Selena Gomez: I'm Still Battling Bullies

Selena Gomez: I'm Still Battling Bullies

Selena Gomez opens up about her past struggle with bullies in a recent interview with the New York Post.

The 18-year-old singer and actress revealed she was taunted by her middle school classmates because of her job.

“I was definitely picked on in school. I was definitely made fun of for being in the [entertainment] industry,” Selena shared, adding that homeschooling helped but she’s still being bullied today.

“I get criticized by adults who say awful things about me on the Internet, things that affect me that I try not to read,” she said.

To address the widespread bullying problem, Wizards of Waverly Place‘s new season, which kicks off November 12, will feature an episode where Max (Jake T. Austin) finds himself being pushed around at school.

Check out more of Selena‘s NYP interview here.

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Mika @ 6:40 pm on 11/06/2010

… wasn’t she home schooled? She never went to a middle school, did she?

What’s up with all the disney stars claiming they got bullied when they were younger? Trying to relate to your fans? You’re rich and successful and those who bullied you are probably at home picking their noses. As for the adults who criticize, who cares? You’re surrounded by fans that LOVE you, so random adults shouldn’t break you.

It’s annoying to hear them being “bullied”.

zanessa94 @ 6:47 pm on 11/06/2010

@Mika: she went to school but like demi she decided that she want homeschooled.
(sorry for my bad english)

zena @ 9:03 pm on 11/06/2010

I guess there are different degrees of what one considers bullying, and it probably depends on how thick a person’s skin is as to how they take negative comments. But I would think that professional criticism is different from schoolyard bullying, which is senseless and motivated by kids who just want to hurt each other and far more emotionally damaging.

It’s definitely becoming tiresome to hear every young star out there claiming “bullying” as a hardship, when it comes with the territory in Hollywierd; Especially from Selena who is universally loved by most of young america. Criticism of her professional body of work, is far different from commentary on her looks, weight, drug habits, mental stability, etc. which more of her peers at disney are facing than she is.

Ashley @ 9:48 pm on 11/06/2010

So many Celebs got bullied it’s weird to think about..
Selena’s awesome though best Disney star :)

Naty @ 10:09 pm on 11/06/2010


Totally agree with you!
Poor Disney rich kids! Give me a break!

none @ 10:13 pm on 11/06/2010

Wait a minute Selena was homeschooled. How was she bullied. This is b.s. She is 18 which makes her an adult too. So how can adults bully her when she is one? I am getting tired of the I’ve been bullied band wagon everyone is jumping on. We all have war stories that we can tell about bullies. This story is b.s How was she bullied? Get over it people and move on. It’s part of life.

Haters Suck! @ 10:43 pm on 11/06/2010

Wow seems like a lot of people are making excuses for bullying. Some of you may think it’s ok but I don’t and I never will. I don’t care who you are, what you do, or how much money you have no one deserves to get bullied and nothing you say can make it right. I’ve been fighting against bullies for most of my life. I’ve fought my bullies, my friends bullies, even bullies of people I didn’t know. Heck, now I even fight internet bullies hence my moniker.

amy @ 11:06 pm on 11/06/2010

What BS she was homeschooled and she seems so snobby & uptight. Anyway she had the time to talk about how she was “bullied” but doesnt have the time to comment on Demi Lovato being in a treatment center?

Mollymakeout @ 11:32 pm on 11/06/2010

oh how convenient, she’s never spoken about bullying but now that she has an episode of her show about bullying and to take sympathy/attention off of demi, suddenly, voila! she was bullied. whatever, some people are actually bullied, it’s not something to mold for your own use. you just lost my respect selena.

meiner @ 11:39 pm on 11/06/2010

I can understand them …
as unqualified people, the one not to know, comment …

meiner @ 11:41 pm on 11/06/2010

one has nothing to do with the other.

Disney currently reaches only the current topic on

Please think ahead

J @ 2:13 am on 11/07/2010

Why does even care? I would think she would be to busy too worry about what others think of her. And Adults? There not one adults out there that even a fan of hers, without there kids being into her. It not she did any movies recently that are away from the children audience, which is her core audience. So with that being said, I think this whole story is a bunch of bull. These bully stories are really starting too get ridiculous now.

jasmine @ 3:07 am on 11/07/2010

Actually Selena was unhappy about being homeschooled, cause she wanted proms and lockers.
She even cried about it, but after hearing what her friends in school complain about schooling, she was alright

3nEedxx @ 6:19 am on 11/07/2010

..Kids in the world are dying each day ..and people are making a big deal out of HER for being bullied for a couple of years …..Kids are suffering so much more than she ever will and she,s complaining about THIS ..she has money fame fans every thing she wants ….this is an idiotic thing to do ..*****

lulu @ 7:09 am on 11/07/2010

FFS! She’s such an attention seeker! She comes to England and finds out Cheryl Cole is famous and goes on about her being her role model and she’s known her for what, 5 minutes? It’s just so she can get the press. And funny how she’s started talking about bullying when other celebrities are helping stop it and her episode comes out. She’s got everything a girl wants and she’s talking about proffesionals critsising her work- that’s what they’re paid for! Just because people aren’t saying how pretty she is all the time doesn’t mean they’re bullying her! I went through terrible stages of bullying in school and it lasted 6 years! I think I know what bullying is, she’s just trying to get attention. She’s not the sweet girl everyone thinks she is :P so fed up of these fake Disney stars!

Mellz89 @ 7:27 am on 11/07/2010

come on..seriously??YES they rich n successful!! BUT what happen to them ‘BEFORE’ they got famous?they just like US who has enemy at school! so stfu!

Mellz89 @ 7:30 am on 11/07/2010


lulu @ 11:42 am on 11/07/2010

@Mellz89: oh good grief. you’re one of those fans who hate others having an opinion. and I didn’t say she didn’t do any charity work what are you on about? And she said before she came to the UK she didn’t even know who she was so get your info right and ffs she’s not being bullied think I know what bullying is I’ve had it for 6 years of my life!! Just let others have a say just coz I’m not saying how amazing she is doesn’t mean you can tell everyone to F.O :P

Oh and check your grammar and spelling.

ally @ 11:48 am on 11/07/2010


agreeeee. totally. and don’t give a f*ck about what this “fan” is saying, I can’t actually believe she was born in 89, if that’s what her nickname says haha I can’t stand people that don’t come clear with other peoples opinion just because they’re a fan of that celebrity and love everything they do or say. it’s ridiculous.

Tania @ 12:26 pm on 11/07/2010


I agree with you but you also shouldn’t be so quick to judge them. In all honesty I believe that these “Disney rich kids” have it harder than we do (especially if you’re a 16-18 year old living in the public eye). People are constantly criticizing you and yeah, they do have people who LOVE them but in most cases when you’re in a situation like that the bad always outdoes the good.

And why should you say that that stuff shouldn’t bother them? Demi is the perfect example that things may LOOK good on the outside but can be really messed up on the inside.

We’ll see where they’ll end up in the future.

blah. @ 12:32 pm on 11/07/2010

ok it really bothers me how these disney stars think they had it bad when other kids get bullied for things they can’t change.

some kids get bullied for being poor. looking a certain way, and things like that but these disney kids have everything they want, if they don’t like school then they can get HOMESCHOOLED, whereas some kids dont even have that as an option

at the end of the day for them, they will have a job, and a nice home to go home to.


lulu @ 2:27 pm on 11/07/2010

@ally: thank you!! :D geez some ppl just can’t take it can they? And if she’s seriously born in 1989, wow she needs a hobby!! x x x

kanani @ 2:33 pm on 11/07/2010

Yeaah, um I don’t think she ever went to regular school. This is BS. She has NEVER, not even once, spoken about being bullied. She’s trying to be like Demi. Demi has always talked about how she was bullied and is now in rehab for it. She even did PSA about it. Selena is just wants attention. I mean she’s not even making a statement about Demi being in rehab. If they apparently still “friends”, she would say something about it, but nope. Show’s how good of a “friend” Sel is. -__-

kanani @ 2:42 pm on 11/07/2010

And why would someone bully you for being in the entertainment industry? That just makes no sense whatsoever. This is such bull. Get a new story Selena.

wheelycute1992 @ 2:59 pm on 11/07/2010


If you READ the article it says she WENT to MIDDLESCHOOL then DECIDED she wanted to be HOMESCHOOLED! READ the whole damn article before commenting about being tired of hearing about them talking about bullying!

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