Vanessa Hudgens: Hawaii with Sister Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hawaii with Sister Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens and lil sis Stella walk along the beach with their mom Gina outside their hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday (October 16).

The trio celebrated the opening of the new Waikiki Edition Hotel, which had musician Matt White perform at the celebration. Looks like they had a great time!

The day before, Vanessa was seen hanging out with Zach Gilford.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and sister Stella

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  • Kim

    Gosh they are both so beautiful. i really like stellas look. Too bad zac could not be there with them, but he is on filmling his new movie so. (:

  • duduche29

    one question…. stella doesn’t go to school?

  • Kim

    I think she have free, a lot of schools have free in 2 weeks now. Like my school have, but where i come from we call it “eftersårferie” so

  • annie1st

    awwwww, hudgens girl..nessa look sexy, and stella look cute…guess the little sister will grown up like her sister : P

  • duduche29

    kim… i must be wrong, but didn’t stella graduated earlier this year… because i remember seeing pic of vanessa at the graduation party

    i don’t know how it works in us for school

  • musicgirl

    oh I am loving all the vanessa news:D like I said in the last post.. walking perfection, lover her so much, so stunnig,so gorgeous!

  • http://kiwitweet1 Crazeekiwi

    @duduche29: stellz graduated she’s going to start high school soon. That’s what she said on her twitter. But wow stella looks so grown up now. Love the hudgens sisters xx

  • mike

    looks like she had a great time

  • Sofiaaxo

    Stella is actually home schooled.

  • mariam

    sister time ,i love her cuz she have time for her family,they are so beautiful,there legs,omg.

  • fayee

    her mum signed a sheet where sometimes she can go to school and sometimes she can just be home schooled.

  • Jola

    Stella is not as pretty as Vanessa

  • patry

    they look adorable!

  • W.S

    Looks like they r having a great time :)

  • becki

    She’s in Hawaii now with Josh Hutcherson!! I’m so excited that they’re working together!!!!! Not saying anything at all cuz I know she and Zach are awesome but I like her and Josh in a movie together. Way to go Nessa!!! Good fun choice for a movie!!!!

  • ……………..

    stella has a ugly nose

  • Emma

    @Jola: Shes not wearing as much make up :) and plus her looks are bound to develop once she gets to 16 and she’ll become really pretty :)

  • yets

    wow vacation w/ her family.
    Thats balancing life.

  • nathalia

    vanessa beautiful as always

  • Heather

    I spy a Kuuipo ring. (;

  • maria

    Ok, first off, she was NOT “hanging” with Gilford. She was at an event, with other celebs, and was photographed with many other people. JJJ just chose to show ONE picture of her with him at the event, and in JJJ’s mind, that means she’s exclusively “hanging out” with him. Pretty low.

    I don’t think this trip has anything to do with Vanessa possibly doing the new Journey movie in Hawaii. It was an event, the opening of the Waikiki EDITION hotel, that she was scheduled to appear at, along with others like Christina Aguilera, and she took her mom and sister along for a nice little vacay. Celebs are often seen at events like this; Zac has done many of them.

    If and when she signs on to do Journey, I don’t think it starts filming for a few more weeks.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    Vanessa looks gorgeous as always ♥

  • Kristina

    I love Vanessa & Stella (:

  • duduche29

    maria… the shoot for the movie begins on the 25 in hawai

  • duduche29

    vanessa was a the same event tonight and pose for a pic with one of the producer of journey 2

  • michelle


    she is in Hawaii for the Journey movie. it starts filming next week and she has a week of preproduction (costume fittings, hair and make-up tests, and so on) before it starts filming

  • peggy


    Gilford and Vanessa were at same opening at the Wakik and had a picture taken together.

  • maria

    @michelle: You don’t know that for sure. No confirmation that she signed. This event had nothing to do with the Journey movie.

  • duduche29

    maria… several article confirmed that vanessa has joigned the cast

    she was seeing doing a interview last night so maybe you can have your confirmation there

  • hanni

    @duduche29: none of the articles online are saying she is confirmed, they all say she is negotiating.

    sequel seems exciting though! i’d love to her there.

  • jello

    Is this supposed to be her dressing like a bum? Cause she still looks good.

  • duduche29

    hanni… i can confirmed you that i read some article where the “confirmed” was written

    apparently evan is there with her

  • Chanon

    They look so much alike and I love how much time they spend together. But where’s their dad?

    Wished Zac was there with them. ;)

  • duduche29

    am i seeing things or vanessa had change twice her bikini in one day???

  • maria

    Well, whether she is confirmed or not, this event is not pre-production for Journey, and it doesn’t mean she is in Hawaii to starting filming yet. Her mom and sister may have been helping her find a place to live during filming, while enjoying the weekend at the hotel for the event. She may still go home until she is needed for pre-production work. I’m just saying we don’t know for sure. I think we would have seen some of her other costars as well, if they are there to start work. But who knows? We’re all just guessing!!

  • Ann

    good gracious! I can see good genes run in the family *_*
    they’re both so gorgeous

  • http://j chelsea

    cute sisters, seems like they get along well not fighting etc

  • jake

    stella is ugly compared to vanessa

  • duduche29

    if vanessa leaves hawai by monday, i will be shocked to see that she prefere to stay the week end in hawai (to go to the opening of a luxury hotel) with her sister and mother rather than spend the day with zac for his birthday

    even if she was invited, she could have leave on sunday to be with zac

    it’s just speculation of course, i didn’t say that will happened

  • hanni

    @jake: she’s like 13..
    stella is like 13 years old.. wait for her to grow and develop, not every 12-14 year old is naturally gorgeous by the time they hit puberty.

    she’s just a kid, when vanessa was 12-14 she was just as attractive as stella. girls that age develop physically, like their faces change and so do their bodies, of course.
    vanessa is 21, will be 22 pretty soon. she’s an adult, her face and body has fully grown, she’s finished puberty.

  • hanni

    @duduche29: if she stays in the hotel, it’s none of your business really. you don’t have to be shocked, you don’t know why she stayed and what she has.

  • http://brinaandnikki Sydney

    @duduche29: Yes, she does, but right now she’s homeschooled because she’s so busy doing her career too. :)

  • maria

    Vanessa was doing a PAID appearance at this hotel opening, along with the other celebs there. It’s WORK for her, and you don’t have choices when you are committed to the event. I’m sure she will make time for Zac for his birthday, when her schedule allows. He has been busy for some of her events, like the Bandslam premiere. He was in Vancouver working, and could not be there.

    They have a very mature relationship, and totally understand work commitments each other has. If they didn’t, they would NEVER have made their relationship work this long!!

  • susan1

    They look so cute I love what they are wearing.Stella is 15 years old a couple months and she is nearly the same height with her sister.

  • e


    There is no way in knowing if she is at Hawaii now for anything more than for this event so we have to wait and see, if she can’t fly to NO on monday then sha can’t, who knows, maybe her flying there last weekend was when they celebrated his birthday because she knew that she would be busy, Zac didn’t celebrate Vanessa birthday with her on the actual day a few years back, I think when she turned 19 or 20 because he was filming 17 Again that day, it doesn’t mean anything really, Zac’s birthday is also on a monday and he willmost likely be working himself anyway and wouldn’t be taking the day of even if Vanessa flew in so even if she wasn’t on Hawaii now they would have probably celebrated this weekend instead like Saturday or Sunday so it’s still not on his actual birthday, it happens (it’s the same way for all of us, we don’t get days of work or school to celebrate our birthdays because we feel like it and there isn’t anything different between them and us) besides neither of them really have no control of their scheduals, espcially when it involves other people say if Vanessa was already at Hawaii to start pre-production, I mean who knows, maybe they are filming the Hawaii scenes first and then the NC once. My point is as it always is, it’s Zac and Vanessa’s lives, and they know how to live them to make themselves (and eachother) happy.

  • ehryle

    Vanessa bonding with her family.. Pretty nice :) they look like they enjoying the vacay!!!

  • duduche29

    maria…. how am i supposed to know that that was a PAID apparence??????

    e…. am i writing in spanish or what??? i never say anything like that, i was saying specualtion!!

  • vfan

    Vanessa looks hot!
    Looks like she’s having fun! :)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I really love the fact that Vanessa always has time to be with her familia. I love seeing Vanessa & Stella sister bonding time. It’s adorable. All three women are looking good !!

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @hanni: actually Stella turns 15 in November.