Kristen Stewart: Scream Awards Fantasy

Kristen Stewart: Scream Awards Fantasy

Kristen Stewart looks sensational as she accepts the Best Fantasy Actress award at Spike TV’s Scream 2010 Awards at The Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 16) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 20-year-old Twilight Saga actress lit up the stage in a smashing one-shoulder dress by Guishem paired with heels by Giuseppe Zanotti.

We can’t wait to see Kristen as Bella in the next installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 out next year!

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the Scream Awards…

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Photos: Michael Caulfield/Getty
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  • Jasmine

    She looks GREAT!! That dress is perfect on her

  • teena

    wow, she’s like getting all…womanly on us. lol She looks beautiful

  • Celia

    Wearing her usual one-shoulder mini dress I see. Yawn.

  • itsmeagain

    she looks beautiful !

  • lani

    She gets prettier by the year, wow. She went from a cutie a couple years ago to a full-fledged babe.

  • A


  • sarah

    I love how she dresses up nicely yet keeps it a little edgey still with the just-got-out-of-bed hair. Nice!

  • lol

    i find it funny that peeps are saying she looks more womanly im gonna say this , she gives me the young wife vibe , maye thats why she doesnt take off that Gold Band from her finger!! wink*

  • lol

    i find it funny that peeps are saying she looks more womanly im gonna say this , she gives me the young wife vibe , maye thats why she doesnt take off that Gold Band from her finger!! wink*

  • Kat

    She is perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    She is so fugly!

  • jl

    She looks amazing! No one can rock a mini like Kristen!

  • SoOverKStew

    Oh yes, KStew definitely deserved that award over all the other nominees. SARCASM. Screw the fans who voted for this hack. Stop voting for your favorites and start voting for the actual talent. Fucking Twilight fans ruin everything. IS NOTHING SACRED?!

  • brenda

    LOL shes so prety

  • Julia

    Beautiful!! Loove her!

  • d

    i love her hair that color

  • Amanda

    I think she looks beautiful!

  • sweetness

    what’s up with the scraggly hair…and why is there a wind fan onstage blowing it?

  • http://MORICETSZ jOJO

    I thought her hair was blonde? she changed it back i guess. lol

  • Sia

    She looks beautiful !!!

  • ntina

    She looks fantastic!

  • Chanon

    Holy shit. She looks like a model walking down the runway! <3

  • nina

    I love her hair as it is, it makes her overall look more edgey and youthful.

  • seleneluna

    She looks really great, I have a total girl crush on her! Does anyone know who presented her award?

  • hiha

    at last… a smile!

  • Kate

    She looks stunning! Shes has such great taste in clothing and she knows how to dress to suit her look and personality :)

  • Maite

    A pic of her dress (back view) –

  • Maite

    A pic from her dress (back view) –

  • KStew is cool

    I like that she can be glamorous and sexy one day and very chill and rocker style the next. It shows she’s not always trying to be “the hot girl” like so many pathetic actresses nowadays. I like that she just wants to have a good time and be herself.

  • http://justjared alessia

    è bello il vestito visto anche da dietro :) dai kristen 6 grande :) e mi piace un casino il tuo stile :)

  • mendomamir

    she is sooooo uggly.. but I kinda like her

  • Rose

    @mendomamir: @mendomamir: She is not ugly, she’s gorgeous!

  • rocknmovies

    She is lovely and her dress is beautiful and really suits her, nice legs on her!

  • ann


  • elista

    baby girl is looking hot!!!!

  • mx

    she is so pretty!!!

  • ash

    @Rose don’t worry the people saying she’s ugly is JEALOUS girls. lol

  • maria

    I don’t think she’s anything great, average really. She looks like any other normal brunette walking down any street. Her acting is also average; nothing special. Other than the fact that she’s in the most overrated movies, what do people see in her? Can’t we just be honest, and say she’s just ok? She’s NOT “sensational”…..puh-leeze.

  • maria

    @maria: Have to say though, her taste in clothes is mostly questionable, but I do really like this dress on her! It’s edgy, fits her well, and in a strange way, is classic black and white. Very nice!

  • commentor

    wow seeing these pictures i can really see that kristen is too good for robert. this girl is so freakin hot and robert , ugh so not hot. kristen find a better man, a more talented guy not a stiff actor.

  • liz

    @maria Right so how would you explain her oscar buzz for WTTR?? if she’s such a average actress i don’t think an oscar expert would be even talking about her. look at the reviews for her new movie WTTR. A average actress wouldn’t be getting great reviews or even an oscar buzz. Please don’t judge her by just twilight i suggest you go watch her other films such as speak, runaways, WTTR, cakeeaters. etc what people see in her is more than just looks. she’s REAL she’s not those famewhores we see so often nowadays. she’s not into the whole hollywood crap dressing like a barbie just to impress people. Her personality is what makes people like her not just looks. She has natural beauty she doesn’t use much makeup. If you want people to be honest than some people will never ever agree with you because as much as you don’t like her people actually love/support her so deal with hunnie.

  • tia

    o.k. commentor do u really think she give a flying f.. k !!! who u think she has the right to date or not get over it she is with him move on. They r grate together!!!!

  • Sandyeddiag

    @Maria: I agree with you. I think she looks ok in this picture, when compared to all of the others. This dress fits her, where as a lot of the other dresses don’t. Her hair doesn’t look that great in this picture. But atleast she gave the world a smile, although I believe that is Summit Entertainment’s behavioral managament classes behind that smile. Oh well, every star needs PR, or they wouldn’t be a star.

  • Dany

    Amazing! she looks so gorgeous ^^

  • Hateit

    Seriously…let some actual talent win…she is pretty and all…but seriously I’ve stopped enjoying these award shows coz of stupid votes that twilight keeps winning…

  • mendomamir

    @ash you say I am uggly on her.. u dont probably know how I look .. if you want I can give you some of my pictures.. I am gorgeous not kristen.. but I like her.. (:

  • sarita

    everything is perfect…hair, dress, shoes…HER….no one can rock mini as kristen…an i’m so happy to see her all smiles…she’s stunning!!!

  • Lauren

    @mendomamir Do you know how pathetic you sound? You’re going to send pictures of “yourself” to someone you don’t know to prove that you are “gorgeous”. WOW!

    Kristen looked gorgeous in that dress and I loved those shoes. Sad to see the strawberry blond go but she’s working the dark hair again.

  • Anne

    Gorgeous, Sweetie, I`m so proud!

  • ash

    @mendomamir wtf i didn’t say your ugly i just said people saying kristen ugly must be jealous. i mean look at the girl if you think she’s ugly than i feel sorry for you. i seen ugly and kristen sure as hell ain’t ugly. you sound pathethic when you said you want to send me pics of yourself to show how gorgeous you look LOL! sorry but that sounds lame i never called anyone ugly. so don’t put words out of my mouth that i never even said. jealousy could do with a lot of things. like the fact that she’s dating a hot guy, she’s RICH. she’s young and she’s famous. i never meant your ugly cause i don’t even know how you look nor do i want to see how you look lmao.