Miley Cyrus Failed Spanish

Miley Cyrus Failed Spanish

Miley Cyrus shows her claws as she performs on stage at the 2010 MTV EMAs in Madrid, Spain on Sunday evening (November 7).

The 17-year-old starlet confessed to MTV about her less than stellar Spanish knowledge. Miley shared, “I failed Spanish. I’m really, really bad at it. It’s not really the words; it’s the pronunciation that’s the hard part.”

Miley also opened up about her 18th birthday plans: “I’m not going to go crazy; [just] have a fun party and then maybe take a vacation with my family … because that would be really cool. I think we need time to all be together. So that would be rad if we could all go to the beach or something. … [I have] no idea [where we're going]; somewhere near water.”

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Credit: Ian Gavan, Dave J Hogan, Dave Benett; Photos: Getty
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  • headstrong.

    well, she doesnt have to know spanish her fans love her anyway haha
    She has killer legs *.* She was GREAT. loved it!
    before the perfomance people were chanting her name, that was so cool. Miley is very loved in spain.

  • headstrong.
  • itsmeagain

    Miley knows how to work a leotard. LOL! La Amo!

  • lifesgood

    i LOVED how the crows was chanting her name, all u hear right before Eva Longoria’s rapping skit comes on..”MILEY MILEY MILEY MILEY” lol the EMAs were awesome=D & Miley rocked that stage!!
    She looked gorgeous<3 & omg her legs are to die for!

  • lifesgood


  • tisdale

    @lifesgood: i loved that too

  • Harley

    Her entire performance was just awkward. I like her, she seems like a nice girl. But she needs to put on some clothes, get some vocal lessons and just settle down a little bit. I know she’s trying to go with this “I’m all grown up” persona, but I don’t think it’s really working in her favor.

  • http://j cf

    trying hard

  • Mika

    The leotard .. :( Just relax, Miley. Relax.

  • kass

    HER LEGS OMG!!! AMAZING and before the perfomance people were chanting her name..was cyrus wow!!!! good job… sexi jeje!! omg and jared leto and miley jajajaj so funny and cool!!!

  • anne


  • gabyyy

    <3 Miley <3

  • tessa

    Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!

  • Ashley P

    I don’t blame her! I took spanish I about failed

  • headstrong.

    why you all act like Miley is like a devil for wearing a leotard?
    Modern dancers frequently wear just leotards on stage, and they are frequently as young as Miley.

  • hiha


  • good-one

    @headstrong.: Reasons that some people are cruel can be complicated. But sometimes the reasons are as simple as because that is how they have been treated by others or sometimes people will just parrot the mood of the crowd.

    The crowd generally loves Miley and those people who bash her over and over in every post seem to pick out her best qualities to attack and besmirch.

    Sadly, this often takes a toll on sensitive artists and they sometimes compensate by building a shell and letting us see less and less of their inner selves.

    It probably helps that so many fans give frequent validation to these artists.

  • Gaby

    I totally agree, I almost failed spanish too. Hardest subject ever. And its a little sad that she wants to only spend time with her family because chances are they wont be together for much longer. I thought Miley’s performance was a little weird but really, who isnt? I don’t have a problem with the way she dresses. I mean if you dont like what she wears it’s not like shes gonna change so you should get with the program or go away.

  • alex

    Okay, I’ll get flamed for this, but here it goes: maybe the pronuncition was hard for her because she sounds like a total hick. Sorry guys, but it’s true. I could hardly watch The Last Song without cringing because she’s supposed to be from New York, but all I heard was this deep southern accent. Anyway, I can imagine that her accent would easily overpower her speech in Spanish. She’s got to learn to change her accent to fit the roles she plays…it IS possible: Charlize Theron managed to do it and she’s from South Africa…and if you’ve ever heard a S.A. accent, you know it’s strong. Anyway, just some food for thought…

  • kay

    @headstrong.: “Modern dancers frequently wear just leotards on stage”

    simple. miley is not a modern dancer. leotards are common, yes, but for contemporary dancers or ballerinas. but she is a popstar, so i guess that gives her the green card to dress as scantily as she wants, sadly.

    and three people saying that they didn’t like the performance/leotard does not equal everyone acting like she is the devil.

  • blahblahblah

    I Want The Old Miley :( But She Looks Cute In That Dress

  • headstrong.

    @kay: what i meant to say is that everyone is acting like wearing a leotard is a bad thing as if they’d never seen someone wearing a leotard or something. Most of the popstar wear leotard to perform. theres nothing wrong with that.

  • headstrong.

    @blahblahblah: There’s not an old Miley – And there’s not a new Miley.She’s just Miley!

  • Kamen Rider Red Fire

    Miley Cyrus you rock bigtime

  • kris.

    She has thunder thighs. :$
    She can’t sing, act, or dance appropriately.
    I’m not surprised she failed Spanish.
    Spanish is easy. I had a 100% average. Pronouncing isn’t hard.
    She’s just too frickin’ lazy too try. Pop culture is just full of promiscuous airheads with artists who have no talent. Yawn.

  • Spaniard

    I speak 4 languages and its good to know them. Since we entered in UE the English is our second language and We can choose also French or German as a third language. So its not difficult to speak more languages apart of english.