Cody Linley Dedicates Song to Demi Lovato

Cody Linley Dedicates Song to Demi Lovato

Cody Linley, known for his YouTube videos and being Hannah Montana‘s boyfriend, has dedicated a song for former girlfriend Demi Lovato.

Together with friend Stephanie Crews, Cody sings a bit of “Just The Way You Are” for the 18-year-old Camp Rock star who admitted herself into a treatment center earlier this week.

Cody writes at the end of the video, “In our journey through life, we have obstacles to overcome. It is these experiences that shape you to be the person you are. I love you just the way you are. Love, Cody.”

Cody and Demi dated for a brief period in 2007.

Cody Linley & Stephanie Crews – “Just The Way You Are”
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  • Maki

    Cody and Demi were friends long before they dated. They knew each other way back, and I remember them talking about celebrating his 15th birthday together in Texas.
    It’s because of that friendship that Demi defended him last year, when some nasty pictures came out of him partying too hard.
    Bottomline is, he’s not just her ex-boyfriend, but they are good friends :)

  • ryan

    Very well done by Cody & Steph and what a kind gesture for Cody to reach out to Demi like this. A great song & love his and Stephanie’s take on JTWYA, a fitting song to dedicate to Demi. Glad to see friends & co-stars of Demi giving her love & supporting her decision on getting help for troubles she’s dealt with for quite some time.

    Much love & kudos to both Cody and Stephanie. :)

  • abc


  • Anon

    Cody is a doll. And he has a great voice, too. I hope he goes very far in this industry. He’s a sweet kid AND has talent. Things that most Hollywood teenage boys lack nowadays.

  • gabyyy


  • Rain

    awwww very sweet . Get well soon Demi

  • sb

    CLASS ACT,CODY!……CLASS ACT!….. Demi is lucky to have someone like you in her life! She needs MORE of this compassion from her friends. I feel that maybe she did not have this and that is why SOME, not all, of the things she is going through are happening. LOVE AND GET WELL, DEMI!!…. Again, way to go, Cody!

  • t.

    he’s such a cutie :*

  • tambug19

    Awww Cody is such a sweetheart..looks like he’s one of those people that can still be friends with an ex and still cares about them :)

  • m

    can you say FAMEWHORE?

  • ashytisdalefan

    WTF?!!?! THEY DATED?! :O

  • eyeh8twilight

    That’s very nice of him. I love Cody Linley so much, he’s such a nice guy. He’s one of the cutest boys in Hollywood, too.

    What happened to his stint on Broadway? He was supposed to be on Broadway or something in a new musical by now. I guess it just fell through.

  • eyeh8twilight



  • Liz.

    Awww, this is so sweet. :]

  • lilisoocute

    Why you would waste your time on a drunk bitch..who punched somebody because she didn’t want to get ratted on..because she has been warned about her drinking b-4..she only went to rehab to save face and make herself LOOK REMORSEFUL..whatever she is over and getting what she deserves!!!

  • tambug19

    @lilisoocute: Dude…seriously, I swear you are up on EVERY Demi video on YouTube and post…you must really love and support her!! Thanks for being such a great and dedicated fan <3

  • Katherinejoyce

    So sweet!! I like the way he dedicated this song for Demi. He’s one of Demi’s true friends and support her no matter what. Demi is not alone and we love her just the way she is ♥

  • http://@bhkprince Bhkprince

    @lilisoocute why are you always hating on Demi everytime you comment you talk shit what did demi ever do to you? Maybe you know something we dont which bar/club did you buy demi alcoho since you say she is a drunk? FACT: You will never be famous! So stop taking your fustration of failure on her….

  • headstrong.

    awwwwwwww so sweet!!

  • par

    Cody is really nice. I like how he’s being supportive of Demi even if they are exes. I think being friends with your ex is a good attitude in life. Plus, the fact that Demi was there for him to shun out his haters when pictures of a drunk him kissing some girl went out, he is always there for her.

  • Melissa

    Omg he is soooo sweet <3
    They are still friends even when they are ex-, super sweet!!
    i love demi and i know you’re gonna get through this <3
    WE LOVE YOU <3

  • paty

    @ lilisocute, your probably no so cute and thats why your hating on demi, shes beautiful and a teen going through hard times, like all the other teens in the world

    build a bridge and get over it!

    Love you Demi!

  • joceelyynn

    that is SO cute, demi definitely deserves someone like cody

  • nickj

    @lilisoocute: ur one of the reasons why demi is in rehab. have some respect, it is clear that demi has/had problems, and she needs the help she can get, but ur at sitting at home hating on her. have a life seriously.

  • Kanani

    Aw, this was sweet :) I hope Demi gets well soon <3
    I feel part of the reason she’s in rehab is the way her so called friends treated her. Selena ditched her for Taylor Swift (& I’m not hating on Taylor, I love her!) and how Joe brought Ashley around on tour knowing Demi would feel uncomfortable. I don’t like Joe or Selena, they’re terrible friends to her. That’s just my opinion.

  • Catherine


  • Tamia

    That was really beautiful I hope Dem get’s better and just is full on carefree. She can beat this Luv ya CODY

  • Samantha

    awwww that was cute..
    Joe should take lessons from Cody because even though they are exes he is still there for her unlike Joe….. and you can tell Cody still cares about her…..Joe may say he does care but he doesn’t even show it……. love you demi

  • Amy

    This is the cutest! Demi is a wonderful girl, and she should know that.

  • Ella

    He still cares for Demi. She needs to see this!! This is like the sweetest thing that Cody had ever done. Love them both! They should get back together. ;)

  • Amanda

    i cried…….. Stay Strong Demi <3

  • ssr

    now thats a good frnd / ex becus he is standing up 4 her

  • dee

    Now that’s what friends do, support each other no matter what. Very classy Cody!

  • alice

    @Kanani: Uh, Selena didn’t ditch Demi, alright?
    Why go around saying stuff when you have nothing to back it up?
    Demi decided to be friends with crackhead Miley Cyrus, and Selena never liked Miley.
    They BOTH decided that it was better for them to go separate ways.
    Why does everyone always have to either choose between Demi or Selena?
    They’re both nice, sweet, amazing girls. :)

  • addina

    what a cute ex-couples demi had!i know why on earth they’ve been desperate each other,,cody and demi were too busy..but i’m glad they were still good friend ;)cody was so cute!it’s match with DEMI!both look great!but who is the girl next to cody??not her new girlfriend,right?but ANYWAY,SHE seems NICE!

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