Emma Watson Didn't Know She Was Worth Millions!

Emma Watson Didn't Know She Was Worth Millions!

Emma Watson graces the cover of Vogue UK‘s December 2010 showing off her pixie haircut.

The 20-year-old Harry Potter actress told the mag that she didn’t know how much money she had growing up.

Emma received a weekly allowance of about $75 and didn’t know her worth until she had a conversation about her money with her dad when she was 17.

When she did find out, the Brown University student said that she felt “sick, very emotional.”

Emma is said to be worth about $32 million these days!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/evangeliap2808/Animations/21420161.gif headstrong.

    i miss her long hair

  • Boom

    Yeah right. Anybody with her brains could have figured out that being in the biggest movie franchise of all time would mean a ton of cash. She’s trying too hard to play the modest, innocent little girl.

  • Celia

    Love this cover and LOVE the editorial even more!! I can’t wait to read the rest of the interview. The snippets I have read have been fantastic!

    I think it was good of Emma’s parents to give her an allowance and let he have as normal of a childhood as possible…instead of telling her she was millionaire. They did the right thing. That’s one of the reasons Emma has turned out so down to earth and grounded.

  • http://www.facebook.com gabyyy

    Bauty beauty bauty
    She is beautiful no matter whether it is short or long hair

  • Natalie

    No offense but if she doesn’t want to be an actress anymore or doesn’t why fame, why is she still talking to the media and being a part of hollywood? i get that she’s in brown but still….

  • Sahina


    why wouldn’t she still want to be an actress?? she’s got other projects lined up. she looks up to other actresses because they were at university whilst focusing on their acting career i.e Natalie Portman.

    and she wants to continue her education because she likes it.


    because she doesn’t care about the money. she said so in an interview a few years back.

  • Nora

    I know she’s trying to play modest, but give her a break ok?

    I love her pixie cut, just love it, wish I could cut it that way but I don’t think it would be look right on me.

  • hiha

    Any hairstyle will suit her refined cute face! love her

  • nuhuh

    Disagree, she is boyish in every way so with the short hair she just looks like a dude.

  • janiece

    i hate when people try to turn every little thing a person says into a negative. so because shes in college that automatically means she doesnt want to act anymore? umm news flash, more than half of hollywood attended college before and during their careers as actors. and the fact that she gets criticized for being TOO modest is ridiculous. as a child making that kind of money, i can see how that would be overwhelming, especially when you dont come from a family of money in the first. would you prefer if she flaunted it and made stuck up comments about loving how rich she was…didnt think so

  • Lori

    I love her new hair. She looks alot like Twiggy now.
    She pulls off the short pixie cut so well.