Demi Lovato: The Things We're Looking Forward To

Demi Lovato: The Things We're Looking Forward To

Demi Lovato may be hiding away from the world right now, but we still have a lot to look forward to when she gets better.

MTV gathered some recent quotes from the 18-year-old actress/singer about things we can still be excited about:

– Her upcoming third album: “I would love for Drake to be on the album. It’s kind of like a pipe dream. I would also like to do a song with Trey Songz. It would be hot! Yeah, it would be really good. It’s really nice to embrace it. I grew up singing R&B and then I grew up listening to rock, so it was kind of weird. But I’m kind of learning how to incorporate the two and I’m having a good time with it.”

– A possible Camp Rock 3: “We don’t know! It could be. It could be the end. It could be the next chapter! I would love to see another ‘Camp Rock’ movie happen. That could be a really cool step. It might come to a point where we’re all doing our own things or maybe it doesn’t work because ‘Camp Rock’ is now closed. You never know, so you’ll just have to find out. Maybe I’m just trying to throw you off.”

Psst, did you see that Demi was nominated for a People’s Choice Award? Get voting!

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Andrea
  • ryan

    Thank GOD! Finally something positive about Demi amongst all the lies, rumors, madness, & chaos. She will get better, she’ll be happier, more radiant & beautiful, and have a much more positive outlook on life once she’s done w/ treatment. Her 3rd album will be stellar without question, looking forward to that out of everything. As well, great to see her work outside of Disney getting some much-deserved recognition w/ her 2010 PCA nomination for her guest starring role on Grey’s Anatomy.

    We love you Demi & can’t wait to see you back out doing your thing, sharing your incredible talent and voice, performing for millions, & flashing that charming, beautiful smile we know & cherish. Your future is very bright & us, the fans, will always be behind you, giving you the love, support, & care you deserve every step of the way. The world hasn’t even begun to see the full potential of this young woman. Come Spring 2011, the world will finally witness the true arrival & staying power of Ms. Demetria Devonne Lovato. Watch out!

  • Ella

    Demi, we will all be waiting for your 3rd album to come out! As you’ve said, it will be more of R&B that would be cool! I love R&B songs. ^^

  • xxlissie

    thank you for someone writing something positive about demi… even though they mostly paid you…

  • good-one

    Nobly well written post.


    Please not another camp rock! I’m sorry but those movies are awful! They basically ruined the Jonas Brothers careers.

  • Ocean

    @TAYLOR-LUVVER-ALWAYS: The Jonas Brothers ruined their own career. They just aren’t cool anymore. But I agree, I wasn’t very impressed with Camp Rock either.

  • Katiesavestheplanet

    This POSITIVE article on Demi made my day. I’m not believing any of the terrible lies people are telling about her now but I do admit it’s hard to hear stuff like that about your role model. I want Demi to know that I am praying for her and I will love her forever, no matter what happens.

  • bella

    tienen toda la razón ,por fin una noticia positiva , es cierto se siente uno atado al no poder hacerles callar a esas personas que les encanta solo los chismes ,tienen que parar y mas de una artista con talento propio como lo es demi lovato ,ella es genial , y si dime el nuevo album ,pero creo que camp rock no , por favor no te queremos ver con jonas ellos arruinan tu imagen ,haz otra pelicula pero otros actores en disney y si no es disney hollywood te lo mereces ,ademas I love sonny with a chance es mi comedia favorita junto a icarly ,los veo a las dos y siempre nos divertimos ,
    saludos siempre desde latinoamericana que te quiere un montón

  • La

    @TAYLOR-LUVVER-ALWAYS: Signing with Disney in general ruined their careers..but I tink it’s temporary…they are talented, no matter what people say, and everyone in the band will stay productive in music.

    As for Demi…these positives are pretty weak…even the album sounds pretty indefinite. Yikes.

  • kitty

    Seriously?! She just should stay away from all that Hollywood-shit for a while to recover and focus on her well-being instead of working for Disney-tween-shows or producing another album.It does make her happy ,yeah , but it has also almost destroyed her ! If she just moves on and starts working again to soon ,there’s going to be Lindsay Lohan 2.0.Trust me.

  • MA


  • Kanani

    @kitty: Um that’s all happeing AFTER treatment. Can you read?

  • Kanani


  • kitty

    @Kanani That’s what I mean ,if she gets into work too soon ,she will sooner or later suffer from another breakdown and then she maybe won’t be able to do what she loves again.Haven’t you seen Britney or Lindsay?!They were pushed into work too soon and so they got involved with drugs and alcohol.Their self-estimation suffered ,because they thought ,that nobody really cared about them.
    Do you really want this to happen to Demi?!

  • Kass

    “Demi, you are the best! Cheers to a good 4 years of friendship… and to many years to come!” (Nick’s twitter)

    “here we go, go, go again” (selena’s myspace)

    oh seriously?! where are you now ‘friends’?

  • Katherinejoyce

    Yeah I’m so excited for her third album , but Camp Rock 3 No!! because it will cause more drama .

  • Yosilia nursakina

    I VOTED HER! I hope she could win the People’sChoiceAwards… :) we’re on your side, demi!

  • roro

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