Demi Lovato's Parents: 'Thank You Fans!'

Demi Lovato's Parents: 'Thank You Fans!'

As Demi Lovato is focused on getting better, her parents, Dianna and Eddie De la Garza are sending a thank you to her fans.

Dianna and Eddie shared with People, “Our entire family appreciates the outpouring of support we have received from Demi‘s fans. We are touched by their kindness.”

The news of Demi entering treatment broke earlier this week. Rumors circling around the internet claim that a fight with a dancer on tour was the breaking point for Demi.

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  • vntrythbgf

    I feel so bad for her, I hope she gets better! So rude how people make up all this shit about her.

  • m

    @vntrythbgf: If her management would give us all the details there would be no need for rumors.

  • Nora

    I hope she gets well very soon!

  • Harley


    Her management doesn’t owe ANYONE details. It’s Demi’s personal life, and she’s obviously going through something hard right now. The paparazzi and the media need to leave her and her family alone.

    I hope she is okay, and I hope she gets well. She seems like a sweet girl, and it’s unfortunate she has to go through feeling the way she does. But, it’s good she got herself into treatment.

  • Mika

    It’s good she’s getting the help she needs. It’s evident from the most reliable sources that she went out, didn’t want to get snitched on and physically harmed a tour mate. Everything that she bottled up for all these years, it’s coooming out.

    Now, all those crazy ashleygreene+joejonas bashers can relax because Demi’s breakdown had NOTHING to do with them. Well … maybe a tiny bit but come on, it’s been months. Her depression shouldn’t let Joe date whoever he wants.

  • Kimi

    i am praying for you demi! hope you get better soon :)

  • Anwen

    May God help this girl!

  • Michael



  • Jess

    i hope she gets better. i send the most positive vibe
    even though we want to know everything that is going on with her this is something personal and im glad she is being kept away for a while this will only help her get better!

  • Nicole

    Spoiled little brat. She has everything in the world and yet she’s still unhappy. What a great role model for kids. I’ve never heard of rehab for emo rich kids.

  • anonymous

    The girl just snapped like we all do sometimes and she is certainly under more pressure than most for a young person. Lets not absolve the jerky ex boyfriend taking his new girlfriend on tour that would certainly make me want to punch someone – preferably him.

  • joejonasgirl0676

    @m: M, that is totally wrong. You don’t need the details about this. No one does. All she needs is support from her family and friends and fans. Getting the media involved with this is not right. And that’s what her management is doing. Not getting the media involved.

    Actually doesn’t her dad manage her? If he does he is doing the right thing as a parent and as her manager.

  • kristin


    amen to that.

  • joejonasgirl0676

    I meant to say stepdad. Not dad. Sorry

  • jj17

    @m: It’s none of your damn business! Those are the details! And Mika you are just as bad as those tabs!

  • Olivia Faulkner

    Hey, Demi I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing! I think you are so talented in everything you do! Also, I hope you can get through this hard time and you will come out as a better person in the end! Stay true to yourself and just keep doing your best to recover! You are my role model and I think you are so pretty! I hope you get better soon and I will be praying for you

  • 123abcthatsmex4

    I feel for Demi, im dealing with a similar situation everybody goes through pain in there lives that deals with depression and other mental diseases and we all can relate. It affects us all but for some it hits us a little harder. My prayers go out to her <3 Keep the faith, itll all be ok in the end.

  • toty

    we all love u demi….get better soon

  • http://@lovaticasarg poio84

    aaaaaaww!! I can not wait to go back to see Demi soul smile! she deserves to be happy! I’m pretty sure that will recover and go ahead and much stronger than before!

    argentina te ama y yo te amo!!!!

  • confused111

    I just do not understand how she could be so unhappy in her life. she has so much going for her, she has so much success, how is this girl so blessed and yet so depressed? It just makes me so confused.

  • http://facebook matthew hughes

    i hope she gets better shesgorgeous and i hope all goes well. shes lots of kids and adults of all ages idols and people want to look up to her for her famous ethity not the rumors spreading around.

  • yasmine

    demi is amzingly strong- she can pull through it!!!!!!!!! :) praying for you, girl. best of luck!

  • hayley

    I can’t stand the people hating on Ashley. Do you guys even know what she did? Absolutely nothing! She dated a Jonas brother. BIG DEAL. And no, she did not ruin Demi’s life. Demi’s life was destroyed by bullying. Sure, she never got over Joe but she is the one who pressured him into dating her in the first place (and I’m not making this up, she has confirmed this). So it is not really Joe’s fault either. ANYWAY. If you guys were REALLY Demi fans, you would not resort to bullying Ashley to “stick up” for someone who was ruined by bullying. GG you losers

  • Ella

    We will keep on praying for Demi. Love you so much girl! Stay strong for your family, friends, fans and most esp. for yourself. :))

  • elle

    @Nicole: At least we know now that what makes you happy is having everything in the world.

  • cassidybarrett

    @confused111: she said she suffered a lot from bullying. I think it made her underestimate herself so much.

    I knew something wasn’t right with Demi. She changed a loooot after her 2nd album was released and Joe didn’t do any good to her. don’t get me wrong, I love the JoBros (nick a looot more XD). I’ve been through this but for her, it’s worse. She’s in the public eye and having everything in the world doesn’t mean anything if you’re not happy with who you are. I hope she feels better. She’s young and talented, she’ll overcome this! And she should get back to her REAL friends, those who’ve always been there for her and who know her. IDK what happened with Sel but there’s no problem that cannot be solved.

  • http://gustaury gustaury

    demi es un ser maravillosa

  • J

    These problems been with her sense she was kid. All this finger pointing isn’t going too solve anything. I think Demi would agree that these are her problems, and her problems “alone”. No one else.

  • Janie

    Of course she attracts fans as crazy as herself, you all sound like you will be out punching anyone who doesn’t agree with you. She should be charged with assault but she ran to hide in rehab. She nearly ruined the Jonas tour and should be sued. But its all in her mind. Joe is just living his life. Ashley and Joe did not make Demi crazy. If Demi met someone don’t you think she would be dragging him on tour too?? There are lots of guys her age, why can’t she find someone who will stay? She won’t until she grows up. Right now Joe won’t solve her problems and never could. Get over it. I like all of them but am not going to say hitting people is just fine. Its not.

  • gabyyy

    We loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • swiftfan


    These type of illnesses go beyond your control, and that probably makes her feel worst because she knows she should be happy for all she has but she can’t

  • Nicole

    @elle: Everything doesn’t have to bE materialistic. She has a successful career, a loving family, friends, and fans all over the world. She has nothing to be upset about.

  • Kay Johnson

    FEEL BETTER DEMI!!! I am praying for you and your family, get better

  • http://@jackeam jackeam

    Get well soon Demi!! we love you and we need you so much <3

  • Gossip Girl

    @Nicole: money and fortune can’t buy u happiness darling. Haven’t ur parents told u that before? And Miss Lovato is NO WHERE NEAR SPOILED.

  • Jez Vincent

    stay strong Demi

  • http://twitter theresa pink

    may god bless you and take care of you we your fans love you! get better demi!

  • http://twitter theresa pink


  • beth

    @vntrythbgf: i know i HATE it when the poparotzie will not leave good people alone. she is such a wonderful person and dosnt diserve this. U ROCK DEMI!!!!!!!!!!

  • concerned

    i wonder how selena feels?

  • ashley josh

    hope u get better soon demi i love u and i’m with u we r waiting for u to come back to the stage …

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