Zac Efron To Join Lea Michele in 'New Year's Eve'?

Zac Efron To Join Lea Michele in 'New Year's Eve'?

Possibly, according to EOnline.

Lea Michele is in final negotiations to star in the sequel to the box office hit Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve.

Zac, 23, was originally offered Taylor Lautner‘s role of Willy in Valentine’s Day.

Other stars Garry wants for the new flick include Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and even Justin Bieber.

DO YOU THINK this would be a good role for Zac — YAY or NAY?

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  • adamwilde2011

    it would be awomse

  • miranda

    Yay! FIRST!! :)
    I think if the script and plot and story was well written, this movie has the possibility to be be really good. So if the script if right, then it could be good to see Zac Efron in this with all these other A-listers :)

  • lauren


  • 3niefronhudgie



  • isabela


  • mace

    Zac, PLEASE NO!

  • pink

    I wish they also cast vanessa in the movie. I think it’s better to cast real couples in valentines day so it’ll be more romantic and easier to work.

  • erika

    noooooooooooo, zac should put aside the romantic roles, he is a great actor and this movie really was not very good, he deserves something better.

  • xLOVEzanessa

    i think it would be a fun project for him since he might be starring next to big names.and the fact that Efron got offered the role first, and then it went to lautner is hilarious to me.
    but otherwise, he wouldn’t really get like that same spotlight he’s gotten for he’s past projects.
    but yeah. it sounds fun.

  • http://octavynna octavynn


  • Plots

    i think it would be cute. But it really depends on if he plays his part out well. Because honestly, if he would just be like, oh look at me, so handsome and perfect, it wouldn’t be enough; it has to be much more deeper than that to make this role a success for him.

  • gracemarie

    He turned down the first one which by the way got a 17% from all critics on RT and only a 15% from Top Critics – this in my opinion would be suicide.

    He’s trying to be takensderiously as a young leading actor in Hollywood he doesn’t need a sequel to a critical disaster

  • Katty

    It depends on the script and how they spin it.

    btw…. new photos of V in Hawaii on set of her new movie…

    it’s the first post

  • Katty


    just sayin’ ;)

  • Skylar

    Finally a Zac update! Too bad it’s not candids but it’s a Zac update at least! :)
    But he’s got bigger and better things ahead of him than this movie. Totally his choice but I honestly don’t think he’ll go for it!
    Love you Zac! <3
    Zanessa Forever <3

    And I know their both on their own movie sets but isn’t anyone else just DYING for a Zanessa update??


    ewww.. no way!

  • gracemarie


    Sequel have a hard enough way to go but it’s even worse when the original was pretty bad.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    It’s up to Zac really. Whatever he chooses to do, I will continue to support him. ♥

  • alex

    No, Lea, no! What are you thinking? I dunno what the casting directors were thinking with just the first film—lot’s of well-known stars does NOT a good film make. Enough said.

  • pop86

    100% Nay!

    Zac has more interesting projects lined up this bad sequel. As a matter a fact, Lea Michele should pass as well.

  • Katty


    I never saw the original.

  • Marianne

    It all sounded good until you mentioned Justin Bieber.

  • BabyBooZanessa

    This maybe a good one for Zac !

    I can’t wait !

  • sunny

    This has DISASTER written all over it. Boy needs to realize that romantic, fluffy parts are not the way into everyone’s heart. Keep trying but he needs a new direction.

  • pit


  • kami

    i don’t think he would ever consider something like this. he’s too serious about his career. they’re using his name to get publicity. what’s the next rumor, that zac’s going to be in a soap opera?
    ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

  • maria

    Oh, GOD, no!!!! The first one was AWFUL; I don’t care if it made money. He does NOT need to do another cheesy chick flick. It’d be disastrous for his career.

  • fan

    He turned down the offer for the first movie. He’ll probably will turn this one down too.

  • Dessy



  • athenais

    I hope no … I don’t like Valentine’s day and I don’t like the sequel because in genrally the sequel are goodless that the 1st movie …
    I think Zac has best choice

  • http://IHavenoWordsToSomeone,thatInspireme,ThatsisaGreatArtist,ThatwaspartofHSM,SomeonethathavetheBestGirlfriendandDESERVEDIT,SomeonethatwillhaveGreatsAwardsbutmostImportantthatAllHavetheMostLoyalFans joan

    I Will Love it

  • Carrie


  • alice

    Vanessa should do it with him:)

  • http://lala aiwen

    if this movie have zanessa in, it will be very very romantic!!!!!


  • Just Interested

    big NAY

  • Lucy

    HELL YEAH !!!!! :O

  • jojo

    no, leave your time to stay with vanessa

  • bush efron

    ok but not with Bieber.
    you know what zac nayyyyyyyyyyyy plz stay way from the stupid bieber

  • Love them both’

    Be and do w/ vanessa’plz zac.

  • ashleeey

    because, i think zac should
    continue starring in dramatic movies
    like charlie st. cloud, i think that movie
    has made him become more mature and ppl started to take him
    serious as an actor.. its even made him
    become more popular AND he lost his disney image
    which is good
    [not like vanessa hudgens,she's still starring in crappy secondary movies and she's only known because she's zac's gf]

  • bella

    @jojo: agree

  • http://@laiseantunes Laíse

    I do not no. I think he should not do this movie, mainly because of Lea. ahahaha ZANESSA FOREVER <3′



  • mary

    no no no

  • Danielysm

    NAY. Zac’s too good for that stupid ass movie and it doesn’t even make sense “Valentines Day – New years eve” ?? What the f*** !?!

  • jl


  • http://yr10899 Yasamin


  • Chanon

    NO! This will be a horrible role for him. The first movie was a big flop. Good thing he didn’t get the other role in the first movie, I don’t want to see him making out with Taylor Swift. xP

  • selena fan

    Vote for selena gomez and the scene at the 2010 mtv europe awards.

  • aliie

    nayyy the 1rst one wasnt that good :|