Vanessa Hudgens Takes 'Journey' To The Beach

Vanessa Hudgens Takes 'Journey' To The Beach

Vanessa Hudgens watches her step as she treks down to the beach in Hawaii on Tuesday afternoon (November 9).

The 21-year-old actress is currently filming Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on the islands opposite Josh Hutcherson.

Vanessa gets a father in this film too — Luis Guzman and the two will be tour guides. After wrapping in Hawaii, production will move to Wilmington, North Carolina, to finish shooting after the holiday hiatus, and is scheduled to wrap principal photography in February 2011.

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  • sky10

    WOOOW! Vanessa,,,i mssd this gorgeous girl! hope to see more pics,good luck to your movie.

  • Sizuka

    keep vote for our girl…..

  • duduche29

    “look at me i’m just too beautiful”… the scenario of this movie is too boring

    PEGGY (the one who where insulting my parents on the last article of vanessa)… don’t you dare talk about my parents like that ever again! My mum died 4 months ago!

  • kami

    ♥ aww vanessa is beautiful. so kailani and her father will be tour guides on the mysterious island. looks like kailani has injured her knee. prbly running from the giant creatures. ♥

    and kind ppl who love vanessa pls don’t feed the troll. there is already too much bullying and meanness in this world. post nice comments about vanessa and ignore mean ppl.

  • duduche29

    kami… shut up… i’m allowed to say everything i want about her

    “too much bullying an meanness in this world”???? lol

  • duduche29

    kami… insulting my mum isn’t mean to you???

    have you ever heard about sarcasm????

  • annie1st

    aww nessa, she look sooo sexy, cool and beautiful…im so excited for jorney 2, even though brendan is not in the sequel but V in it YAY,

    yeah guys a agree with Kami just ignore and dont feed anything to “you know who” lol

  • Mina

    @duduche29: so are you going and saying that your mom died?
    It’s sad it’s really sad, I’m so so so sorry for you, I love my mom too a lot and the thought of her dying is just….I’m really sorry for you.
    But what your mother has to do with Vanessa?
    People this is a celeb webiste. If you don’t like some of them don’t read about them.

  • samantha


  • duduche29

    annie1st… the “you know who” say FUCK YOU BITCH!

  • duduche29

    annie1st… when someone’s gonna insult your parents i wonder what your reaction will be…. especially if you lost one of them from a terrible decease… so think about it before sayin something stupid

  • annie1st

    awwww, i just know that kailani character is a a strong willed woman, thats mean intelligent female heroine ♥♥ : P so excited YAY

  • bambiii

    @duduche29 you are that embarrasing-.- sorry for you that your mom has died, but this is not an apology for insulting her all the time.
    you say she has too much freetime and no jobs all that, but it seems that you also have so much freetime you spend on posting and spamming. you don’t like her ? fine,leave her alone :D i dont get where you’re problem is xD
    go searching some hobbies or friends -.-’

  • bambiii

    hey, did you notice that her boobs look bigger in here xD haha,sorry ^^ just jealous ;) like some other ppl in here -.-
    but at least i don’t insult vanessa cause of her amazing beauty … :P
    people get what they deserve I just can say.

  • musicgirl

    pllllzz just ignore duduche29!!!!!! dont start a fight here again, let him say what he want, we’re better than that! Lets just focous on OUR beautiful girl and her amazing career!!

    she looks amazing ! 2011 is definatly a big year for vanessa :) cant wait!:D<33

  • ehryle

    here we go again Vanessa totally gorgeous!! Good luck..

    Haters like you are stupid and a lot of grief in life.. so u need a mother who will guide you in the right path and positive attitude… mother knows best for there children!!!

  • duduche29

    bambii… when did i insulting vanessa right now???

    i was insulting the one bitch who was insulting my parents!

    and if i was the one who had said “she had gigger boobs” i’m sure somebody will insulting me

    vanessa is NOT “YOUR” BEAUTIFUL GIRL

    HER AMAZING BEAUTY????…. she’s normal to me


  • patry

    Looking gorgeous as usual V!! Can’t wait to see her new movies!

  • duduche29

    EHRYLE….. MY MOTHER IS DEAD! how dare you!!!!

  • duduche29

    i will never forgive you erhyle for insulting my mother like that…. seriously…. it’s too painful

  • Boji

    Vanessa looks like she’s having fun filming her movie and that is what counts, enjoying your work.
    Duduche, calm down. You do know what it is like to be hurt by another’s remarks. Well, so goes with your remarks about Vanessa. Feeling bitter and vengeful does not make it go away. Yes, this is cyber space and you are entitled to your opinions but don’t you see, all your negative remarks are a reflection of you. I can understand if you are making constructive criticisms, and not liking her but to b i t c h about her with spiteful and nasty remarks are not making you any friends. If attention is what you’re seeking then, I think you have got it but it is all negative. I think this will be my last reference to you as I will not give you anymore of my time. I just hope that you will realise your actions sooner than later and that it is not too late to change your ways. Your mom brought you up not to be this way and right now I’m sure she is very unhappy for you where she is.

  • HIH

    She looks different

  • duduche29

    Boji…. there’s a big difference between insulting a person who is alive and someone from your family that had died

    and no i will not calm down when someone insulting my mother!!!!!

    i will never insulting someone of your family who died… it’s unbelievable

    so you think that because someone insult my mother is way less more important that somedody insult vanessa because she’s alive?????

    seriously i had no words… i think i’m dreaming right know

    you don’t know me at all… how can you tell by what i say of vanessa is a reflection from who i am in my life… that doesn’t make any sense seriously…. i’m completely happy in my life

    don’t you dare tell me what you think about my mother must think about me… you’re not a friend of mine and i’m so happy about that

  • susan1

    Love Her!!!!!
    She’s beautiful and just overall wonderful!!
    Can’t wait to see all her movies!!

  • annie1st

    awww come again, just to see her, she look so amazing, he he thanx JJ, this time youre the first to posting than fansite : P

  • babyg

    sexy ni vanessa!

  • sunny

    I know Josh is younger than her but these two look like they are great friends. He is always smiling beside her and she looks very happy indeed. I think it’s great to finally see her smile so much and so carefree. He’s a handsome young dude and I’ve seen some interviews and he is adorable. Hope the movie is great.

  • 3niefronhudgie

    sorry, but this page isn’t to post
    things about family….ok, u mom are dead
    and sorry for that but
    you ALWAYS say snide things to Vanessa
    i never read in your post things that don’t criticize her
    why? what is your problem?
    are u mad with the world? ha ha ha :B
    is true, Vanessa Hudgens isn’t perfect but
    i love her :B so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sally

    @duduche29: You make me sick

    Take a hike

  • mike

    shes beautiful havent seen pics of her a long time

  • AddictedtoV

    YES! after few days without news and pics of lovely Vanessa finally got it now at JJJ…. Vanessa and Josh noticeably has a great chemistry that’s why this movie are even more exciting and worth waiting for…. Vanessa is beauty and sexy as always! she enjoyed filming this as you can see at the pics and that’s a good sign that this will gonna be a big hit at the box office…

  • lilian

    Please people! don’t post to duduche29,you are only making it worst and easy to him to insult.Just let him say wathever he want,It dosen’t affect me at all,because I don’t really care what a person like him says.
    So please…..stop giving him chances to insult

  • AddictedtoV

    thanks JJJ for the news and pics of Vanessa! :-) OMG babyV has a big bewbz now as i’ve notice lately… LOL

  • kyle

    Finally, some new photos of Vanessa in Hawaii !!!

  • http://yr10899 Yasamin

    i hate vanessa hudgens.shes ugly

  • patry


    why are you in this post then?? gosh i can’t understand some people!

  • Audrey

    @Yasamin: “Shut up

  • Audrey

    @Yasamin:”Shut up

  • AddictedtoV


    you are just much much jealous of her…. get a life dude!

    Josh and Vanessa really has a great chemistry on-screen and for me i think there is sparkle between them at the scenes as their character only which i can’t wait to see this movie… JONESSA ftw! LOL :-)

  • peggy


    First of all you are assuming anyone believes you about your mother since you lie SO MUCH.

    And I didn’t ninsult you’re mother I said your parents are probably ashamed of you and bitter, hateful person you obviously are and if your mother did pass then I am sorry but I’m more sorry that she left this life knowing she left a person like you behind to tarnish her legacy.

    Maybe you should think about that the next time you post your nasty Vanessa rmarks

  • lauren lipkin

    i wonder how her and zac are doing?!

  • pop86

    deduche29: Please find some counseling because lashing out for attention isn’t going to help you.

    Lauren Lipkin: Vanessa and Zac are fine. They both are working in separate locations however they did met up in Las Vegas last month.

    For the other haters: Please go back to your crazy thread over at FF.

  • ANA

    finally ,beautiful always, i love Vanessa

  • Chanon


    CALM THE HELL DOWN! Why are you complaining about your dead mother on the internet? Are you serious? You’re always bashing on Vanessa and act as if she’s the worst person ever. Go complain about your dead mother somewhere else. Yea, we’re sorry she’s dead but calm your fucking balls, man, THIS IS THE INTERNET. GET OFF AND GRIEF SOMEWHERE ELSE. LIKE TO REALLLL PEOPLE.

  • Mariam

    Ha……ha……..ha…@dudche what are you doing ?you sooooooo,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!crazy ,you here again,what ever….vanessa is soooo beautiful !!!!!!!and you @duduche go away!!!!!

  • ehryle


    you are sick.. u r full of stressful and negative force.. btw i dont address it to you its for the haters and i dont said any bad to your mother just read again.. its for the haters!! may be because your one of them thats y ur too much affected da!!… May the force of God be with you..

  • Nivaldo

    Vote for Vanessa at Favorite Star under 25
    And Follow :

  • anney

    @duduche29: execuse me but you’re attacking Vanessa all the time and now you’re expecting us to saying poor foy for your parents? Ok, i feel sorry but it looks like YOU don’t care cause you’re still sitting here and still attacking V. don’t you have anything more important to you? .__.

    OMG, she’s so beautiful. I can’t wait for all her movies. Go baby V <3

  • lover

    love her

  • Ann

    oh my goodness she looks hot!!!
    when did she get those boobs?!? :D

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