Brittany Snow & Ryan Rottman Split

Brittany Snow & Ryan Rottman Split

Brittany Snow and Ryan Rottman have called it quits after two years together, sources confirm exclusively to

“They just grew apart,” a source tells JJJ. “They’re still great friends but are just focused on their careers right now.”

The duo had been dating since meeting on the set of their upcoming movie, Walks.

Brittany, 24, has been busy shooting her new NBC drama, Harry’s Law, which will debut early 2011. Ryan, 26, has been filming his TeenNick show, Gigantic, which airs on Fridays @ 9:30PM ET/PT.

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  • mikaela

    *eye twitch*
    THE FUCK!?

  • Bradley Bobst

    That is sad news they where a cute couple.

  • gen

    :( awww I really loved them together.

  • V

    WHAT?! jnvjxdngf They were so cute together!

  • misstrindae

    WHAT? I thought they would be like zanessa or something. *shocker*

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    aww they were sooooooo cute 2gether :(
    everytime I saw Zac and Vanessa with them, it was all so cute..if Zac is hanging out with him or Vanessa is hanging out with her..they were like couple bff’
    well you never know what happens. Things could change.

    But wish Brittany and Ryan luck with all of their upcoming projects.

  • todd

    That may be the problem. Zac and Ryan partying at strip clubs and the whole cheating thing. Vanessa seems ok with it. Brittany seems like a stronger women. Good for her.

  • carly


    they weren’t partying in strip clubs… they do couple’s activities like they went camping together, the guys with their girlfriends.
    I love them as a couple , so cute.

  • maria

    “Busy with their careers”? That’s a lame excuse. If you truly care about someone, you always make time for them. It’s too bad….they seemed like a really good couple!!

  • lauren

    @ todd
    clearly u dont know anything,
    ryan wasnt even in new york with zac for charlie st cloud, and zac never cheated on vanessa, so shut the hell up.

  • niki

    WHAAAAAT? They were so cute together! This is so sad D: I hope they are ok

  • joanne

    aww no. they were cute

  • Oltimer

    Aww, these two seemed so sweet. I think Ryan is hella gorgeous. Oh boy, I hear all the Zanessa fans starting to worry. Oh well, if it happens at least V will be able to go out with her bff on the prowl. More power to the females, stay strong.

  • sam

    I hope Brittany gets custody of Zac and Vanessa in the break up. Ryan is a stage four fame clinger.

  • lauren

    @ oltimer,hahahaha
    actually in there own fantasy world they are like ”no they are together forever” ”i love zanessa” blahh

  • sexysterling78

    THAT’S SADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! AWW…. OH WELL… :’(

  • Carrie

    aw no ways.

  • roxana

    This is so shocking and sad!!!! They were so cute together, especially in their couples date out with Zanessa. I cant believe it, they were together not too long ago just being adorable. idk if i should believe this, i will wait and cross my fingers that it’s just a rumor. It is true they’ve been focused on their careers and have no time to see as often because of Ryan starting school but they seemed like the perfect match–hopefully it’s just a rumor but if not still i wish them the best and im glad they remain friends.

  • lauren

    first of all can we stop saying ”zanessa”
    its very childish and annoying.

  • J

    I guess the Prince of Persia couldn’t turn back the time on this one.

  • Christine

    Ashley and Jared. Brittany and Ryan. Seems like every one of Zac and Vanessa’s friends have broken up with their longtime partners at least once. I wonder who’s next…

  • Boji

    A shame really, so many steady couples splitting between now and oct. What’s with that? Thought they were cute together but well, they have their reasons. Never thought that it would end so soon.

  • luc

    nooo they were so cute together!!

  • pop86

    Do your research and get your fact right, before you post.

    How sad. They were cute together.

  • lUVu2

    This is sad :( Kinda shocked since they always seem so happy and working together on the “Love is Louder” campaign. Wish them both well.

  • Rio


    I think the guy who spent time in striper’s club with Zac is Corbin,isn’t it? btw it’s not cheating ok?Zac asked Vanessa before…
    I love them together:(Wish both of them the best.

  • Maurice

    So weird how crazy fans act like they know anything at all about personal lives. You all don’t know! It could be anything. But it is something.

  • lerner

    @RIo how do you know that Zac never went to a strip club with Ryan? Do you know their personal life? Are you going by interviews? I’m sure their entire life is not in a n interview!

  • mishyb

    OMG so shocking!… um NOT. Honestly these two were NEVER going to last.

  • Natalie

    @lauren: “Shut up” stupid

  • Erica

    @lauren: well Nobody knows it

    Because they can be together forever

  • Daniel Tang

    Being “cute” together does not mean they had a solid relationship. Maybe they weren’t that connected and knew it was time to move on. Could be they didn’t have a lot of things in common other than “dating” as in going places together.

  • neGro xoxo

    i love them! i think they are very cute together! they are Zanessa’s friends. I’m so sad!!!!!!!!

  • AddictedtoV

    me too i’m sad for them coz they’re the close friends of zanessa…

  • lauren

    @ natalie
    im saying it’s ”stupid” cus all the ”zanessa” fans live in a fantasy world, and it’s creppy,
    ugg w/e
    getting into an argument with someone i dont even know is stupid.

  • bobo ak

    guys grown up its nt about zac and vanessa its about ryan and brittany
    … am so sorry they split but what done is done and that will never effect on zac and van relationship and even if zac and van brock up i will always be there fan like i am still fan of Ryan Rottman

  • Doris

    @bobo ak: Do not worry, they’ll always be together


    I’m so sorry for Britany and Ryan, but they are the only ones that knows want happen between them,and very one needs to respect that,I wish them the very best in very thing they do. Remember Hollywood is very hard on realationships and very couple is different and want they want in life. Vanessa and Zac will always be their for them, just like they were for Ashley. Vanessa and Zac are one of a kind, they both know want they want and are always there for each other, they inspire each other and really suport each other, in very thing they do.Zac has said, that Vanessa and himself give a 110% to each other like his parents does.They just saw each other in Las Vegas, Haloween weekend,and they tex and they have new I Phones, that they can talk to each other and see each other the same time. Veryone is different, this seems to work for Zac and Vanessa, and they always make time for each other, they are solemates.They are so much alike, and like to do the same things, that helps alot. They are so mature for their ages, and they know want it takes to make a relationship work.

  • lauren

    learn how to spell!

  • Emma Efron

    I hope Zac & Vanessa split. I don’t think they’ve been together at all in October & hardley in September. I hope it stays that way. Vanessa bosses Zac around & she insulted him :P

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @lauren: will you stop being so rude, have you ever though that maybe English isn’t her first language? Or that maybe she’s typing on her phone ( which is quite hard if you have a touch screen lol)

    Emma efron: judging by the name you chose I can’t take you seriously

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @Emma Efron: plus they have jobs to do and spending every minute of very second together isn’t healthy

    It’s sad to hear but I wish them luck in their future choices :)

  • lauren

    @ emma efron,
    zac and vanessa are both doing movies in separate states,
    zac is in new orleans and vanessa is in hawaii,,, plus this past weekend they celebrated halloween together and before that in early october she went to visit zac in new orleans,,,, so yea, it just sounds like your just jealous.

  • Haters Suck!

    @Emma efron
    what the hell I’m curious. What do you mean Vanessa bosses zac around? I’d like to know where you got that information and what do you mean she insulted him, how? FYI they were together at Halloween. You keep dreaming about being mrs efron. Heck I still dream one day I’m going to grow 8 inches and play in the NBA so good luck with that.

  • lauren

    @ emma Efron,
    zac is in new orleans filming his new movie and vanessa is in hawii for her movie,,,,

    this past halloween weekend they were in las vegas and a couple weeks before that she went to new orleans to visit zac,

    so yea, i think your just bitter because your not dating zac, and seriously get over that. they been together for five years and clearly it shows that they care about each other.

  • Sarah

    @lauren BARBARA Haters Suck : Good job

  • Evangeline

    Gosh, that’s so sad. I’ll miss them <3
    And yeah, things do change. I wish this wasn’t one of them.
    Wish them both luck with the future! x

  • young Money

    @todd: don’t be an idiot

  • young Money

    @Emma Efron: your a fool


    @ Emma E, or want ever your name, in your dreams, you need to grow up, you sound like a twelve year old. And yes they were in Las Vegas, i even saw a clip from a mag. they were at a reaturant in the Mirage, buying a round of drinks. look up the sweetheart blog, they give information on both of them.

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