Win a SIGNED Nick Jonas & The Administration CD!

Win a SIGNED Nick Jonas & The Administration CD!

Nick Jonas is continuing to win his battle against Diabetes with the help of Bayer’s Contour USB Meter.

The 18-year-old musician blogs in his newest post, “On the last day of tour I had the pleasure of meeting with the grand prize winners of the ‘Give Back Simply Win’ Contest. Gavin who is only six gives back to his community by raising awareness about cleaning up and saving the ocean. Elizabeth is a member of Divabetic and likes to educate people on how eating healthy can completely change your life.

Risha works with critically ill children and helps them get thru their hospital stay by sending out giant hospital card quilts. Faith, who is the Canadian winner, is a Youth Ambassador with Edmonton’s chapter of JDRF and has been doing walks for 8 years now! Meeting and talking with them not only about giving back but how they live with their diabetes each and every day was so inspirational to me.”

Bayer now has a new coupon for $20 off when you purchase Bayer’s CONTOUR USB meter, the first blood glucose meter with plug-in technology.

To celebrate Nick‘s continuous simple wins, JJJ is giving TWO LUCKY READERS a chance to win a Nick Jonas & The Administration album SIGNED BY NICK!

JJJ Note: We received the records for no charge from Bayer Diabetes Care.


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    TWO winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. This contest ends Monday, October 25th @ 11:59PM EST. Good luck!

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  • andrea
  • rocket2theemoon

    i want this… i own the digital cd but i would love a actual copy of it.

  • Stevi Kaye

    dude i would love this!
    he needs to tour again soon. :)

  • ashley alvarez

    pick me!

  • ahira


  • REgina

    That’s the sweetest thing ever. That guy has a huge heart .

  • Sarah

    I love Nick J & the Admin’s album and I would love to win a signed cd from them!!! :D Also, because they had so many “nominations” in the Emmy thing, they better be picked for a few categories…and WIN!!! just sayin…

  • Julia Ann

    I would do anything for Nick J and The Admin to have anotherr cd and tour! I think this side project showed us his true raw talent, and a side of him as a musican we didn’t see. He’s wonderful and I hope to hear more from NJATA!! (:

  • Brittany


  • http://@wbgenie(twitter) Genesis michelle

    Im like a big huge fan of the jonas brothers and have never been able to meet them or have their autograph and having an autograph from NICK would be the best thing ever i hope i win !!!


  • Olivia

    So happy for Nick! I love Nick & the Jonas Brothers so much. Keep up the inspiring work! :)

  • amanda

    PICK MEEEEE!! i love you guys :) and nick !!

  • Brittany


  • http://Arch_Angel17 shafaq Fatima

    YAY NICK!!!!! I lovee the jonas brothers. I would lovee to win the cd. I never win anything haha and plus, Nick’s album is amazing!!! =)

  • http://Arch_Angel17 shafaq Fatima

  • Brittany

    woop. i <3 nick

  • SteffaNie

    I wOuld die of HappinesS if I won! I never met them before and I’m a huge fan of theirs(; and to have Nick autograph wOuld be amazing! <3

  • http://Arch_Angel17 shafaq Fatima

    ♥ yeahhhhh

  • ahira

    gonna comment a bunch of times.
    increase my chances of winning! :3

  • http://Arch_Angel17 shafaq Fatima

    WHO I AM

  • ehlyons1

    I love him SO SO MUCH! i hope i win!

  • Donna M

    It’s awesome Nick’s always willing to give back. It’s nice to see teen stars actually care about a cause. ♥

  • http://Arch_Angel17 shafaq Fatima


  • ahira


  • http://madame_cazone Alexandra boyd

    I’d be lying to say that I don’t love Nick’s CD. Talk about a vocal change from the stuff of JB. Amazing!

  • Angelica

    I’d love a signed NJATA cd! :D

  • ahira

    nick jonas needs to get elvis a girlfriend.

  • Angelica

    Who else wants another NJATA tour? ME!

  • ahira

    NJATA needs to go on tour again! :D

  • Zhen

    meee!!!!! <3

  • jb

    love that cd!!! <3

  • steph

    so talented!!!! :D

  • Nicole

    I <3 NJ&TA!

  • Angelica

    NJATA were submitted for 6 Grammys! I hope they get all 6 nominations! Nick deserves to win at least one Grammy with NJATA!

  • Arthi

    I want to win this!!! Ahh, please! I never win anything this huge! I just want to win this…

  • Arthi

    I want to win this!!! Ahh, please! .

  • victoria

    That’s awesome! I love this album, and Nick <3

  • Nicole

    I <3 NJ&TA!!

  • Angelica

    Hopefully he’ll have a shot since Who I Am (the album) was received very well by the critics. Gonna be crossing my fingers for a NJATA win at the Grammys! <3

  • Arthi

    I want to win this!!! .

  • Arthi


  • Nicole

    I <3 NJ&TA!!!

  • Arthi

    I love Nick Jonas & the Administration’s album and I would love to win a signed cd from them!!!

  • Jessica Mendoza

    Yay. I absolutely love nick joe and kevin.

  • Arthi

    I love Nick J & the Admin’s album!!

  • Nicole

    I <3 NJ&TA!!!!

  • Arthi

    Would love to get a signed CD!! Please pick me!!!

  • iStayed

    I would die if I won a copy of NJ&TA album, Nick Jonas you are a true inspiration to your fans. Please continue sharing that beautiful talent god gave you, much love.

  • http://@genngrezz Geny

    This would be so amazing to win! Thanks for the chance JJR :)

  • heyjude16

    I love this album!