Miley Cyrus: 2010 MTV EMA Performer!

Miley Cyrus: 2010 MTV EMA Performer!

Miley Cyrus is still dressing for summer in cut-off shorts as she heads off to do some errands on Saturday afternoon (October 23).

The 17-year-old “Can’t Be Tamed” singer will be performing at the 2010 MTV EMAs in Madrid, Spain the first week of November.

Hosted by Eva Longoria Parker, the award ceremony will also see B.o.B. and Hayley Williams performing their hit, “Airplanes.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Miley perform?

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  • lisandro


  • yo

    i love her
    but why is she wearing a hindu dot thing?

  • Gossip Girl

    about time we get some Miley, JARED!


    I love her. I cant wait the 2010 MTV EMAs

  • kass

    mileyyyyyyy smileyy!!!!!!

  • Warren

    I would be excited, but I don’t think we can watch this in the US, even online. Miley is awesome live. She looks pretty in the new pics, but I’m not sure I like the forehead jewel. I Love Miley!

  • natalie

    Why is she wearing a bindi??

  • natalie

    Why the heck is she wearing a bindi??

  • natalie

    oops, didn’t mean to post twice, sorry!

  • Maddie

    Is that a tattoo on her upper right arm??? No Miley stop getting tatts your ruining yourself

  • Maddie

    I meant inner right arm on the wrist not upper

  • shannon

    love the pics of Miley :)

  • purva

    super excited its comming on air in India on 9 th dat will be 1 day after it telecasts there

  • hiha

    silly southern hillbilly girl! lol

  • jane

    she has issues.big issues.ure 18 btw.not 25

  • http://miley Teagan

    ilove miley btw she can wear watever she wants i wear shorts shorts and she is almost 18 keep on rockin miley …..

  • Bria

    @natalie: n

    I know! So many Westerns wear Bindis to seem “deeply spiritual” and cultured,but it’s just disrespctful to their culture and kind of annoying. Wearing a marital and relgious decoration because they look ‘cute’. Even in some parts of modern India young girls only wear them as a fashion statement.

  • Bria

    Her hair looks really nice! I think she took out some extensions. Her outfit’s cute, it most be nice to live in California, where it’s warm enough to wear jean short shorts in October!!! I hope her performance will be put online because I really enjoy watching Miley perform. On stage, she’s such a natural!

  • gabyyy

    <3 <3 <3

  • Meghan

    She looks stupid with that thing on her head. Your not Indian Miley and I’m sick of seeing those shorts and cowboy boots on you. I’d like to see something a little more chill. I can’t wait to see her EMA performance.

  • blahblahblah

    can’t wait i wonder what is she going to wear !

  • alice

    Miley is so beautiful, but I don’t like her bindi and jewelry

  • wow


    Looks like she can’t make up her mind what she is or what she believes. Looks like she dumped Jesus for Buddah in her mode of dress; she used to drape herself in crosses & now it’s bindis. I wonder how her dad feels about that, not that it matters because it seems that her parents have no say so in her life & haven’t for a very long time.

  • LB

    I love these pictures she looks so relaxed and cute =]

  • Lea

    i think its just henna shes getting really into this india spiritual thing hm ?

  • Jonas Brothers

    I love this girl!

  • Chanon

    She needs to stop wearing short shorts and cowboy boots. -_____- It’s not summer anymore! And take that Hindu thing off your forehead.

  • gl

    @Bria: well its been raining over here in california actually

  • gl

    gosh she could wear anything she wants,you guys are just jelous of her style get over it!!

  • Bria


    You yourself said it’s raining in California, so she shouldn’t be wearing shorts. Summer is over! And She SHOULD NOT be wearing a bindi. It is not a fashion accessory for any ‘ol body to wear when they feel. It’s SUPPOSED to represnt either marriage or religion in Indian and some parts of Eastern Asia. Miley isn’t married and has said she is Christian so there is no reason why she is wearing a bindi. Obviously she is wearing it because she thinks it’s cute and that’s just plain ignorance. No one is “jealous” Some just think she shouldn’t be wearing short shorts in the middle of fall and an Indian decoration when she is an American born Christian. Just because you don’t blindly adore someone and agree with everthything they do/wear/say, it doesn’t make you “jealous”. Seriuosly, I hate it when people to that! It’s immature and usually inaccurate!

  • rag

    According to information on the Internet about bindi jewelry, it says that the wearing of such jewelry need not necessarily be a reflection of a person’s cultural, ethnic, or religious affiliation. It is just a piece of jewelry. In addition, it is really no ones business what someone else wears.

  • aly91

    why is she wearing that? she’s not a married hindu woman.

  • Maddie

    @Lea Oh yea your right it’s a henna lol

  • selena fan

    Vote for selena gomez and the scene at the 2010 mtv europe awards.

  • Megamileyfan1

    Wow,l’m sure miley gets more & more beautiful,every time l see a new pic of her.Personally l love her no matter what she wears.U r awesome miles.She has the most beautiful hair,l’ve ever seen.Ur wonderful miles.Peace & godbless:)XX
    Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

  • dcstarinthemaking

    ewww, she looks so stupid, like stop cutting up your clothes miley. no one wants to see your pubescent body gross!!! and who does she think she is with that thing on her forehead? ugh go away!! i hate you miley!!

  • dcstarinthemaking

    @Bria: omg i love you!

  • http://yahoo shelby

    i wish she would at least try to look cute! :(

  • http://yahoo shelby

    can she try to look cute

  • http://yahoo shelby

    can she try to look cute?

  • http://yahoo shelby

    @shannon: yaaaaaa

  • http://yahoo shelby

    @alice: ya she is cute but needs lets say cuter cloths!

  • http://yahoo shelby

    were are these cloths comeing from?

  • http://yahoo shelby
  • http://yahoo shelby

    hay , yall

  • Cassidy

    Well if you hate her, dont comment on her post. Geez. Get a life. Stop hating on her for wearing a bindi. So what? Plus it looks sunny and hot so of course shes wearing shorts. What’s wrong with that?

  • headstrong.

    @dcstarinthemaking: Claudia why you changed your name? LMAO

  • headstrong.

    @Bria: Why do you feel the need to criticize everything in Miley?

  • Anthony

    Somebody really needs to tell Miley to tone it down a lot. Like my gosh, like where is the parenting, if her dad thinks her style of dressing is ok, then there is seriously something wrong with him. This kind of dressing only calls for attention and in many cases trouble. She does not need to be show so much skin. Jeeze!!

  • headstrong.

    @Anthony: guess every girs who has the same style is calling for attention? rme