Jennette McCurdy Teams Up with T.J. Martell in Nashville

Jennette McCurdy Teams Up with T.J. Martell in Nashville

Jennette McCurdy is making headlines around the country music circuit.

In addition to co-hosting the AMA Coke Red Carpet pre-show with Danny Gokey, Lance Bass and Whitney Port next month, the 18-year-old singer/actress will also be performing at Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin Robbins Family Day in Nashville.

Jennette will perform at the family festival which benefits the T.J. Martell Foundation on Sunday, October 31 from 1-4PM.

Jennette shared, “I’m really looking forward to being in Nashville on Halloween for this T.J. Martell event. I was in Nashville for my birthday party, but didn’t get to sing, so this will be fun, especially since it’s Halloween – one of my favorite holidays – and we’re going to be raising money for a great cause!”

The exciting indoor carnival, which features a kid’s monster mosh pit, an activity area with balloon and caricature artists, carnival games, crafts, trick or treat booths, inflatable games, obstacle courses and much more, will take place at Belmont University’s Curb Event Center at 2002 Belmont Blvd. in Nashville.

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Jennette McCurdy: Nashville Family Day
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  • Kayla


  • mendomamir

    @Kayla I totally agree with you.. and she is pretty too! (: >I Love her to death.. I thiink she deservs way more success than she actually have.. she deserv to have the success of >Miley cyrus.. js

  • jack

    She would be a lot prettier with much less makeup and if she went back to curling her hair, and maybe lose just a touch of weight, other than that she is pretty, and far more talented than Miranda Cosgrove, in fact she is the reason I watch iCarly, that and the prospect of Seddie happening soon and the hilarious Jerry Trainor

  • Kayla

    @mendomamir yes!! you said it. :D

  • Justsomeanon


    Jennette does NOT need to lose weight. People like you are why so many girls have eating disorders these days. Hollywood is putting so much pressure on young stars to lose weight and be unhealthily thin, and manipulating our minds into thinking it’s some kind of beauty standard we all must follow. And you’re just perpetuating this warped idea of “anorexic=beautiful” with stupid comments like that. Jennette has a great, naturally curvy body. One of the things I love about her is that she isn’t stick-thin like some other teen celebs. But that doesn’t mean she’s overweight. She looks great. Jennette is perfect just the way she is. :)

  • Ron

    I just listened to “Put Your Arms Around Someone,” by Jennette McCurdy, and it brought back a flood of memories. When my Mom died, way too young, because of a lifetime of rather primitive medical care, my Dad announced he had married her because of her assets. Really. I understood what he meant. As an infant, her assets made me feel as if I were in the land of milk and honey. When he died, as I attempted to explain my situation to a beautiful woman, a neighbor, in her nightgown, early in the morning, I just about lost it, as I tried to say what I needed to say. She barely knew me, but put her arms around me. She had assets, and I considered them, and, oddly enough, my grief disappeared. And it was all innocent, and beautiful. And I will remember that hug always.

    Jennette McCurdy has more assets than almost any woman I know. My Dad would have loved her. Mom, too. And they would have supported without reservation the work she is doing with T.J. Martell Foundation. And loved having fun doing it.

    Cancer eats away at the assets we have. I know, because I work with lots of cancer survivors. Much of the work T.J.Martell Foundation supports would disappear without their support. Work like studies on the cognitive effects of chemotherapy on patients, and ways to improve the quality of the lives of cancer survivors.

    When they removed parts of my Mom’s stomach because of ulcers, the whole medical establishment thought bacteria could not survive in that environment. So nobody bothered to look. In the eighties, innovative researchers did look, and changed the world. Jennette and the T.J Martell Foundation are doing the same. If I were in Nashville, I would joyfully give some of my assets to the T.J. Martell Foundation in exchange for the chance to have fun enjoying Jennette McCurdy’s assets.

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