Zac Efron To Take Over Lead in Akira?

Zac Efron To Take Over Lead in Akira?

And Zac Efron adds another movie to possible consider…

SlashFilm reports that the 23-year-old actor is up for the lead role in the live-action adaptation of the popular anime/manga Akira.

MTV speculated that Zac might be up for the role of Shotaro Kaneda, the young leader of a motorcycle gang called The Capsules. He’s best friends with Tetsuo, a troubled youth with undiscovered psychic powers. Once Tetsuo taps into his destructive telepathic abilities, he becomes drunk with power, forcing Kaneda to lead the charge against his very best friend.

Leonardo DiCaprio was formerly attached to the project.

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  • BabyBooZanessa

    More Zac Efron Movies !

    Yay ! So Proud !

  • babyg

    wow. zac ftw!

  • amy

    Sounds cool! & good for Zac :)

  • nandie

    please don’t. Anime to Movies always suck.

  • Biikaa

    no… absolutely not going to happen, i mean i love zac and all… but seriously?? why turn this anime into a live action, they should just leave anime’s to be anime’s and not turn them into live action, most of the time they flop because they can’t get the same feel in a live than the original. Stop turning anime into live action! if they we’re meant to be live, they wouldn’t be freaking animated in the first place.

  • peetl

    I agree with Biikaa. Theres going to be GIANT backlash. Most (serious die-hard) anime fans hate Hollywood because all they do is run out of ideas and then go and ruin anime.

  • duduche29

    jesus… every time i heard news from a movie it’s always attached to zac’s name… seriously he must have like 10 projects attached to his name

    i would love to see zac in a action movie but not a shit like this…

  • jj17

    Why don’t they, I don’t know hire an Asian person?!

  • vic

    another lame zefron post

  • Sam

    This is insane. Akira is one of the few animes where the characters actually look Japanese and they’re gonna whitewash the movie??? Leave this classic alone!

  • Joochi

    I agree with the posters here, leave Akira alone! Let’s face it and be honest, this is not a Zac Efron type of part he’ll fail big time and besides I don’t think the kid has one ounce in his body for an action movie yet he’s too much of a pretty boi. Don’t ruin a great animation my grandson will be very dissapointed.

  • Emma Efron

    This is just a rumor for right now.

  • mike

    really cool

  • Aylin

    There were also rumors he is considered to play Light Yagami from the “Death Note” anime. There already are 3 “Death Note” live-action Japanese movies who were pretty good, I really don’t see the point in these remakes.

  • 3niefronhudgie

    please, no…
    I love this man!
    so much but
    the anime movie with real people is not good!
    look! DRAGON BALL movie?!

    please Zac, say no :(

  • Lei

    yeah…hollywood needs to leave animes alone. They NEVER turn out well. I love zac and I’ve seen Akira and love it too, but they wouldn’t be a good match. Plus, all the characters in this film are Japanese! :/

  • AddictedtoV

    all i can say for now is that i’ll support all Zac’s movies…

  • J

    Another flop. Again…If you’re going too make a movie based off a JP Anime, PLZ make the main Asian or at least half Asian. Now the drama begins again, over a another crappy idea…

  • duduche29

    AddictedtoV…. please be more intelligent than that…. leave the japanese movie to the japanese seriously….

  • duduche29

    btw vanessa was spotted at a wedding in hawai this saturday (pic on zanessasweetheart)

  • oletimer

    Why ooooh why can’t hollywood make movies with minorities and leave the TigerBeat boys out of really awesome legacies. Keanu, Matrix, anyone, now that was awesome. Leave the blue eyed boys to the mainstream and pick up the talented and equally appealing Asian, minorities out there and let them have a piece of the American dreams. I mean how about that Glee kid, the dancer, he has talent, looks, and athletic ability, why can’t he be in this instead. That is to say if they actually think they can turn anime into a movie. I just don’t understand why diversity is never given a chance and yes I am a white female.

  • Stranger in Tokyo

    I don’t think turning Akira into a live-action film is such a good idea.
    It most probably would be best left as an anime.
    Furthermore, I don’t feel Zac would be right for this role either.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac’s probably not right for this movie but he is a good actor & i love him!!!!

  • samantha

    zac movies….i’m proud
    but i don’t know so many mangas and anime movies…
    and akira it’s not popular i think zac deserd somethin better..but
    i mean i love see zac movies he’s really a great actor

  • Soni

    It would have been nice to have seen Zac with Vanessa, but I know he is working. This wedding that Vanessa was at, was it a part of the movie, or a friend?

  • kyle

    If it’s his passport to action films, why not?

  • zanessa23

    Honestly for me, it’s fine.. More projects, more income! YEPP.. haha.. :)))

    But it still depends to him. Goodluck! :D

  • gloria

    as much as i love zac, they seriously should stop linking him with anime/manga movies! just NO!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Bradley Bobst

    This sounds like a great and awesome Project for Zac

  • Emma Efron

    @Bradley Bobst: it might be a good role for Zac idk i’ll love him in any movie!!!!

  • kyle

    I don’t think Leonardo Dicaprio’s company will not be producing this movie if he thinks it’s going to be a mediocre flick. He is known to be meticulous on what projects to embark so if he agreed to produce this film then i trust his judgment. Zac, being a multi-talented actor, can do justice to any role offered to him. If he takes on the Akira role – good for him.

  • http://yahoo cheska


    he! that! come on we know his not that cool.

  • http://yahoo cheska


    come on his gay! GAY i tell you.!

    tell me im crazy but in the end he will always be gay for me!!!!

  • kyle


    And we should believe your outrageous, childish claim? lol.

  • Emma Efron

    This rumor is false



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