Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Sucker Punch' Trailer

Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Sucker Punch' Trailer

Check out this new poster with Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung and Emily Browning for their upcoming action fantasy, Sucker Punch.

In Sucker Punch, a young girl (Browning) is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility

Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish also star in the flick — out in theaters in March 2011. ARE YOU EXCITED?

Sucker Punch – Full-Length Trailer #1
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  • Sizuka

    yay… <3 <3 <3

  • http://deleted/ charlene


  • Diamond

    When I saw this all I could say was WOW…I was completly speechless and was like ok I am in there when that movie comes out but I’ve been saying that since I read the plot for it HAHA!!! This looks so good and the trailer explains so much..OMG I CANNOT WAIT! Action 100%…So proud of V =)

  • londonlemming

    I find it amusing that half the Vanessa Fans that are going to comment this post are gonna be way to young to watch this movie.

    I think it looks more like a video game then a movie.

  • ladysdsandiego

    omg i cannot wait!!!!!

    this movie looks awesome!!!!!

  • J

    I can’t wait.



    I’m first!


    Who cares.

  • http://deleted/ charlene

    is it real? or its a fan made?

  • Katty


    It is real.


    I can’t wait until this movie comes out. I wish there was more of V, but I still loved it! Can’t wait for more of this and Beastly. I do not like Jamie Chung or Jena Malone much, but I will deal.

  • http://deleted/ charlene

    i´m 25.. so proud to be a vanessa fan :D

  • Anibal
  • camii

    this movie looks freaking amazing!!
    soo excited for this movie!! it’s gonna be awesome!!

  • mike

    love Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amazing trailer

  • camii

    this movie looks freaking amazing!!
    soo excited for this movie! it’s gonna be awesome!!!

  • duduche29

    i’ve just waste 2.28 minute of my time

    vanessa looks like a slut in her costume and with all her make up

    she’s so ridiculous in this movie

  • http://deleted/ charlene

    i’m talking about the poster

  • http://deleted/ charlene

    lol… you again

  • BabyBooZanessa

    This is the real trailer > – Official Trailer Sucker Punch (New)

  • duduche29

    even for free i will never watch this movie

    honeslty vanessa look completey ridiculous with her gun

    why did you title this “vanessa hudgens : new sycker punch poster”… she’s not the main caracter

    this is a move with 95 percent of special effect…

  • duduche29

    charlene… yes it’s me again… what’s your problem…

    i have the entire right to say what i think of his “movie”

    if you don’t like what i say then don’t read it and shut up

  • Boji

    Douchy, give it up already. You just wasted precious minutes posting here.

    Well, the trailer looks exciting enough. Saw Emily in another movie, her portrayal was of a girl with mental problems, just out of an institution. I must say she plays her role well. Even though V has only a supporting role, I’m gonna watch it in the cinema because she is in it. I don’t play video games so to me this is something refreshing to watch.

  • e

    It looks so awesome, I can hardly wait. And charline, I think it’s fake, for one they have listed the wrong production companies, and knowing WB they have never used the same pictures in the offical poster as they use for the character posters, they always pick other images so that people will get a broader snese of them, but I could be wrong about it though.


    Well, it’s a good thing then that we live in a free conutry and if you don’t want to see the film then you don’t have to, there is no need for you to come here and bad talk it though if you’re not even going to give it a chance.

  • maria

    I can’t even dignify stupid-ass comments made by the likes of duche-bag. How stupid. If you knew ANYthing about this movie, the brothel is part of Baby Doll’s dream/fantasy sequence.

    I think the trailer is FABULOUS… tells us just a little bit more of the story and shows us a tease of the amazing action sequences!! It looks VERY original, to say the least. I can’t wait to see the trailers on a big screen, and will be in line opening night!!!! So happy that Vanessa is a part of this amazing movie!!

  • duduche29

    charlene… you’re 25 and fan of vanessa??? what a shame at your age honeslty

    you must be so proud of her with her naked pictured then

    personnaly i admired people who are really talented

  • http://j chelsea

    wow amazing really

  • miranda

    @duduche29: Vanessa looks stunning in this movie, plus Zac is probably more excited for this movie than Vanessa is, for obvious reasons :)

  • duduche29

    e… give a chance to a movie like this…. this is a joke right?

    i don’t like zack snyder’s movie at all….

    i like intelligent movie not movie with a group of girls pratically naked and who’s think they’re badass

  • duduche29

    miranda… excuse me but when i saw her in this trailer, i was like “oh my god she’s so horrible with all that make up, she’s look like 26 or more and she’s dressed like a slut” and her thing with the dragon and all….

    oh my god she’s really ridiculous on this trailer

  • Ann

    Holy crap it looks FAMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    (the poster looks kinda fake though)
    I cannot wait to see this movie, I am going the IMAX for sure!

  • duduche29

    miranda… why are you talking about zac here???

    vanessa looks like a slut

  • sunny

    My girlfriends and I are seeing this as soon as it comes out, it’s right at my due date and my husband thinks it might put me into labor. :) (Lord of the Rings, Return of the King induced my first one at the theater!) I love female empowerment movies! Abbie Cornish is awesome,saw her in Bright Star and it is one of my favorite movies next to Pride and Prejudice. Way to go Vanessa!

  • e


    Well, like I said, you can watch whatever you want to, no one is going to force you to watch it, but if you think that your oppinion actually matter to any of us and will keep us from seeing this film then I feel sorry for you. And what intelligen movies are you talking about? Just because this isn’t a sappy drama dosan’t mean that it isn’t intelligent, trust me, I admire Zack for being able to pull these kind of moives of because it takes a lot longer to make them than other films, and also, incase you weren’t awere, fantasy moives usually contains a lot more emotions and a lot more mix of emotions than most dramas does.
    And give those old images a rest, you really show how imature you are if you’re going to hold something like that over Vanessas hea forever, espcially since she really didn’t do anything wrong and she never deserved all the hate she got for it and yeah, I am a fan despite those pictures, or maybe more because of them because after they showed up we really got to see how strong Vanessa is and they way that she handled everything that happend showed that she is a great role model and that once you go through a ahrd time, the best thing you can do is hold your head up high and keep walking forward, those are the kind of things young people should learn and follow, ratter that then those who walk around prettending that they are the best people in the wrold who have ever done anything wrong or who have never made any mistakes, those poeple are just liars and phonies.

  • miranda

    @duduche29: Because your opinion does not matter to Vanessa, the only opinion that matters to her is Zac’s. And by the looks of this movies and his previous comments about how great this movie is, Zac is probably the one who most excited to see this movie out of anyone.

    And by the way, atleast Vanessa is not in rehab like some other celebrities, atleast she’s actually working and filming movies :)

  • Boji

    Duduche, you’re pathetic, you know that?! If you claim to be an adult why are you trashing Vanessa on this thread like a juvenile delinquent? Get yourself a life and go live it. Just be positive and stop with the rude and negative comments. If she irks you so much, then stay away and perhaps, you will feel better about yourself.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Dayuuuum, this movie looks more intense now !! And it is so bad ass. Hot girls with machine guns ? Oh yes. :D

  • Hater of Haters

    @duduche29: Ah, Chou Chou/Julie/Frenchie the Vanessa Hater is back. You still have’nt got a boyfriend yet? Still jealous of a actress because she has it all and you will never come close. Your pathetic. You really should
    gets some hobbies, meet new people, GET A LIFE!!! Stop coming to
    Vanessa’s posts and go stalk someone else. Your name suits you.

  • Katty


    You can keep ranting on about how much you hate Vanessa, personally, I really do not care. If you have nothing better to do with your time then complain about Vanessa Hudgens on a gossip blog, then more power to you.

    Avatar was about 95% special effects as well, yet everyone loved it. And if it was only 5% acting, they wouldn’t have spend so long filming it and training for it. That was really the only thing that hit a slight nerve.

    In the end, have fun ranting about an actress who could not care less about your single opinion, nor does most of the general public.

  • pop86

    wow, I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • duduche29

    miranda… do you really think that zac or zack are gonna said “vanessa isn’t good for this movie” or “i don’t like the way she dress that’s too sexy”????

    excuse me but your opinion doens’t matter to vanessa either, she don’t give a shit about you

    e… a “sappy drama”???…. for you intellingent movie are just drama???

    honeslty everybody on this planet have seen her naked so

  • Brenda

    This movie isn’t mainly about Vanessa’s Blondie but about “Baby Doll”. Fun fact: “Amber”, Jamie Chung’s character was turned down by Emma Stone because she had a schedule conflict with her filming of “Easy A”. And also Amanda Seyfried turned down the role for ” Babydoll”.

  • http://deleted/ charlene

    she is a young, natural, and talented lady, who knows what she wants and she is taking the right steps
    and finally you´re showing your real face… you are a HATER…
    why you hate her?

  • jello

    come on jared, post this on jj

  • pop86

    @duduche29: If you don’t like Vanessa, why do you post on her thread. Are you that desperate for attenion?

  • sheman


    If you hate her so much, why are you on here? Some of you people are really lame holding something over this girl’s head. So what she had nude photos of her? It’s not like she killed or raped someone. This is why I hate this country. A Bunch of slefish, prudes who can’t see that the naked human body is beautiful. In every other country, nudity is accepted and celebrated, but in the good ol’ U.S. of A., it is shunned becasue sex is too taboo to talk about.
    Are you so perfect that you have never ever made a mistake. If so, please let me know? She is HUMAN, just like the reest of us. NO ONE is perfect. Go Crawl back to the hole where you came from.

  • e


    Hate to break it to you but Vanessa is an actress, it’s her job to take on different roles. What are you one of those poeple who can’t tell the different between real life and movies, do you actually belive that as an example that Rob Pattinson is a vampire, come on. Besides, Blondie isn’t a prostiute, she inmate at a mental institution and yeah the girls are sexy but so what, it’s not different from all the times male actors take their shirt of for a role so that women want to go see it, this is a movie that both guys and girl are going to want to see which isn’t that easy to come by these days. Vanessa’s character is described as the street-smart character, the one who knows “everything” or at least a alot of things and thos is the eal bad-ass one with a smart-mouth. I also love taht Vanessa next year will have three different movies out that is focused on three different audiences, SP with more grown-up once, ‘beastly’ to more females and ‘Journey 2′ towards a younger audience, I admire that, most actors her age just keeps doing the same thing over and over because they are to affaid to reach out and try new things. Vanessa have the guts to ry out for different parts which will continue to serve her well.

  • http://deleted/ charlene

    HATER!! go back to your “idol” posts.. you need to use another account there! HAHAHAHA

  • Melissa

    @duduche29: “Shut up” You make me sick

  • fiona

    EPIC!!! OMG!!

  • kyle

    Ignore the troll. He he.

    This movie is really gonna kick a.s.s. An action movie featuring women -awesomeness!!!

  • roxana

    im 25 years old and so f***ing proud of Vanessa. she is a true,honest and taleneted person. i dont judge for what she did..that is past every girl does it..its just unfortunate that an a**hole linked it..thats not a human but a rat. vanessa keeps her head up always and i stand up for the kind of person she is…not like others in hollywood..shes an example to many women. i wouldnt miss sucker punch for anything..the girls are badass and i think they did a great job..sp rocks kp and im not ashame to say that i love vanessa and her movies…now pls haters dont say anything but or i will shut u up :p

  • fiona
>>>>>>> staging1