Kristen Stewart: 'So Excited' for Breaking Dawn!

Kristen Stewart: 'So Excited' for Breaking Dawn!

Kristen Stewart is so excited for Breaking Dawn – and she filled Access Hollywood in on what to expect from the latest installment of the Twilight saga!

“I’m so happy that we’re doing two movies, because we would have had to cut out so much – it would have been almost near impossible!” Kristen dished, adding, “I’m excited about a lot of little bits, but mostly excited about Bella’s [dramatic change].”

“It all comes to fruition,” Kristen said of the film. “You finally get what you’ve been begging for. It feels good!”

Kristen Stewart Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’
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  • Jasmine

    She’s so pretty with her newly brown hair. It goes well with her complexion

  • Listen to mayday parade

    She’s just happy twilight is coming to an end lol

  • Sahina

    hmm…personally, i could fit the whole of Breaking dawn into one movie.

  • e


    I agree, I mean the other movies draged on and on yet those books contained more exiting stuff than BD, not a lot more but some more, I have the nagging feeling that the whole first part of the second film, that would be like 40 minutes will only be of the birthscene but since it’s pg rated we will only see Bellas and Edwards faces and hear a bunch of noice, that’s going to be so much fun, sich, talking about milking the cow dry, the only thing this is going to do is get the cast even more awards they don’t deserve and drive those who don’t like these stuff crazy, although I must say I do wonder after these movies are done which will be loudes, the heartbreak and crying or the cheers, my bet is on the cheers.

  • Sahina


    i’ll be happy when it’s over. my days of being a Twi-Hard ended 6 months after the release of Twilight. and that was because of the constant media attention and mentions. put me off. wasn’t able to pick the books up again.

    but yeah, i have a feeling that this won’t work at all. no action, no intense bits (apart from the birth scene); the final “Battle” will probably last 40 minutes.
    oh the joy.

  • Heloise

    @e: I agree with you, but I think they mean that they want everything in the movie – every single detail. I’ve read the book and while I could fit everything into one movie I don’t think that’s what fans want. they want edward and bella’s honeymoon to be detailed, and not a 2 minutes segment so if they want to put everyone of those things it would take two movies. not long movies, though. i’d say 2 movies of 90 minutes?

  • Roas

    She will work her azz off in this film. Kristen will be present, according to the novel, in 90%of scenes.She will be needed on the set every frigging day.

  • Marilyn

    I really hope they do BD right and it looks real and the emotions are real..Eclipse was such a let down…They left 90% of the book out of the movie…They took away Edward’s personality..they made Bella a stony faced zombie…they used fake scenery which looked fake..Edward comes across as he doesn’t have passion or desire in the movie for Bella which he did in the book…And come on…On Vampire Diaries on TV..Stefan and Elena sleep together etc and Stefan acts like a man…I do hope they make the honeymoon longer…not nude or anything…but just the before ..romantic part…I mean walking into water, then waking up with feathers in her hair is a big let down after waiting through 3 books for them to actually have sex! And I hope Kristen will show emotions this time..actually cry..actually show how she is feeling…I really think Edward should have kicked Rosalie’s butt and told her to keep her hands off Bella! What kind of man would just sit around looking anguished and not take action? I thought it was a it far out for Bella to get pregnant by a vampire who definetly would not have live sperm to accomplish that fact!

  • Kat

    I love her!!

  • armyofkitties

    well she sure doesn’t look excited LOL.
    cant wait for breaking dawn!!

  • anon

    I love her! this interviewer sucks. you should watch the one from E! with the guy named Josh something. She is so funny in there. She talked about her stripping in WTTR. She is so awesome. She is so far the best girl celeb I have ever seen. She is really secure.

  • Layla

    she’s talking about “Welcome to…”, she’s not talking about “Breaking Dawn” so why is that movie here??

  • http://allisonechelon Allison

    Twilight was completed 2008-2011, Harry Potter was completed 2001-2011. Just goes to show you how much dedication and work was put into one opposed to the other. Harry Potter will ALWAYS be the better. A true masterpiece, unlike Twilight.

  • Beth


    I agree…Twilight is the poorman’s version of Harry Potter.

  • cam

    Twilight required only three years because their actors are not children who need two years to film a movie. The special effects in Harry Potter are better but the movie still put me to sleep. The trailers and TV spots are the only thing that are mildly exciting about Harry Potter I’m afraid.