Selena Gomez is Apollo Amazing

Selena Gomez is Apollo Amazing

Selena Gomez bounces around on stage as she performs at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on Wednesday evening (October 20).

The 18-year-old actress/musician has been keeping pretty busy in Europe, promoting her new album, A Year Without Rain.

Just like Anna Kendrick, Selena also listed off seven things she can’t live without. Check them out:

– Her mom, Mandy
– Her cell phone
– Texas
– Cracker Barrel
– Her Grandma’s Cooking
– A hair-tie around her wrist at all times because, “I have way too much hair.”
– Her laptop

15+ pics inside…

Selena Gomez on The Seven

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Credit: Daniel Deme; Photos: WENN
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  • banana

    cute dress!

  • andy

    Beautifful! I heard she was amazing! Love this girl…

  • Melanie

    She looks like a little fairy. Awww.

  • Mika

    Cute dress but the flats are too kiddyish.

    I’m just kind of sick of hearing about Selena’s music career. Lets face it, the girl can’t sing. It’s not fair for millions of girls her age around the world who have an uncomparable talent to her and don’t ever get the chance to do anything. I’m not a hater, just telling the honest truth.

  • Chloe

    Selena looks pretty and I like the dress. Green is her favorite color and it suits very good for her body. Hope all her fans had a great time in her concert.

  • Nicole

    I love her hair. But i everything else about her is fake to me. i dont like her she cant sing and people say she can sing oh wow demi was a way more better voice. Selena is okay but sometimes she can get annoying,

  • ellie

    Me and my best friend were at this concert. And lemme just say any doubt that ANYONE had about her singing abilities were literally blown away. Seriously. She was incredible. So much energy. Amazing vocals and just all round STUNNING performance. Her and her band were the coolest kids on the block! Thank you selly and co!!!!!! Xxxxxxx

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    She looks sooo pretty! amazing dress love it
    This was teh concert i reaaaaally wanted to go to, But couldn’t ;(
    guess i’ll look at video’s ;)

  • care dems

    @Mika: Its so not a surprise your here making bad comments about selena. What else do you have to criticize.

  • headstrong.

    ‘The 18-year-old actress/musician’ actress? YES, musician HELL NO, that word is too big for her.I like the dress,that color is beautiful.
    Well, seems like she is starting to move on stage.
    I like her hair now, looks so much healthier than before.

  • tiara

    I love her new song “A Year Without Rain”. I just can’t stop listening to that song. I love the way she sings.

  • Gossip Girl

    is it me, or are Selena’s dresses getting more revealing? I knew it wouldn’t before she starts to decided she wants to show some skin. And Demi is starting to get more open with her clothing choices as well. I guess both girls are in competition to lose their Goody-Two-Shoes image now. LOL! Happens with all Disney girls. I mean, can anyone not pick up that Selena’s dress is SEE-TRU? I wonder what other Disney girl Selena is picking up her See Through style tips from-HMMM, WHAT’S HER NAME AGAIN?

  • selena fan

    Wow she looks great. Vote for selena gomez and the scene for best push act at the 2010 MTV Europe Awards.

  • selena fan

    Vote for selena gomez and the scene at the 2010 MTV Europe Awards.

  • harid

    she can’t sing and just because she a cute kid and looks like a little girl doesn’t mean she can sing and stop lying to yourself either you guys don’t know good music and vocals or you all ignorant on the matter. SELENA CAN’T SING PERIOD!!!

  • Elisa

    if miley wore that dress everyone would be calling her a slut, just saying…

  • Nani23

    Just saw on youtube her performing Parachute by cheryl cole…i was blown away she was amazinnnnng. Love her voice!

  • jessica

    @Gossip Girl: lol she’s 18. what do you expect? i mean at least she waited for to wear these “revealing” outfits even though there not even that bad. shes just wearing a dress. i mean come on thats what you call revealing, lol.

  • Nani23

    @Elisa: the problem is it aint gonna happen. I think shes alergic to cute dresses. Shes more of a Mini-shorts kinda gurl.


    @headstrong hello no to you loser!!!! you´re absolutely nobody to dare to say she cant sing, shes living her dream, everyvody loves her, shes rich, famous, gorgeous and young and you`re just a jelous loser!!!! oh btw thanks to you shes more and more famous and you always puts a lot of money in her pocket!!!


    @mika and wtf are you, get a life loser!!!! everybody are sick of people like you!!! at least shes living her dream, and shes doing something for her life, shes not like you whos only sitting in front a pc, so stay mad!!!! oh and thanks cause shes more and more famous and rich!!!

  • Harjot

    Her song a year without out rain is pretty good!

  • headstrong. yeah if im nobody to say she cant sing why do you get mad with my irrelevant opinion? lol and what you say about she’s living her dream and blablabla its the same with Miley.
    ‘shes not like you whos only sitting in front a pc, so stay mad’ CHOKE WITH YOUR OWN WORDS.
    Next time use your brain.

  • headstrong. you think miley cant sing, you think miley style is trashy, you think miley cant dance, cant act, and she is taletless and ugly. Well, “you´re absolutely nobody to dare to say she cant sing or wathever you say shes living her dream, shes rich, famous, gorgeous and young and you`re just a jelous loser!!!! oh btw thanks to you shes more and more famous and you always puts a lot of money in her pocket!!!”

    see? its the same with miley.

  • Mika

    Leave JJR. Nobody like you, everyone is sick of you. Your comments are worthless. Grow up, alright?

  • harid

    why are people arguing we all know selena can not sing. Miley definately can sing why compare them. One girl can sing and has a huge gift talent miley and selena doesn’t. selena has a singing contract because disney is trying to fabricate another miley, but selena can’t cut it, she has no stage presence,no singing talent and she don’t have the gift and personality and darefulness miley has. The girls are completely different one copies and try to play it safe in front of people and the other miley is doing exactly what she was born to do bring innovation and art and daring haters thatg she will not change for hater, media or papz now that what I call guts, selena is a wimp.

  • Sophia

    @ellie: i know, people say she can’t sing but she was amazing, she sang everything live and even did covers and she was so sweet at the end when she said thank you to everyone, its just sad she only got to do one concert in the uk.

  • Sahina

    and EVERYBODY is sick of a jealous LOSER like you.
    sure SG is living her dream, but when it comes to other stars who are living her dream, what do you say?

    “and shes doing something for her life, shes not like you whos only sitting in front a pc, so stay mad!!!!”

    oh, and what are you doing then? you’re on JJJ all the time bashing on people who have more talent and is jealous of them.

    do you see me bashing SG like you? i may not be a BIG fan of her like you but at least i have the decency not to be a hypocrite and bash people who i don’t like and bash people who don’t like who i like.

  • http://hhtpgoogle peter rowan

    I love selena

  • http://hhtpgoogle peter rowan

    a treat for for concert fans selena wore on stage a short green coctail dress selena ops for concert dresses it makes her uniform type

  • mendomamir

    u guys are all so f!cking annoying.. seriously get a life..
    I love SG I want the dress so bad.. its gorgeous.. she is gorgeous.. I love her forever… xxx lirezzzzzzzzz

  • http://Itsgogom georgia

    Wow I loooove her dress so much!!!!!!! And of course her too!! <3 :D

  • http://Itsgogom georgia

    Wow I love her dress ! And of course her too <3 !! :D

  • blair

    no , no , no what the hell is that dress ?! seems like she’s doing a video clip for a Disney’s Trilly movie :/ ewww
    She’s not a credible singer in my opinion

  • mrsdestinyhope hmm, we’re jealous cause Selena can’t sing? But when ur saying the same crap about Miley, you’re not jealous? LOL! I actually like Selena, but it’s people like u that will always make Selena have so many h8rs

  • Gossip Girl

    @jessica: LOL! but she still has her show on Disney so little kids are still watching her. She should at least wait until Wizards is finish to start bearing some skin.

  • Zippy

    I’ve tried to listen to her singing, but i can’t. She’s not good. I get that her fans might like her, but to me someone like Kylie (who i have seen live twice) is a singer, this is someone who was popular because of her tv show and now has been given a recording contract by Hollywood Records. She’s not good. Sorry. Stage presence is non existent and for a big tour she’s going to need it. But i guess she has fans who buy her albums, so that makes her successful.
    Just a shame others get overlooked who CAN sing.

  • Bria


    OH SHUT UP!!! At this point, MIley has kind of destroyed her repuation, so no matter what she wears, people will call her a slut, whore, hooker etc. Secondly, only some of the stoamch is see through and the dress is aborable, so there is no sense of sluttiness because it’s cutesy! just stop with finding ways to diss Selena and sympathize with Miley, okay? These kida post are really bothering me.

  • Bria


    I’m sick of everyone saying Selena tries to copy Miley! If Selena copies Miley than Miley is copying Hilary Duff because she is the FIRST Disney girl to have a T.V show, then a music career, then a clothing line and books. If Disney wants to make Selena the new Miley, then they wanted to make Miley the new Hilary. But I guess bias super Miley fans won’t admit that! MiIley is a much better singer/performer, but everyone knows she cannot act NEARLY as well as Selena Selena is just doing what she feels comfortable doing, not trying to play it safe. Just the way Miley is more comfortable in little outfits. Don’t find random reasons to hate Selena just because you like Miley. And please stop calling what Miley does “art” it’s really annoying when she says that. It’s very pretensious. She sings club pop music, she’s not a freakin’ poet or painter!

  • Viven

    Love her and her outfit!

  • Annie

    you just want to say that selena can’t sing so dont listen and comment to her.all of the people who comment against selena are rude.I love both miley and selena .i know a lot about music and i know that a year without rain, naturally,round and round,off the cbain,intuation are perfect but peoples oponin is different and nobody can defenitly say he/she is right i blieve that miley is more skillfull than selena although her voice is worse

  • family lawyers melbourne

    Wow, what a dress