Taylor Swift 'Speaks Now' at Starbucks

Taylor Swift 'Speaks Now' at Starbucks

Taylor Swift is the first to pick up her third studio album, Speak Now, at the Times Square Starbucks in NYC early Monday morning (October 25).

The 20-year-old “Better Than Revenge” singer is actually scheduled to give a live performance at JetBlue’s T5 Terminal at New York JFK THIS WEDNESDAY, October 27.

JetBlue says that T‘s performance at its T5 terminal “will precede a ‘Flight Across America’ charter flight during which Taylor will conduct a promotional in-flight concert while en route to Los Angeles.”

But unless you have a plane ticket, you won’t get to see her. But still, what a perk!

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Credit: Keith Bedford; Photos: Getty
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  • frucht

    wow, cool. her album is so good!

  • tenors

    she still looks a little bit sick and not so happy :( anyway, looking forward to buy her album

  • zoe

    i love her! she looks so sleepy ! i suppose it was 4:30 am …. :D the new album is amazing but, i love you taylor !!!!!!!

  • Ron

    That is a perk, I’d say. Good luck with that album, Miss Taylor Swift. Love is a wonder full thing. Sort of.

    Taylor loves me. And I love Taylor. I especially love the picture of her and two rabbits. For some reason, it was posted on Miranda Cosgroves’ Twitter account. Last night. The only hare out of place is me. But not for long. Not if I can help it. The photograph makes me wonder how Taylor knew how to say exactly the right thing to find true love. Thanks Taylor. “Sparks Fly” is my favorite album. And Miranda my only wife.

    Hope you enjoyed the Starbucks, Miss Taylor Swift. Better luck next time.

  • http://andieunson Andie

    No make up!!! :O

  • Amy

    Her album ROCKS! And so does sheeeee <3

  • hasna

    i love love her album she is a genuis writer and a great singer

  • Paul C

    What I really like is that it was released in UK on same day as well… none of that regional release b$ll that only encourages those in the regions that are later on the schedule to pirate it

  • listen to mayday parade

    How good is this CD!

    I love that she has songs about Camilla Belle, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Kayne West. Maybe even Cory Monteith?

    Either way its amazing. Although Tay, please move on from Joe.

    Also since when is Camilla known for what she does on the mattress? lol at first I thought the song was about Ashley Greene with a comment like that.

  • Bria

    awwww, poor Taylor! She looks so tired! I don’t really buy CDs anymore, but I’ll defiantely pick up Taylor’s!

  • Caroline Browning

    I’m SOOOO happy for her she said that she always wanted to be able to buy her music at a starbucks & now it is :D that’s soo great!! LOVE YOU TAYLRO!!!

  • Ashley

    I love the Camilla one too! Hilarious!

  • Bria

    I heard “better than revenge” and I must say, I am VERY dissapointed in Taylor. First off, Camilla didn’t “steal” Joe, Joe broke up with Taylor so he could hurry up and date Camilla.That’s why it was over the phone, so he could quickly be with the girl he REALLY had love for. I highly doubt it was an affair. Secondly, she has NO right to say that Camilla is “better known for what she’s done on the matress” when Taylor is connected to a new guy every week! y (Taylor Lautner, than John Mayer than Cory Monteith, than Taylor Lautner again,Than the boy from her ‘Mine’ video and now Jake Gyllenhall.) Camilla always try to keep her relationships on the DL, she hardly ever linked to anyone. I’m conviced she only dates guys to write bitter songs about them. The whole Joe-Camilla thing happened what, two years ago? GET OVER IT! She needs to grow up and stop begging for sympathy in her songs. Joe must have been one hell of a boyfriend if she is still SO bitter! If all this CD is going to be another CD where she pretty much says eveyone is evil except for her, than I won’t be buying it :/ She needs to start singing about something else. I do like Taylor’s music, but her obvious immature jabs at people are getting annoying.

  • sima


  • Leah

    HAHAHAH you have no idea what the real story is at all. none of us do, unless your one of taylor’s close friend, which you are not. Unless you actually know the story keep your opinions to yourself. Oh and she wrote these in the span of two years so she probably wrote it a long time ago, i’m sure shes moved on now.

  • Leah


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    She’s a beautiful girl

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