Matt Barr: My Sister Owes Me Her Life

Matt Barr: My Sister Owes Me Her Life

You might remember Matt Barr from his brief stint on Harper’s Island, or if you watch Hellcats, you know him better as Ashley Tisdale‘s main squeeze on screen. But what do you really know about him?

Seventeen mag caught up with the 26-year-old actor to find out a bit more. Check out what he had to say:

On his TV guilty pleasure: “Man vs Wild on the Discovery Channel. This guy is my hero. He goes into the Amazon with nothing but a small knife and a toothpick, and comes out with a jacket made of rhinoceros skin, a King Cobra as rope, and life raft made of bamboo and the wings of vampire bats. Yep!”

On the fast food he can’t live without: “Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets. If you’re reading this and you don’t know what that is, drop what you’re doing and go find one. Right now! Gonna change your life!”

On his sister owing her life to him: “[I'm closest to] my brother Luke and my sister Sara. Through all the ups and downs of growing up, we always had each other. My sister was drowning in the ocean once, and my brother and I dove in and saved her. True story. She owes us her life. Its great leverage; we abuse it all the time!”

On his worst habit: “Never ask me to hold your keys, wallet, purse, phone, etc, I will lose them. So definitely think twice when you ask me to hold your baby.”

On how much Canadian money looks like it came from Monolopy: “Canadian bills are really colorful. They look like Monopoly money. I have to remind myself it’s real”

Hellcats airs Wednesdays @ 9PM ET/PT on the CW.

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  • Amanda

    I love him! Ever since he was psycho Derek on One Tree Hill. He’s all around amazing!

  • JESS

    Ok, I am Canadian and I cannot tell you how many times I have heard American tourists tell me that our money looks like monopoly money! Most Canadians find this comment to be rude. The U.S. is the only other country that I know of that makes their money all the same colour. Think about it for a moment. It actually makes A LOT more sense to produce bills of varying colours. It is no wonder so many other places in the world find Americans to be arrogant!

  • Jessica

    He’s so hot! OMGosh! I can’t even!! People say they can’t see him as anything, but “Psycho Derek”, but I see him so beyond that now! He is def “just Dan” to me now & I’m falling more in love w/ him each week on Hellcats!

  • Laxer

    Matt is an accomplished actor who will only grow in popularity. I look forward to following his career. Plus..I agree with him about Chick-Fil-A Nuggets!

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