL

    I love Nikki, Ashley & Kellan
    I wish Kellan brought Kola (his first dog) I love her!
    Rob and Kristen are already there she should bring Jella and her wolf dogs :)
    Jackson should b there soon I think he’s wiv 100 Monkeys atm
    Where’s Peter I wonder and Liz?

  • ellen_p

    @abby14: ” Its cruel and inhuman”- first of all, it’s a dog. A pinch collar emulates the corrective behaviour mother dogs have by nipping in their neck. It’s not a torture device, just uncomfortable. Please get some education on dog training before you make judgement calls.

  • jen

    If they are going to NOLA, they are going to roast in all those clothes!!! Even though it is fall it is still 85 with high humidity. LOL

  • lerner

    That’s BS!!! I have a small aggressive dog. I cannot take him on planes on in public areas because of this. I would NEVER put a choke collar on him to hurt him so that he doesn’t hurt others. She should take him out when other dogs are not around. There are ways to rescue a dog like this and still be humane. What she is doing is awful!!!! There is NO excuse!

  • poppy

    If her dog is aggressive why can’t she put a muzzle on him? This collar is not the answer!

  • kASSIE

    Ashley’s dog looks like he’s saying “Mommy why is Nikki trying to kill my friend?”

  • poppy

    I have to add it’s not a “rescue” when you are abusing your dog.

  • hanni

    Nikki is a monster.

    Ashley shouldn’t be abusing her pet too, PETS AREN’T ACCESSORIES! they’re LIVING CREATURES with EMOTIONS! don’t cage them in your bag like it’s some kind of possession.

  • abby14

    @poppy: Thank you I agree 110%

    @hanni: @hanni: Sorry but Ashley really isn’t abusing her dog. Her dog HAS to go in a carrier in the airport/on the airplane. You can’t have your dog out at all so the dog has to go in the bag or the dog needs to go under the plane (in a dog kennal like Nikki’s is).

    I will say this it seems Ashley is one of the few celebs who has a small dog and doesn’t do stupid things with the dog. The only time we see the dog in that carrier is when she’s at the airport. So really Ashley isn’t doing anything anyone else wouldn’t do at an airport with a small dog.

  • Sia


    It’s not cruel. Your honestly looking into this too much. CALM DOWN.

  • Helena

    That dog is a liability. Twilight producers are you listening?

  • Twilightgal

    Rob & Kristen r al ready there they left last week on Thurs plus Kristen is flying here and there doing her promos for WTTR that is out in a few weeks

  • Twilightgal

    Rob & Kristen r all ready there they have been there since last Thursday plus Kristen is doing promos for her movie WTTR that is out in a few weeks !!