Joe Jonas Guest Stars on Sonny With A Chance!

Joe Jonas Guest Stars on Sonny With A Chance!

Joe Jonas sings a sweet melody to Demi Lovato in this new still from Sonny With A Chance.

In the upcoming episode “So Random Holiday Special,” Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight) hosts a fully-produced, jolly-themed So Random! holiday special, with special musical guest Joe Jonas. Sketches include “A Jonas for Christmas,” “The 12 Days of Sickmas with Sicky Vicky,” “Holiday Cooking with Roadkill McGill” and “Christmas with the Real Princesses of New Jersey.”

Just like the Halloween special, but with Christmas instead!

“So Random Holiday Special” premieres Sunday, November 28th @ 9PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. 10+ pics inside…

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  • ana

    great timing… =/

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Love this! Of course everyone will hate on Joe since Demi is cutting herself again. So sad

  • nickj

    awww:( i wonder how this episode will go. man im really sad for demi, hopefully shes doing fine

  • cassidy

    The timing for this is impeccable. Really.

  • CKNola

    Well the ep doesn’t premiere for a while now, with any luck by the time it does there will be word Demi is doing better so it won’t be as awkward.

    Get Well Soon Demi.

  • gabyyy

    Joe and Dems the best people ever :):):)
    I don’t care nothing i love you !!!!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    No kidding.

  • amber lee

    Holy bejesus! joe looks just like elvis in the pic where he is holding a present! & it almost looks like he is about to propose in that pic…strange, but cute.

  • Lauren


    I agree

  • Christine


    I was totally just thinking that. This is one episode I’m not gonna watch. Two things I can’t stand: Joe Jonas and Jemi.

  • Madson

    I agree of “Christine”,
    Two things I can’t stand: Joe Jonas and Jemi.

    I do not think he will participate in SWAC,

  • ally

    jesus can’t they just cancel that episode and get this dude out of demis life please ? I used to really love him but the more demi suffers (and I KNOW it might not be (just) because of him) but the more I start disliking him. demi needs to get rid of disney, get rid of the jonas brothers – that tour was the worst idea ever, what did she get herself into.. poor dems

  • lilisoocute

    Disney is dropping all contract it has Demi…they should have done that a long time ago her career will never survive this!!

  • Lauren


    you r sooooooooooooo immature

    They r not going to cancel this

    Those who hate Joe r fake fans

  • mariana

    oh god..
    here we go again….just when poeple were about to get over all these stupid jemi things.

  • Kate

    OMG! I’m so psyched 4 this episode to air! I have to say I am still a “Jemi” fan…but it’ll be cool to see them on SWAC together! (in a relationship or not) :)
    I feel bad for Demi though :( Poor thing, cutting herself and having to go thru this :(
    I’m praying for you, Dem! <3 u!! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  • Cris

    we’re NOT fake fans… we THINK. thats the difference.

    I used to LOVE Jemi, but he was SUCH a douche i cant even stand him anymore. have anyone seen the vid in Peru? were she was already gone? it was Nick the depressed one.
    Joe doesnt give a sh*t about demi, he was suppost to be her best friend. and all i see is a jerk.
    Taylor was so right.
    Im feeling it for Demi. and i will always support her.
    Shes doing the right thing, and she has GOT to be out of the jonases shadow SHE IS SO MUCH BETTER.
    and yes… i quoted Joe.

  • Cris

    @mariana: believe it. people ARE over them.

  • Emily

    MY opinion is I love demi she is a great person and I love her to death I hope she gets better! poor thing…… Joe is a jerk.

  • Lauren


    U r sooooooooooooo immature too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP THE JOE JONAS HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kanani

    @Lauren: How are they immature? Because they don’t like someone who hurt an actress/singer that they are fans of? No, that’s not immature. If someone did something terrible to Joe you’d be saying bad stuff about that person too. THINK.

    PS; I don’t like Joe either. He’s a douche. Demi get well soon <3

  • kanani

    @lilisoocute: What do you mean?


    so what if Joe left demi?

    he’s not going to be single until she forgets him!

    demi wasn’t good either when they split she was in brazil going to partys and hooked up with boys there but anybody talks bad about her because she’s the angel demi :s

  • mofojoe.

    i loved the jonas brothers – nick is still amazing & kevin too.
    everyone has there dislikes i loved joe but what he did to demi was not right.every teenage girl goes through stuff like this i did too when i had a boyfriend i really loved him but he broke up with me its a tough time to go through and demi i support you forever because your music helped me through alot i admit i went through what demi did and shes a star so everyone hates her. its normal high school drama. demi i love you so much and im praying for you day and night. INSHALLAH <3 you well get better i respect your decision please feel better .

  • Aimzz

    What demi is going through started way before Joe came into her life.
    Something like this builds over time. Joe is the excuse to make you feel better about what’s going on. I could set here & say it’s the fans to falt. I mean how many daily reminders did she get on Twitter from fans saying ” we love jemi”
    “jemi is better than jashley” “jemi for ever” .
    Joe may be a bad boyfriend but you are bad fans for not letting her move on.

  • J

    I love Disney evil tactics. :D

  • Christine


    I agree that Joe had the right to break up with Demi if he wasn’t feeling it. And obviously he wasn’t. But to throw his new girlfriend in her face was just low. Maybe he didn’t set out to do that, but Demi obviously still liked him, and the fact that Ashley was tagging along on tour made the situation way worse than it needed to be.

    Joe was Demi’s friend. Her best friend. That alone should have made him at least a little considerate of her feelings. And those rumors about Demi hooking up with guys are just that, rumors. Nothing’s been proven.

  • NKeeyah

    What perfect timing! I bet there ratings will be high for this one.
    I hope Demi gets better.
    I am still excepting letters to send to demi. Email them to me ASAP I am making them into a book.

  • SJS

    This is obviously something Demi has been struggling with for years. Issues this strong don’t just pop up over night or even over a few months(unless something insanely traumatic happens & getting dumped doesn’t count). Anyone who thinks her break up & Joe starting to date again are enough to send her to rehab obviously have no grasp of the human psyche. I doubt seeing him with a new girl helped, but blaming it all(or even most of it) on that is beyond stupid.

    This episode really was timed incredibly bad. lol. I feel for Demi. I hope her fans drop the Joe/Ashley talk, cause I dobt hearing about negativity in any form is gonna help her. Girl needs some peace and some time away.

  • nicole


  • Luis F. Gomez

    I think when you are so messed up to seek for help is due a bunch of things… Dont hate on Joe, he is just doing his thing… he is a normal 21 yo boy… besides we all blame Joe but we have never really asked him about his feelings you know, we all should just respect Demi and pray for her fast and good recovery…

  • Singapore

    actually i am really glad joe broke off with demi earlier. i mean they are not comfortable with their relationship, wats the use of getting married -.-. joe was brave enough to break off with demi earlier so she would not get so hurt, if their relationship gets deeper i tink it would be worse… stop blaming joe but demi is the one tat cannot move on.. i know demi will be sad tat is y i support both. STOP JOE HATE!!!

  • crystal

    @Christine: Very well said!

    C’mon Disney! give my a break :/
    I just hope this episode was taped years before the break up…how can you put Joe Jonas in the same show that Demi and her on-screen boyfriend “Chad”? I bet ALL the fans already know what hapened between Demi and Joe ( Hellooo Internet?) thats going to be VERY ankward to see now…

  • Jane

    LOL…people are blamming joe because of demi gone crack…Hellooo~ stop blamming other people that she is not right for this industry.. she’s the one who need to GO!



  • Jane


  • Ella

    So handsome/gorgeous/hottie Joe Jonas on So Random!! Oh boy oh boy.. I cannot wait to watch this! Nov.8 – Joe’s guest appearance on 90210. Nov.28 – Joe’s guest appearance on Sonny with a Chance!!

    You go Joseph!! Love you so much my Boo!!!! <3

  • Tia

    Demi you are Awesome I will always support and you are in my prayers. Joe will always be a douche bag so lets move on from that and just support demi.

    God bless you Demi.

  • demifan23

    I totally agree with you

  • Sara

    omg I didn’t expect this…

  • blahblahblah

    I Think Disney Is Maybe Trying To Make Demi And Joe Come Back To Each Other ,But They Should Help Miley And Nick To Come Back Together :)

  • Katherinejoyce

    Omg!! this episode is going to be awkward and sad. #prayfordemi

  • Jessica

    Nice timing, I must say. Of course we know they can’t reshoot it, but come on Disney. We all know Joe has something to do with the fact Demi broke down, I’m not an expert but I doubt airing this episode, where she sits and sings with him, will help her. Have some emotion. And Joe Jonas? I used to look up to you, and I thought you were so amazing and talented. Well let’s just say that YOU’RE ON MY LIST! I’m not even that big of a “Disney” fan anymore, but when it comes to someone bringing Demi down like that it makes me sick. Joe, get a brain and DON’T bring your lovely/hot girlfriend with you on tour when you’re EX-GIRLFRIEND has to watch it. What was it like, two months and suddenly he’s SERIOUS with Ashley Greene? I’m not trash talking Ashley or Demi (I’ll pray for you girl, NO ONE should have to go through this. I’ve been there, and I know how much it hurts.) But Joe, please STEP UP and be the man us JB fans know you are. Because right now you’re kind of coming out as a jerk.

    But hey, none of us know WHY Demi is down. But we know Joe has something to do with it. What else could it be? I hope Selena is there for her. Not dumb ass Miley who’ll just go “Awww Demi I know how you feel … Like the time Nick and I bla bla bla bla bla ..”

  • Jessica

    Guys, I have an idea:
    We ALL have to watch the next few episodes of Sonny. Then when the joe episode premieres .. NOBODY watch it! And then make the ratings explode for the next episode! We need to show Demi that we support her!

  • http://Jbsshawtyx13 Megan bieber

    OMG, I can’t wait. I think this will be epic. Demi is in Rehab and us fans don’t know the real story. We should just stop talking about it because it might drive Demi crazy to the point where she won’t want to come back to living her dream. Let’s just enjoy Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato right now while we have them. People make mistakes. This is none of our business. It’s Demis life. Let her and her family solve it.

  • SJS

    @Jessica: Why are you saying you KNOW Joe had something to do with it? Do you KNOW Demi? Or Joe? Or what went on behind the scenes? NO. You are guessing based off of biases. Leave both of them alone kid. Next time, try taking a walk in BOTH people’s shoes before you take a damn side.

  • Maria

    ….. *face-palm*
    lord help Demi….

  • Maria

    …. *face-palm*
    lord help demi..

  • j-ann

    I agree with @SJS, you DON’T know that Joe is the reason what happened to Demi, if he is then she’s stupid for being so obsessed with a guy and do that to herself…BUT he’s NOT the reason. It’s all the bullying, eating disorders, cutting, pressure/fame, and insecurity issues she’s had before, so how is that Joe or Ashley’s fault??? They having nothing to do with Demi going into treatment. Something in her just snapped and wanted to get help.

    Jeeezz seriously you Joe and Ashley haters are ridiculous. You all know Demi is against bullying, so for having to see her fans bully and hate on Joe and Ashley is 100% uncalled for and I bet it disappoints Demi so much. I would be disappointed if I saw my fans bullying people who didn’t do anything wrong and who should not be involved in an issue. Show Demi some support please, STOP hating on Joe and Ashley!

  • me.

    @ally: i agree with everything you said there. he used to be my fav jonas and now i freakin’ hate him.