Miley Cyrus in 'Big Big Bang' -- OFFICIAL VIDEO!

Miley Cyrus in 'Big Big Bang' -- OFFICIAL VIDEO!


Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers star in Rock Mafia‘s much-anticipated video, “Big Big Bang.”

The 17-year-old starlet shared with EOnline, “The video is unique and honestly, was a life-changing experience. This song means a lot to me.”

Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes snippets later this week!

WHAT DO YOU THINK is really happening in the video?

Rock Mafia’s “Big Big Bang” Official Music Video
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  • yazmin

    wo0o0o0w! i love it!!! because its very original!!! :O

  • http://chelsgirl16 Chels :)

    Wow,I really thought this song at a whole different perspective to it than i thought but it actually turned out really good!

  • Amy

    I don’t get it… is miley supposed to be a ghost or something?

  • carol donato


  • Rachel

    Miley looks so GORGEOUS!!

  • josie

    is it just me or does the guy look alot like zac efron?

  • headstrong.

    Miley looks GORGOEUS! and kevin looks like zac efron!!!
    Awesome video! Innovative concept.

  • tina

    Awesome Video Miles you rock

  • Rebecca


  • http://taise422 taise

    uau esse video é demais

  • mrsdestinyhope

    WOW! Now THIS Miley looks SEXY and CLASSY. :)

  • Robby

    I think he looks like Ian Somehlalderaaoeg or whatever, hahaha from Vampire Diaries.
    But oh my god, she’s hot.
    like this is sssssseeeeeeexx right here. ya know?

  • Sool

    Omg,loved the video but Im not sure if I get it. Is she dead?

  • Amanda

    I don’t think she ever existed. Might have been an illusion or something.

  • Roasher

    I agreed with some of you.. I thought the song was gonna be different.. but I LOVED IT.. and she rocked the video.. so beautiful.. love miley!!

  • winona

    I think Miley’s character is already dead in the beginning of the video. Kevin’s character starts fantasizing about the day she actually died and instead imagines that she gets out of the car perfectly unharmed and just runs away.

  • http://@catchmejbieber karime


  • Luvmizmiley

    Way to Go MiZ Miley, show the Pozers and the Haters how It’s done!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    First thing kid from Air Bud you’re trying to hard to sound like Adam Levine from Maroon 5… Second this would have been better without Miley. I’m a twenty-three year old woman I can dress like that, she’s a seventeen year old child and has no business dressing like that…

  • kenzie

    I think she was just an illusion, I think he made her up.

  • Mika

    1. The guy looks like an older version of Zac Efron, yum.
    2. The song is amazing, good beats.
    3. Miley trying to be sexy .. it’s just hard to take. The pouting, the clothes that a 23 hooker would wear.

    It was good, just like @Rose: it would have been better without Miley.

  • http://_Maara Mara

    I didn’t understand the video

  • selenitaisthebest!

    the most stupid video i´ve ever seen!!! ok miley stop to try sooo dam hard, is really embarrasing!!! and can she be more pathetic or really retarded??? this video was a life changing for he??? ok dont comment…..

  • headstrong.

    @selenitaisthebest!: Claudia, obviously you’re too stupid to understand this video you’re like 25 and you act like a 5 years old.

  • suri

    I LOVE her style on the video, super sexy, with clothes, without a stupid bindi and without tatoo .. all perfect

  • mary

    Miley looks STUNNING. I like her clothes

  • amy

    I thought it was realy goood! I just don’t know who it is that is singing. & is this the music video for whoever is singing? Whaterver, it was awesome.


    Wow! Was amazing … but I totally do not get it! Someone can explain it …??? Is she dead or something …??? Is she a ghost …???

  • camila


  • jazzy

    all i c here is that miley got sum haterz cuz she killed the video!! n she priobly rocked the clothes better then ne1 23 yr old would kevins hott good song they did a great job 2gether!!

  • MK

    Lol, I think he made her up in his head; he’s mentally ill or whatever. Yeah, Miley’s wardrobe could’ve been better but she looks all right. A LOT of girls dress worse than her and they’re younger so I think we should just leave Miley alone on that part because there’s a lot of pressure for girls to be sexy and you can’t expect everyone to be like Selena Gomez. Miley’s trying to grow up and be someone else HER way; I think it might be better if all of us shut up while she’s trying to figure out who she’s going to be instead of breathing down her neck and bagging on her every second. If thousands of people were doing that to me, I’d mess up a lot more than she has.
    It might’ve been better without Miley in it; I can understand what a lot of you guys commenting mean by that. I thought it was kind of nice not seeing Miley as a whiny teenager like in some of her previous roles. She’s not really like that; she’s an actual actress and she wants roles that no one expects of her and I certainly didn’t expect this. I really like this video now that I think I understand the concept.

  • Sarah

    It’s about their relationship and how she died and he keeps replaying her death in his head and all the moments they had together and how he misses her and has illusions of her.

  • itsmeagain

    LOL! Miley in her underwear, people call her a sIut , Miley in stunning gown, and people say she dresses OLDER THAN HER AGE. LOL! Miley just can’t win. And of course, didn’t take long for MC h8rs to come drowning out the post talking about how their so sick of hearing and seeing things about Miley and yet they read her post all the times.

  • nicolee


    eww go awaay! miley hater! no one wants you here obviously if your going to make trouble. Miley looks STUNNING in this music video. actually she looks STUNNING everywhere! Miley is not trying to be sexy shes just being herself and thats good. unlike some people which i dont want to say celebs name*cough* selena *cough cough* Miley is a really talented amazing girl just like Demi Lovato. Too bad Miley didnt sing this song though. But this video was amazing to me

  • Warren

    I saw this on E! and replayed it. and replayed it. OK, I’m not really sure what the video really means and I can’t really tell by the song. Miley looks beautiful. I don’t think the entire thing is supposed to be like a dream as other’s are saying.

  • Warren

    @Rose: Dress like what? Miley was covered and looked fine. And Miley is as much a woman as you are and I’m sure any guy would pick her over you. Jealous much? UR just a troll who came on to bash Miley.

  • Warren

    @Mika: Miley IS sexy without trying. And the Rock Mafia people wanted Miley to be in this video. That’s like saying “The Last Song” shouldn’t have Miley, when the whole thing was made for her. I’m guessing UR a girl, so the guy looks good to U. I’m a guy and Miley is hot and sexy to me.

  • Adam

    I like the song, the video was really cool but a little confusing, and I am still completely at a loss of how Rock Mafia and Miley Cyrus are tied together.

  • Kat

    He has fantasies about a girl he sees in a parking lot..its quite obvious actually. And in reality, she died in the accident.

  • Rochel

    WOW. Luved the Video.
    I like the ending.
    It has a mystery to it and keeps you wondering
    if she is dead or alive ??
    Its too bad people are not looking at the video as art and listening to the music cause both go together.
    People are to busy commenting on Miley clothes.
    The video dosent have anything to do with her clothes.
    People really should listen to the lyrics.

  • mICA

    I honestly interpret this as a psychological obsession. The guy was obsessed with Miley that he started seeing all those kinds of things. Same thing that happens to those people with disordered minds, they imagine these to happen, usually “romantic” (or more than that, as we see in the MV), and they think about it to much that they begin to blend it to their memory, kind of “photoshopping their memory” that in the long run, they themselves are fooled that it actually happened.

    It’s pretty obvious in Kevin’s acting…his eyes tell it all. He’s a great actor.

    And don’t go about telling Miley is a slut in this MV, she did a great job, and it is called acting.

  • Jaz

    I like the song! Its great!

    Honestly, Miley looks like trash (remember being honest not trying to hate on her). There’s nothing that’s natural about her. No Natural Beauty at all.
    Miley really thinks opening her mouth,pouting, and narrowing her eyes alot is sexy. She tries but comes off as desperate.

    She really needs to learn how to walk in heals. Gaga is shorter but she seem to walk in them with no problem.

  • samantha

    he’s totally HOT!! looks a little like zac efron i don’t know just saying and miley wow looks so sexy, amazing stunning she´s really beatiful and i like the video it’s very original…love at first sight makes one wonder many things

  • gabyyy

    Incredible video!!!!!!!!
    Miley is a big star!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome :):):)

  • Sahina


    i knew that was that idiotic Claudia girl. i saw her comment on a SG post yesterday and, just like Claudis-blah blah blah, IT posted a coment one after the other.

    don’t even understand WHY she even botheres wasting her life commenting on Miley posts.
    plus, she can’t even spell.

    SHE needs help.

  • erika

    Finally :)

  • mileylover

    @Rose: You obviously haven’t seen the way most normal seventeen year olds dress nowadays. I suggest you update yourself with the real world and then comment about her dressing.

  • mileylover

    @selenitaisthebest!: Shut up you stupid 6 year old.

  • DrZen

    not gonna lie
    but WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!!!!!!!

    Miley was soooo hot in this

  • DrZen

    and that whistling is soooo fukn catchy

>>>>>>> staging1