Selena Gomez & The Scene Sing for Shriner's Hospital

Selena Gomez & The Scene Sing for Shriner's Hospital

Selena Gomez shimmers in a silver mini dress as she poses backstage at the Justin Timberlake & Friends Concert a Special Evening Benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children presented by Neuro Drinks at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night (October 23).

The 18-year-old actress/singer, wearing Zuhair Murad Spring 2009 Couture, just returned from a promo tour for her new record with band The Scene in Europe.

Don’t forget — Selena is live streaming her UNICEF Roxy concert from Los Angeles NEXT WEEK! Check out all the details on JJJ!

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Credit: Frank Micelotta; Photos: Getty
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  • Theoracle


  • dude

    JJJ – I think you mean this week – Tuesday. not next week.

  • angel

    Gorgeous, as always.
    and also, boobies. <3

  • Kim

    Selena is naturally beautiful. The end.

  • mikiimol

    OMG i’m so jelous of her body! looove selena! and the scene<3

  • headstrong.

    she looks so young in the first picture!
    hmm i dont like the dress

  • Chloe

    Selena looks really pretty and her band looks good. Hope they had a good performance in front of all these important people. I would have been really nervous.

  • sanaz

    gosh her boobs look amazing in that dress. so jealous haha

  • mika

    Okay, in one photo with the pink plaid shirt she looks like she’s 5. In the other, she looks like a woman. The dress is super pretty, but it looks like it has too much boob push up.
    It doesn’t make any sense for her to look all sexy .. the cute kid look suits her more. And I don’t care if she’s getting old or whatever, she still looks like a kid.


    @headstrong whatever you say loser!!! yeah the dress is horrible (sarcasm) you sound so damn jelous that i reaaly feel sorry for you!!! btw she looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking!!! shes insanely gorgeous, sooo whatever!!!


    @mika get a fuck!ing life!!!! shes has a huge and amazing boobs, shes not like patheti cyrus who has no boobs at all and always use push up, soooo pathetic!!! and yes honey wake up, shes sexy and hot, but she also has class, glam and an amacing style!!! sooo saty mad….. she looks like a kid??? keep dreaming loser!!!


    seriously i cant even explain how gorgeous and amazing she looks!!! woowwww im soo jelous, but of course i still love her so much!!! shes the best!!! im so proud of her!!!

  • Jenny

    Hello Selena Gomez’ Boobs! Lol.

    Of course, she looks STUNNING.

    And finally someone who knows how to use just a little makeup to enhance her natural beauty instead of caking it on.
    Love her :)))

  • natalie

    Love Selena! Looks great as usual!

  • Ella

    She looks super skinny with that plaid shirt picture..

  • Isabelle

    She looks way too skinny here. She’s starting to get a bobblehead…

  • lulu

    Whoa! Her boobs in the second pic?! How’d she get them like that?! I mean we all know she has small boobs if you look at the others present pics. Must be a good push up bra then! x x x

  • headstrong. jealous? your dyslexia it’s getting worse, Claudia, learn to read and write.
    when you’re gonna learn people have different opinion,i didnt say the dress was horrible I JUST DONT LIKE IT damn if you like it, good for you, thats MY opinion, IDIOT.

  • headstrong. you’re SO idiot that you say ‘whatever you say’ but you care enough to reply my comment LOL. youre such a stupid person. pathetic.

  • leal

    they were definitely NOT bad. seriosly she can sing, it gets boring haters please get some new ideas for hating her^^

    i want to go to a concert of them too. if they would come to germany…………….

    “al hambre no hay pan duro!”

  • Isay You may not agree with some comments about selena but it doesn’t mean you have to be rude with everyone who has a different opinion.

  • Isay i can see selena is not doing her job well, she is so classy and polite and you… you’re just rude and stupid. Learn how to be polite like selena.

  • Isay you may disagree with some comments but it doesnt meant you have to be rude with everyone who has a different opinion.

  • amabella

    omg i wore that exact same dress for my sweet sixteen

  • Sahina

    @headstrong says something nice about Selena, but expresses the fact that she doesn’t like the dress.

    are you completely mental? does everyone have to like EVERYTHING that’s in the picture?


    and stop mentioning Miley in every post that’s not about her. you say that Miley either has saggy boobs or no boobs at all.

    like i said before. you’re OBSESSED with her.
    and you’re pathetic for not replying back. what, scared?
    jealous much at the fact that your grammar and spelling is atrocious?

    and i bet you look like a kid.

  • JennyOnDeck

    Aww. That’s so sweet of her!
    All of you just cared about how she looked…. no one commented on who she was singing to benefit or anything!
    I personally have ties to the Shriners Hospital, so I am SO proud that Selena sang to benefit them.

    And she looks stunning. ^_^

  • demiilovatoo

    DUMBO LISTEN Ok seriously why do you always need to compare selena and miley together? They both have their own different styles. i like Mileys better but thats my OPIOION! Im a HUGE miley fan! i always support like what im doing now! Selena Gomez is not that pretty. If you dont liike Mileys style then thats fine i cant make you like her like how you cant make me like Selena. But if Miley wants to be like how she is thats alright. You cant change her. its her life. she can only be 1 person. Its not right to compare Miley and Selena all the freakin time!!!

    SELENA GOMEZ LOOKS LIKE A STUPID! She always does hahaha!!!! She has a BOBBLE HEAD!

  • tmj

    catfight rrrrrr…… lol i make myself crack up u guys r arguing over her boob’s so what if ur a skinny ass u won’t have any till u get some fat or when ur grown up lol still laughing @ the whole boob thing its hilarious and she looks perfectly fine 4 her age shes not going out wearing anything outragous lik slutty cyrus aka the mini britanny spears and she is an awesome singer but she should really write her own music on her albums lik demi and taylor s. if u look on the album cover page thing it shows the people that wrote the songs and if u look @ all of them she never did and shes says she writes music i’ll believe it when i c it…………….

  • tmj

    o my comment about the music writing thing i’m talking about selena

  • n
    there is nothing wrong with not liking a dress headstrong didnt insult her

  • n
    omg i think everyone has already replied u

  • selena fan

    @n: Yeah but headstrong is always insulting her. so what do you have to say about that.

  • mendomamir

    she is gorgeous.. haters because of you.. she gets more and more famous.. thank you guys.. I appreciate you pathetic haters.. you must be so obssessed to waste your time with someone you “hate”.. haha

  • headstrong.

    @selena fan: lear the meaning of insulting please.
    an i not insulting her all the time you can see my comments on selena post i can say nice thing about her.

  • headstrong.


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    Hot dress

  • Anwen

    My sel…I love you! She’s sooo Pretty!!!

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