Selena Gomez: Fama Revolution Rocker

Selena Gomez: Fama Revolution Rocker

Selena Gomez waves to her fans outside as she arrives at NRJ Studios to promote her brand-new album, A Year Without Rain, in Paris, France on Tuesday morning (October 19).

After her interviews, the 18-year-old actress/singer (in Flap Pocket Skinny jeans in Holt wash by HUDSON) headed over to Saint Honore for some retail therapy at Hermes.

The day before (October 18), Selena and The Scene appeared on Fama Revolution, a reality program in Madrid, Spain. Sel wore a super-cute “Marianna” dress by alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet.

FYI: Selena is wearing a coat and blouse from Milly and Sushi Roll Peep-Toe Pumps from Ruthie Davis.

Check out their performance below! 25+ pics inside…

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “A Year Without Rain” – Fama Revolution, 10/18

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Credit: Target, ANG; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • Viccko

    Que grande Paula Vazquez!!!

  • http://mina_23 mina

    this preformance was bad… and i honestly love selena…..

  • Viccko

    Estoy por sacar un disco… desafino menos que ella!!!


    she looks totally breathtaking!!!! i love her style!!!

  • Bria

    You know what I just realized? American singers will go on foriegn t.v and sing their songs in English, but here in the U.S, we never have foreign singers sing songs in their native tongue on t.v. Maybe it’s just because English is a very common language.

    As for the perfomance, their really nothing to say about it because it just like the others. Her voicals are weak, low and cracky and she doesn’t have much stage presence. However, she has most definately improved since her first days of performing.


    the dress was gorgeous and her shoes are to die for!!! im so obssesed with that amazing song!!!

  • selly

    waw she is wonderful I love you selly:))

  • Mika


    You’re exactly right.
    At least her dress was cute.

  • Sahina

    i just think she should raise her voice a little, especially during the chorus.

    but are those backing dancers really necessary?? they’re just distracting.

    however, i like her dress.

  • Ana

    I loved this dress!!! I don’t think she has a really powerful voice, but I really like this song… The studio version, of course :) I love her, she seems so sweet!

  • Ocean

    @mina: If you “honestly loved Selena”, you wouldn’t say it was a bad performance.

  • tmj

    does any1 think her hair looks lighter lik highlights it does 2 me but i lov her she is amazing but i wish her and demi would just make up i hate them hanging out w/ taylor s. and miley is breaks my heart

  • Bri


    If you love someone, you should be honest with them and not lie, that my personal opinion. Plus she can love Selena and not thnk the performance was good. I am to a fan of Selena’s acting but not her music

  • kj

    she is beautiful

  • dcstarinthemaking

    @Ocean: just because you love an artist doesn’t mean you can’t have something negative to say about them…that’s like just because you love your mom doesn’t mean she doesn’t get on your nerves from time to time. STULTA! ugh, and it was a really horrible performance. She look like she couldn’t even understand spanish and she looked really tired. Cute dress yes but her performance was boring i would hate to see her in concert. between selena and demi i say demi has the vocal and selena has the better acting skills. but demi can dance like crazy and act and sing so TEAM DEMI…selena who?

  • lilian

    @dcstarinthemaking: What suddenly are you talking about Demi?
    Really.grow up! No need to bring comparate anyone.

  • lilian

    Men don’t writte with you head else where…….What I mean to say was…Why are you suddenly talking about demi? Grow up no need to bring her up every time there is a post of Selena and there is no need to comparate them every time

    That was!!

  • tag

    Why is she not speaking spanish i thought she could speak spanish??!!

  • SOPHIEjonasfrance

    Ewww…Selena…. Keep Acting but No Singing Please ! O.O or just , don’t sing in live anymore , that’s horrible… Take some advices to Demi Lovato


    @dcstarinthemaking omg are you slow mental_ hahahaha nobody knows demi, shes only a fake and ugly famewhore!!! her cd are a huge fail, and selena is a huge star, everybody knows about her and shes gonna to has a brilliant future!!! and demi cant even act, she really suck!!! soooo get out of here and go to love you fail and fake idol!!! hahaha but thanks loser you make me laugh!!! oh and your comment has much sense if you say, sorry demi who_ lol cause shes definitely a big nobody!!!

  • headstrong

    omg she sounds so bad here. she could barely hit some notes properly and the bridge was awfull she looks pretty though.

    and i really feel sorry for you. Good luck in life!

  • Anwen

    How can anyone be so gorgeous? awww..i love selena..i love selena..i love selena.

  • Sahina

    yes, and we all wonder why Demi’s albums have been number 2 and number 1 in the official album billboard charts…..hmmm.

    where’s SG been? 9 and 4.

  • someone

    Wow, people on here have really bad grammar. Seriously, learn how to write.

  • miley love

    @Sahina: So what did demi’s album went gold.

  • karina

    @someone: I totally agree!

  • dcstarinthemaking

    @Sahina: THANK YOU! that dumb b!tch she’s just mad like please go away stupid little girl.

  • headstrong.

    @miley love: i dont know about the second album but the first one yes, its gold

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Nah, we’ve had our share of spanish-speaking singers sing in their own language on our TV’s.

  • ciera

    lol thats funny nobody knows demi yet her albums went number 1 and 2 on the billboard charts. yep nobody knows demi.
    i think demi is the better singer selena is the better actress.

  • Bria


    Selena is half Mexican, but she doesn’t fluently speak Spanish. She says she understands it quite well but needs to learn more. She also has said she scared of pronouncing words wrong! She’s says she hopes to one day speak the language perfectly!

  • family lawyers melbourne

    She looks amazing.

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